What are the types of sweaters? Name and photo

The jacket is one of those items of clothing that will certainly be found absolutely in any wardrobe, whether it is women's, men's or children's. To explain this popularity is quite simple. Sweatshirts are soft, warm well, do not require special care and are in harmony with many other things.

No less important is the fact that such a wardrobe item is suitable for almost any occasion (just select the optimal model). With what, with what, and with the lack of choice, there will be no exact problem, on the contrary, the eyes of such a violent variety literally run up. In order not to get lost in a large assortment, it is worth a closer look at the main types of jackets and their names. This will help not only to be well-versed in fashionable vocabulary, but also to easily create fashionable bows.

What are women's sweaters

Women's sweaters are a whole group of products that differ in several details at once;

  • length;
  • the presence or absence of a zipper (zipper or buttons);
  • the presence of a hood;
  • collar type;
  • many more other details.

However, all these garments still have one common characteristic: they are all quite soft, pleasant to the touch and are made mostly of knitwear or knitted fabric.

In general, all existing options can be very conditionally divided into several categories:

  • models with a clasp;
  • models without fastener;
  • sports options;
  • elongated products;
  • shortened products.

Women's sweaters with a clasp

Models of clothes with a fastener - one of the most beloved and sought after among the fair sex. Why all? Yes, because such clothes are comfortable to wear and take off, while the risk of spoiling the makeup or hair is completely absent.

Classic sweater.This product is perfectly familiar to women of all ages and it is extremely difficult to confuse it with any other model. A distinctive feature of women's traditional sweaters is the presence of a zipper (zipper or buttons), the length is barely reaching the thigh, and the material is knitted knitwear. In this case, mating can be both large and small. Sweatshirts are quite practical and suitable for many styles of clothing.Depending on her own preferences, a woman can choose a model with a stand-up collar, wide turn-down or just a round neckline.Types of jackets

Jacket.Quite often, a jacket is confused with a regular sweater, and this is understandable. These two models have a lot of common parts (the presence of buttons or zippers, a fairly loose fit). However, the difference between them also exists. It consists mainly of the fact that the jacket has a cutout in the form of a letter V. In some cases, this jacket is made in the form of a jacket.Types of jackets and their names

Sweatshirts for women without fasteners

Such a group of women's sweaters is just as numerous, and the differences between some models can be so insignificant that it can be quite difficult to determine membership in one type or another.

Turtleneck(or golf). This option is a thin sweater loved by women. It is quite comfortable, light and soft, but you can literally make up legends about its ability to blend in with other clothes and styles. The turtleneck is a tight-fitting sweater made of thin knitwear, the main feature of which is a high collar “under the throat”. Turtlenecks can be worn safely both independently and with other types of women's sweaters.

Longslive.Another version of the thin knit jacket, which is very similar to the usual turtleneck. The name "longslive" is formed from two English words long and sleeve, which literally translates as "long sleeve". The main feature by which one can unmistakably recognize a long sleeve is a rather tight silhouette and an oval neckline (the turtleneck has a high collar). It is possible to choose a long sleeve for wearing with jeans, skirts, classical trousers (long sleeve in this case should be as concise as possible).

Pullover.The sweater is a knitted warm product with a long sleeve and stand-up collar. In this case, the collar can be considered a distinctive feature of the product. In addition, unlike a cardigan or a poncho (which can be woven), a sweater is always knitted. The models decorated with embossed patterns and different types of braids look absolutely inimitable. It is noteworthy that the word to sweat (from which the name of the product originated) translates from English to “sweat”.Types of women's jackets and their names

Pullover.This is a warm knitted sweater without buckles and with a V-neck. The pullover, even before being firmly entrenched in the women's wardrobe, was considered exclusively men's clothing.Moreover, it was mostly English athletes who wore it, because the product was warmly loved by it due to its practicality and ease of wearing.Types of women's jackets

Jumper.This is another type of jacket without buckles. In fact, a jumper is a real sweater, only without a collar. It differs from a pullover in a rounded neckline. Like a pullover, a jumper was originally a predominantly sportswear, as evidenced by its name, derived from the English jumper - "jumper".Types of sports sweaters

Sports sweaters for women

Over the past few years, sports types of jackets have gained wide popularity.

Hoody.This type of women's sweater is made of tight knitwear and has a free cut. Sweatshirt can be:

  • with hood;
  • without hood;
  • without fastener;
  • with zipper (with zipper or buttons).

Such clothes are often preferred by young girls, as the sweatshirt perfectly matches jeans, leggings and skirts in a sporty style.Panda Shirt

Hoodie.Variety of hoodies without fastener. In addition, Hoodie will certainly find a large pocket "kangaroo" and a hood. In the wardrobe of modern fashionistas there will certainly find a stylish model of hoodie (most often not even one).You shouldn’t be surprised at this, because it’s not so easy to compare softness and comfort with this piece of clothing. However, when buying, you should pay attention to the fact that the most organic such a jacket looks with street youth style.Sweater in the form of a cat

SweatshirtThis is no less popular type of sweatshirt, very reminiscent of a sweatshirt. How to unmistakably find a sweatshirt? He has a rather loose fit, but he lacks a fastener and a hood, and his collar has a semicircular neckline. The most common models of knitwear and diving, and as a heater used fleece, pile or triple. Since the sweatshirt is completely devoid of detail, you can safely choose models with bright prints, logos, graphic drawings.

Shorter jackets

Among the shortened models of women's sweaters should be notedbolero. This garment ends above the waist and most often does not have a clasp. Like some other variants of sweaters, the bolero came to the female wardrobe from the male (approximately in the 18th century, the bolero was part of the national costume, and then an attribute of the bullfighters).

Female boleros can be knitted or sewn from soft elastic fabrics.At the same time, any outfit supplemented with this blouse becomes more feminine and original.Types of jackets

Long sweaters: types

The average length of women's sweaters is considered to be the one that comes to the thigh. If the model is longer than this mark, closes the buttocks and even reaches the mid-thigh, it can be attributed to a group of elongated variants.

Tunic.Warm tunic - an indispensable thing in the women's wardrobe for cold days. In general, a tunic can be called any elongated jacket without a buckle. The collar can be absolutely anything (high, like a sweater, V-shaped or semi-circular).

Poncho.In a sense, a poncho is also a type of sweater, if it is made of knitted fabric or knitwear. A poncho is a piece of fabric with a hole in the middle. Some models are complemented by a hood. In general, the poncho can be called a truly unique type of sweater, as it skillfully hides all the imperfections of the female figure.Types of long sweaters

Cardigan.This wardrobe detail is feminine and practical at the same time. Its main characteristics are:

  • length below the hips (there are longer cardigans to the knees);
  • the presence of a zipper (zipper or buttons).

Classic models are always knitted, but modern cardigans are often sewn from wool.Jacket in the form of a jacket

Women's sweaters in the form of animals

Bold, creative girls from all over the world enthusiastically accepted the animal sweaters that appeared on the market. Most often, these models are made by the type of sweatshirts or hoodies, but they are more original and brighter. Love to be the center of attention? Then why not choose a panda sweater with funny ears on the hood and classic black and white colors?

Lovers of bright onions can choose other options for this fun dress. An orange or pink sweater in the form of a cat or a tiger will certainly cheer up not only its owner, but all those around him.

Varieties of men's sweaters

It is worth noting that in the fashionable dictionary there are much fewer names for types of men's jackets, and their number can be counted on the fingers of one hand. However, this does not mean that the representatives of the strong half of humanity are severely limited in their choice. On the contrary, they have the opportunity to choose the right model for any style (sports, casual, smart, military, or even avant-garde).

What kind of sweaters offer designers for men? First of all, it should be noted that (as in the case of female models of sweaters), men's models are divided into several categories. Among them:

  • sweaters without fasteners;
  • jackets with fastener;
  • sports options.

Sweatshirts for men without fasteners

Such options can be found in the wardrobe of almost every man of any age and social status. They are comfortable to wear, undemanding to care and look quite stylish.

Turtlenecks.These sweaters can be made of thin or thicker knitwear, but in either case they have similar characteristics. Turtlenecks have a tight-fitting silhouette and a high stand-up collar. Thin knitwear models are perfectly combined with any other wardrobe details:

  • thicker types of men's sweaters;
  • a jacket;
  • outerwear.

Longslive.This is a great alternative to a turtleneck, as it is also made of rather thin fabrics. At the same time, the collar of the longsleeve has a semicircular neckline, and the silhouette has a more spacious cut (as compared with a tucked turtleneck). Such a fashionable shirt can be combined with almost any style.The only exception may be the official business bow.Types of men's jackets

Pullover.This type of men's sweaters is ideal for the cold season, as it is made from knitted linen. In general, a men's sweater is no different from a women's sweater - it has no fastener, but it has a high stand-up collar. An ideal pair for this model sweaters will be jeans or corduroy pants in the style of comfort.Types of men's jackets and their names

Jumper.A jumper is very similar to a sweater with one single difference - it completely lacks a collar. The mouth is issued in the form of a semicircle. This jacket can be worn not only with jeans (although it looks very organic in the neighborhood with them), but also with trousers. This is a kind of more official version of the jacket. The only thing you need to remember when choosing such a bow - a jumper should be in beige, gray or black.types of jackets

Pullover.When choosing a sweater for a man, a pullover is definitely not worth mentioning. This is a model of a jacket without buttons, a rather tight silhouette and with a V-shaped neckline. Depending on the fabric and colors, the pullover can be chosen for jeans of any cut.Types of jackets and their names

Men's sweaters with a clasp

In fact, there are very few such options.One of their brightest representatives can be called a cardigan.

Cardigan.Unlike female models, men's cardigans have the usual length. At the same time, they are distinguished by a V-shaped neck and are fastened with buttons or zipper. Figuratively speaking, the cardigan is very similar in appearance with a pullover, complemented by a buckle. This jacket can easily be combined with a turtleneck, T-shirt or a more strict shirt - in any case, you can create a stylish bow.Types of men's jackets

Polo shirtThis name is far from familiar to everyone, but the product itself will most certainly be found in the wardrobe of many. A polo shirt is an option that advantageously combines the advantage of sweaters with and without a clasp. A distinctive feature of polo is the presence of several buttons or a short zipper at the neck.

Sports men's types of jackets and their names

The list of names would be incomplete without comfortable and stylish sports sweaters. It is thanks to them that the representatives of the stronger sex manage to combine comfort, originality and modern fashion trends.

Hoody.The jacket, which is made of soft fabrics, has a free cut and cuffs on the sleeves. Manufacturers produce a huge number of options for sweatshirts: with pockets and without, with a hood, without fasteners, with buttons and zippers.In this case, every man will be able to choose a model of this clothing to your liking. It can be a plain version with logo and print.Types of sports sweaters

Sweatshirt. One of the types of sweatshirts, which is very easy to recognize by the complete absence of details. In other words, a men's sweatshirt is a soft, free sweater (possibly on a fleece or other insulation) without zippers and a hood.

Having understood, finally, with the main male and female types of sweaters and their names, one can conclude that there are not as many of them as it seemed at first. Moreover, male and female versions with similar names also have similar details. Choose one or another version of sweaters should be tailored to their own needs and preferences. In this case, it will be necessary to take into account the season for which the clothes are chosen, and, of course, the style of the main wardrobe. Only in this case it will be possible to create original stylish bows with a particular jacket.

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