Velsoft - what kind of fabric: reviews, descriptions, properties and applications

According to most criteria, modern synthetic fabrics presented on the textile market are in no way inferior to natural materials. Among them with confidence can be attributed and velsoft. What kind of fabric? Reviews, description, composition and properties of the material are described in detail in our article.

velsoft what kind of fabric reviews

We will tell where velsoft is used and how it differs from similar fabrics with a soft and fluffy nap. Let us dwell on each question in more detail.

Description of velsoft fabric

Externally and to the touch this material is a fairly thick knit fabric with a thick and soft pile. Velsoft is often compared to velor, because the fabric has the same velvety surface. Another name for this knitted fabric is microfiber. Velsoft - synthetics of the new generation. The knitted fabric consists of universal, ultrathin fibers, the manufacturing method of which was first developed in 1976 in Japan.There are several varieties of this fabric:

  • monophonic or monochromatic;
  • printed - modern technologies allow to put on any material any images;
  • velsoft jacquard - canvas with a unique multi-color padding and a density of at least 230 g / m2.

fabric velsoft what is this composition

The fabric also differs in the height of the pile, its location on one or two sides, softness and other criteria.

Fabric structure

Despite the fact that velsoft is often called knitwear, it can in no way be attributed to it by the production method. According to the manufacturing method, the fleecy fabric is more like terry cloth, but unlike natural cotton fibers, in this case, ultrathin synthetic yarns are used, whose thickness is no more than 0.06 mm. In connection with this, the question arises of what is velsoft fabric. What it is? Material composition - 100% polyester.

In the production process, an additional lubricant is applied to the yarn, which provides an unusual lightness and ability to retain heat inside the velsoft product. In addition, when creating a canvas, the threads are additionally stratified, as a result of which microscopic fibers are obtained a hundred times thinner than a human hair.Between micronithias, a multitude of cavities are formed, filled with air, which explains the unique properties of matter.

Difference from other materials

In appearance, velsoft is often compared to a material with a low, dense and dense pile - velor. But between them there is one main difference - weight. Microfiber is much lighter than velor, which is explained by the different composition of these two materials. Due to the different composition of fabrics, velsoft and velor, although considered to be alternative materials, have different uses. The first material is most often for sewing home and casual wear. But velor is used in the manufacture of holiday clothes and outerwear.

knitted fabric

Knitted fabric velsoft often compared with the mahr. In the manufacture of the last matter used cotton and linen, which form a thick fleecy surface consisting of loops of the main thread. Terry cloth is soft and well absorbs moisture, but even in these properties it is inferior to the velsoft. Polyester threads in its composition provide the best lightness and hygroscopicity.

Fabric properties

It is believed that cotton, linen and wool have more advantages than synthetics.But the properties of the material under consideration prove the opposite. Thanks to them, it will be easy to identify velsoft. What it is? The composition of the material contains the finest microfibers with hollow air chambers between them.

velsoft Ivanovo fabric

This causes the following properties of the fabric:

  • ease;
  • tenderness and softness;
  • strength and resistance to mechanical stress;
  • wear resistance and durability;
  • good breathability;
  • low hygroscopicity;
  • ability to thermoregulate;
  • preservation of the original appearance (the fabric does not form the pellets, it does not shed, retains the original appearance after numerous washings);
  • antibacterial properties;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • environmental friendliness and safety;
  • ease of care.

Practical use

Velsoft is a fabric that is widely used when sewing homewear for men and women. From this soft and pleasant body material are warm and cozy bathrobes and pajamas, comfortable volumetric suits for home, sports and outdoor activities. We use velsoft and when sewing children's clothing, beautiful costumes, hats, etc. From this canvas, no less comfortable home slippers are obtained.

Velsoft - fabric for plaid. That is how often this material is called. And indeed, this matter produces light and soft blankets, summer blankets, bedspreads and towels. Due to simple care for products from velsoft, fabric is often used for upholstering upholstered furniture.

fabric velsoft description

On the product label, the name of the material is indicated not as velsoft, but as polyester. The material itself has many varieties. For example, a fabric with a short and dense, almost imperceptible pile will be called ultrasoft. That it is most often used as upholstery for furniture. The material, more reminiscent of the appearance of mahr, is ideal for making household dressing gowns, although it is inferior to this matter in terms of its hygroscopicity.

Advantages and disadvantages

Having an idea of ​​what it is - velsoft fabric, which consists of ultra-thin polyester fibers with hollow micropores between them, it is easy to distinguish the following advantages of the material:

  • special lightness and softness, which is explained by the structure of the material;
  • wear resistance - does not shrink, does not stretch and does not fade during washing;
  • products easily take body temperature and retain heat inside;
  • ideal for children, as it is environmentally safe and non-allergenic;
  • does not require special care, is durable and durable.

The fabric pleasant to a body and unpretentious in leaving practically has no shortcomings. Difficulties usually arise only when cutting, when the cut fibers begin to crumble. Therefore, to get neat seams and safety of the child will have to be removed from the fabric.

Peculiarities of care

Above it was said that the fabric - velsoft. Reviews of the material only confirm that it is durable and unpretentious in the care. But there are a number of rules, the observance of which is mandatory if you want your microfiber product to last as long as possible.

velsoft jacquard

The most important of them are:

  • It is recommended to wash items in manual mode in cool water or in a washing machine, but at a temperature not higher than 30 °;
  • detergents should be carefully chosen, they should not be aggressive and should not contain chlorine bleach;
  • most products tolerate machine spin;
  • advantage should be given to neutral detergents in liquid form;
  • products from the velsoft are not ironed, but only held above the steam, which makes it possible to restore the burnt nap;
  • stains from furniture upholstery are removed with soapy solution or alcohol.

Products are not recommended to be dried in open sunlight in order to avoid destruction of the fibers.

Reviews about fabric velsoft - what kind of material?

Seamstresses love to work with this material, despite the fact that when cutting the pile is very showered. Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that the working surface of the table and the floor will be in villi. Another nuance is that the material is strongly stretched in width. Therefore, when sewing products from it, shoulder seams are recommended to be strengthened. It is necessary to sew on a sewing machine that can make a knit stitch.

fabric for velsoft plaid

As for the properties, the housewives already know that for the fabric - velsoft. Feedback on the material they leave, as a rule, positive content:

  • lightness and tenderness of the fabric;
  • gives a feeling of warmth and comfort;
  • resistance to multiple washes;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • gives a pleasant touch on the skin.

The cost of material depends on the density and width. Velksoft fabric in Ivanovo, for example, costs an average of 300 rubles per meter with a width of 150 cm and a density of 200 g / m2. A denser fabric with a roll width of 2.2 m will cost from 550 to 800 rubles per meter.

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