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What are editors like? "Text, video, graphic," - nine people out of ten will certainly answer. And, of course, the answer to this question is known to everyone who is familiar with the computer. But if you dig a little deeper ... "What kinds of graphic editors exist?" - with this question, many people fall into a stupor and it turns out that they never even thought about it. Meanwhile, programs related to the section "Graphic Editors" are divided into two groups. Today we will look at which ones.

Raster editors

The most common raster graphics editor that everyone has on a computer in the Standard Programs list is, of course, Paint. It is unlikely that you did not use this program, creating a picture or editing any photo. Why is it called raster? This classification has the software involved in the creation and processing of raster images. These are the drawings,which are displayed on the computer screen as a grid of colored dots or pixels. With the increase they can be seen (photo). And with the help of such editors, they can be created and modified. The easiest way to work with these programs.

graphic editor

Vector graphics editors

These editors are often considered the opposite raster. But in fact, the capabilities of these programs often complement each other. Graphic editors, called vector editors, use typography, page layout, animated illustrations, logos and diagrams, and flowcharts. Images created with vector graphic editors, even with their magnification, look like this:

vector graphics editors

Free graphic editors

It is clear that to create a really high-quality image, you need not only Paint, but also other, more modern and improved graphic editors. At the same time, 99.9 percent of people want the installation and use of these editors to be completely free. Of course, paid graphic editors have more features, but still they need to spend money. So the vast majority of users will still be looking for free software.Below are examples of the most popular free raster and vector graphics editors.

Free Vector -Inkscape

free graphic editors

The program was created in 2005 by several people who decided to organize a new project, which they called Inkscape. She received user approval and almost immediately entered the Google Summer of Code. Today is the most popular vector graphic editor on the Internet.

Free raster -Adobe Photoshop

free graphic editors

The program Adobe Photoshop or, as it was dubbed by the people, "Photoshop", appeared much earlier than Inkscape. The first version was created in 1988 by students of the University of Michigan Thomas and John Nollami. The release of its latest version took place on May 7, 2012. This program is the most popular among free raster editors.


Ancestors of graphic editors have been described above, and they are free today. But this is not all programs belonging to the group of "graphic editors". To date, they created more than a dozen. And, perhaps, in a couple of years their number will be replenished.

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