What are the ceilings?

To date, many options have been invented for ceilings. What are the ceilings? Recently, ceilings were traditionally white, most often whitewashed. In a modern home, such a white ceiling seems boring. When you plan, the interior of the room is very difficult to make a choice, since the question of what ceilings are, photos not only do not help, but, on the contrary, make you think about what would be appropriate in your case.

Types of ceilings

  • The usual painted ceiling, where water emulsion is used instead of whitewashing. On the sides of a ceiling make out a baguette. It looks simple and fresh, but without the raisin.
  • Ceiling, covered with ceiling tiles or ceiling wallpaper. Wallpapers are suitable for ceilings are not very smooth, the plates - on irregular surfaces, flaws are even more emphasized. On the market, you can buy moisture-proof plates of various colors and with a mirror coating. The disadvantages of this type of ceiling are that they are not durable, and if one of the plates comes off, it will not be easy to re-glue it again without being noticed.
  • Plasterboard ceiling.The drywall ceiling has conquered the market and is the leading option. First, with its help it is possible to implement any design solution. You can create ceilings of any shape and several levels. Secondly, the plasterboard ceilings hide all the irregularities, defects and all communications can be hidden under the plasterboard slabs. Thirdly, the ceiling of such a plan has good sound and thermal insulation. It is lightweight and can be attached to old ceiling beams. The material from which they make plasterboard, is non-toxic. Gypsum ceiling belongs to the category of suspended ceilings. What ceilings are still read on.
  • Shelf ceiling. In this type of ceiling construction is a ceiling, with a supporting frame, composed of profiles, fixed with screws on the base ceiling. Slabs of the ceiling are made of chipboard, plasterboard sheets, plastic, polystyrene foam, etc.
  • Another type - suspended ceiling. What are stretch ceilings - PVC film and polyester fabric. Such a ceiling has excellent decorative properties. The peculiarity is that stretch ceilings are an ideal plane, smooth of thin film, which is mounted on the frame.The frame construction itself will be strengthened either around the perimeter of the walls or on the base ceiling. What are stretch ceilings? The photo is available in any Internet search engine, just enter the corresponding question in the search. Stretch ceiling material is waterproof and can withstand up to 100 liters of water per square meter. In addition, it is fireproof and made of environmentally friendly and safe materials. Designers are attracted to the stretch ceiling by the fact that it can be of various colors, with or without a pattern, of a different texture, which helps a lot when creating interesting interiors. For owners of such a ceiling there is another important plus - the stretch ceiling does not require any special care, occasionally washing the ceiling with a soft cloth is enough.
  • Suspended ceiling is a modular design, which consists of a suspended supporting frame with various modules mounted on it. These modules come in the form of gypsum tiles or mineral fiber tiles, special metal cassettes, as well as the rack system of aluminum panels is widely used. The ceiling of this type is also able to transform a room with a previously uneven top.
  • The ceiling, sheathed clapboard. This ceiling is perfect in the office space, to the country, in the garage, to design a balcony or loggia. Lining on the frame is fastened. It is also possible to choose from lining of various color, opaque and glossy, plastic or wooden.

Before proceeding with the installation of the ceiling, nevertheless, consult with experts if this is a suitable option for your room. After all, it is not always appropriate to have a three-level ceiling in a small room. In any case, there will always be a couple for your room, or even more acceptable solutions.

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