What are worms dreaming of?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
August 7, 2012
What are worms dreaming of?

In a dream, we often see not quite pleasant things, objects, animals, even worms. Such dreams are hard to forget, they disturb our soul, make us seek interpretations of these strange dreams. What are worms dreaming of?

In general, many dream books claim that worms in a dream are your enemies, enemies, people who wish you evil and bring you trouble. If you see worms crawling in your direction - wait for the enemy to come. Therefore, to kill worms in a dream, to step over them is a good sign. This promises you deliverance from these people, overcoming obstacles thanks to your mind and forethought. A lot of worms around you mean that doubts will plague you.

Worms in a dream are also a sign of earthly worries. If you know what the earthworms dream about, you will definitely be happy, as they suddenly climbed out of the ground and promise you unexpected profits, finding or receiving money bypassing their enemies or competitors. Also, earthworms dream to easy troubles in connection with the charges on a long journey, a pleasant journey.

When you see worms that are devouring everything around, be careful: you are in for big trouble. If you defeat them, then, accordingly, you will win a victory over your enemies.

Why dream of white worms? If you dreamed of small white worms, this is to petty troubles, sorrows and worries.

If a girl dreams of worms, it means that she is only looking for material wealth. If a person dreams that he is dropping or pulling one or several worms out of himself, this is a good sign. Many interpreters of dreams claim that it is your soul that has freed itself from earthly blessings and troubles and has moved to a new stage of development.

When you continue to see worms in your dream, be careful, maybe you want to be warned about future troubles related to not quite decent people. Be more careful, look to others, do everything possible so that your dream never came true.

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