Vitamins "Complivit" for children: instructions for use and reviews

The company "Pharmstandard" offers vitamins "Complivit" for children to meet the individual needs of their body in useful substances. Read more about the above preparation read on!

Vitamins "Complivit" for children: a description of the drug

komplivit for childrenThis tool is a well-balanced complex of macro-and micronutrients and vitamins. All its components are selected taking into account the daily needs of the body of young patients.

The drug is available in tablet form.

The price of Complivit vitamins for children is 233 rubles for 30 tablets. The manufacturer offers young patients interesting tastes of the drug (for example, banana).


Vitamins "Complivit" for children contain the following beneficial substances:

In one pack of 30, 60 or 120 tablets.

pharmachologic effect

komplivit for children and adolescentsVitamins "Complivit" for children instructions for use calls a combination drug,whose action is due to the positive effects of its components:

  1. Retinol promotes the growth of baby bones. In addition, the vitamin is indispensable for the formation of visual pigments.
  2. Thiamine normalizes the nerves and their systems. Also, this vitamin is an active participant in carbohydrate metabolism.
  3. Riboflavin is responsible for cellular respiration in a small patient. In addition, it affects the formation of adequate visual perception.
  4. Pyridoxine is one of the most active participants in protein metabolism, in addition to this, it affects the formation of neurotransmitters.
  5. Cyanocobalamin is responsible for the process of blood formation, for the production of epithelial cells, myelin, nucleotides.
  6. Ascorbic (vitamin C) has a positive effect on the formation of bones, teeth, cartilage. This vitamin is very important for the production of collagen.
  7. Rutin contributes to the reducing oxidative process. In addition, the above substance has antioxidant properties.
  8. Iron promotes the transport of oxygen to the tissue.
  9. Calcium is directly involved in the process of blood coagulation, the formation of bone matter, the transmission of nerve impulses.
  10. Copper is indispensable in the prevention of such diseases as anemia in children.Also, this element prevents the formation of oxygen starvation of tissues, osteoporosis. In addition, copper can increase the elasticity of blood vessels.
  11. Cobalt stimulates the metabolic processes and immune forces of the body.
  12. Zinc influences the best absorption of vitamin A by the body of a small patient. In addition, this element promotes hair growth.
  13. Phosphorus strengthens bones and children's teeth.
  14. Magnesium normalizes blood pressure (arterial). Also, the above element prevents the deposition of calcium salts in the kidneys.
  15. Vitamin E is primarily a powerful antioxidant. Secondly, it calms the nerves and has a positive effect on the sex glands and muscle tissue.
  16. Lipoic acid is responsible for the stimulation of hepatic function, regulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, as well as cholesterol.
  17. Calcium Pantothenate is an active participant in the processes of acylation and oxidation. In addition, this substance affects the recovery and the formation of the endothelium and epithelium.
  18. Folic acid is necessary for the child's body for normal erythropoiesis, as well as for the production of amino acids and nucleotides.

Indications for use

komplivit asset for childrenThe drug "Complivit" - vitamins for children, which the instructions for use offers to take small patients in the following situations:

  • for the treatment and prevention of hypovitaminosis, lack of minerals, vitamin deficiency in the period of development and growth of the child's body;
  • with unbalanced and inadequate nutrition;
  • to enhance the immune forces of the body of the child with regular mental and physical exertion.

In addition, experts argue that the above multivitamin complex will be appropriate to take children who live in regions with unfavorable ecology.


Vitamins "Complivit active" for children is undesirable to use if young patients have symptoms of the following diseases:

  • hypervitaminosis A;
  • pernicious anemia (B12-deficient).

In addition, the instructions “Complivit Active” vitamins are not recommended for children whose age is less than 7 years.

Oversensitivity to the individual components of the above complex is also a contraindication to the use of the drug.

In some cases, as a result of taking these vitamins, young patients may experience symptoms of allergic reactions. When they occur, the drug should be discontinued.A doctor's consultation is also shown.

The drug "Complivit asset": instructions

komplivit for children instructionFor children, this multivitamin complex is prescribed in the following dosage: one tablet per day after breakfast. You can drink it with enough liquid.

Usually the course of therapy is one month.

In order to avoid overdose, vitamins "Complivit" should not be taken simultaneously with other multivitamin complexes.

Experts warn that the child may experience such a phenomenon as a change in the color of the urine (becomes intensely yellow) during therapy with the above drug. This feature is completely safe and is due to the presence of riboflavin in the complex.

Drug interaction

komplivit asset instruction for childrenIt should be remembered that the Complivit vitamins are not recommended for children if the child is taking antibiotics of the fluoroquinolone and tetracycline groups. This is due to the fact that the drug contains a large amount of calcium and iron, which slow down the absorption of these substances from the gastrointestinal tract of a small patient.

Ascorbic effect enhances the pharmacological action of antimicrobials from the group of sulfonamides.With the simultaneous use of these funds with vitamins "Complivit" there is a risk of the child developing crystalluria.

Reduction in iron absorption occurs if a small patient takes with the above complex preparations, which include aluminum, magnesium and calcium.


complace vitamins for childrenOn the above multivitamin complex can meet a lot of positive feedback. Parents of young patients claim that after eating the above vitamins, their child's skin, hair and nails look great. In addition, children have fewer problems with their teeth, since the drug "Complivit" perfectly strengthens them.

Parents note that the above vitamins significantly increase the immune forces of the body of young patients. Children have no vision problems, active and fun.

In addition, young patients love the taste of this complex. According to reviews, allergy to the drug is observed in extremely rare cases.

Therefore, many parents recommend vitamins "Complivit" for children and adolescents.

The above multivitamin complex is a treasury of nutrients that positively affect the growing body.

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