What does a bachelor eat?

Wife children left for a week to my mother.
Stayed for a couple with Basia.
Cooking once, so I got ...

1. No, everything is OK in the family, just the kids are sick. And my grandmother is faster treated.
Well, I go to the store and stock up as much as 500 rubles.

2. Content here.
I especially have no time to cook, so that the semi-finished products.
Whatever you say, but save.

3. All products of one manufacturer - "Yermolino Products".
Production in the Kaluga region.
Stew without any E-nis and neponyatok immediately sent to the pasta.

4. Sausage.
The taste is good, standard doctoral. All according to GOST.

5. Experimenting with all the sausages on a hairy monster.
A piece of this disappeared in an instant.

6. I was impressed with the curd.
Crumbly and slightly sour.
I was pleased with the packaging with a sticker for storing an open bag.

7. I just don’t like cottage cheese, but you can make crumbles in 15 minutes.
The main thing - do not overcook.

8. Help yourself!

9. Well, a purely male dinner!
Pelmeski massive, that is necessary.

10. By the way, do not fall apart.
All the juice inside is great!

eleven.Vladimir residents will tell where the store is - Lenin Square opposite Minba.
The photo, in fact, is understandable.

12. "Yermolino Products" sell meat, dairy products and confectionery.
Opened recently.
Prices are very attractive, because the products reach the buyer without intermediaries.

13. Anyway, the whole range is positioned as really affordable.
Therefore, I am sure that this network will be attracted to a wide mass of buyers.

14. Inexpensive, satisfying and long to bother.
What else does a “bachelor” need?))

Have a nice day!
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