Weed lifter

Hand weeding remains the best method of weeding. Removing plants with sturdy rhizomes will be less tedious when using a hand-held rooter made by one's own hands.
weed lifter

Device and materials. The basis of the self-made tool is a tubular body, equipped with a cutting part in the form of a groove with pointed edges. From the back side of the fixture a wooden handle is inserted, fixed by a screw through the hole in the tube.
weed lifter

A manual weed lifter is made from pruning a metal pipe with a diameter of 25–40 mm. The work cylinder from the worn out telescopic stand of the car is optimally suited for blanks - the product has thin walls made of durable steel. For a pen, use a piece of cutting or punch it out of a birch chock.
Required tools:
- Bulgarian, cutting disc;
- Drill, drill;
-Every skin;
- Measuring capstan;
The procedure for the manufacture of weed lifter.
weed ringleader

1) The steel tube is cut in length and laid out according to the drawing.
2) Fix the workpiece and grinder first, two longitudinal cuts, then remove the excess part of the metal with a transverse inclined cut.
3) Cut off the end of the gutter at an angle of 35 °, remove the burrs with a flat file.
4) Sharpen the working parts from the inside, for processing the bottom edge use a semicircular file.
weed lifter

5) Drill a hole under the screw and sand the product with emery paper.
6) Attach the body of the lifter to the handle made of wood and wrap the fastening screw.
If desired, the metal part is primed and painted, and the wooden handle is varnished. The use of manual uproader. Self-made device allows you to remove weeds without destroying nearby earth layers and leaving the root systems of cultivated plants intact. In order to remove weeds, the lifter sticks the hand near the root and loosens the soil around the weed, slightly turning the tool from “itself” and to “itself”.
weed lifter

Slightly lifting the plant with the soil, the rhizome is pruned and removed from the ground by hand.
weed lifter

The use of the considered device for the removal of weed vegetation facilitates garden work, allows for weeding faster and better.

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