Valentin Rasputin: "The last term." Summary of the work

Valentin Grigorievich Rasputin is one of the mosttalented and well-known writers of modern Russian literature. Fundamental for many of his works is the theme of the perception of morality today.

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The short story "The Last Duration", a summarywhich we present to your attention, the creator himself called his main work in his work. Above it, he began to work in 1969, and in 1970, in the magazine "Our Contemporary" was published the work "The Last Term."

Abstract: The beginning of the story

Without opening her eyes, without moving, old Anna lies. Life in her still glows, but the woman herself is almost frozen. Understand this is her daughter, bring a piece of the broken mirror to her lips. It fogs up, therefore, the mother is still alive. But Varvara, one of the daughters, believes that you can already mourn, "echo", and do it selflessly first at the bed, then at the table, because it's more convenient there. Lusia, another daughter, sews at that time a mourning dress, cut back in the city. The sewing machine screeches in time with the sobbing of Varvara.

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Arrival of children for funeral

Anna had five children. Two of her sons were killed, the first-born, who were born for God alone, and the second for the king. Varvara came to say goodbye to her parent from the district center, and Ilya and Lusia from the provincial towns that are nearby.

We continue to describe the work "The Lastterm. "Anna is waiting for her arrival from distant Kiev, Tanya, where her son Mikhail was always with her daughter and wife, and the children, gathered around the old woman the day after their arrival, do not know how to react to the awakened mother, to her strange summary

Ilya and Mikhail get drunk

Ilya and Mikhail, having brought a boat, can not decidenow what to do. Compared to the upcoming event, everything else seemed a trifle, and they were toiling, passing through each minute. Sons almost without a snack get drunk, huddled in a barn, snack only products that they carry Ninka, a small daughter of Michael. This circumstance provokes the legal wrath of women, but a pile of vodka gives a feeling of a holiday to two brothers. Mother, after all, is alive. They no longer understand, not paying attention to the girl collecting empty and empty bottles, what thought they want to drown this time. Perhaps the fear of the knowledge that their parent will soon die. He is not like other fears, most horrible, since he comes from the very death, which seemed to notice all of them in the face and will not forget.

The work "The Last Term" continues. A brief summary of the following events is as follows. Feeling miserable the next day after drinking, the brothers get drunk again. Ilya and Mikhail do not know how to work. They never knew of any other joy except from drinking. The common work happened in the village, where once lived all together, - inveterate, friendly, sonorous, with a discordant ax and drank. It was in the spring, in the season of harvesting firewood. But now people are leaving for the city, the collective farm is collapsing in the village, there is nobody to grow and feed the cattle.

Lusya's daughter remembers her former life

Lusya, the town woman, remembering her former life, withwith great joy and warmth, recalls Igrenka, a favorite horse, who was very weak and eventually died. Many dragged Igren, but did not master. Lusya, wandering through the plowed fields and fields around the village, realizes that he does not choose where to go, but is led by some kind of force, extraneous, inhabiting the local places. Life seemed to come back, as Lusya lost something valuable, necessary, forgot something, without which it is impossible ...

a summary of the last term of rasputin Valentin Grigorievich

Anna is on the mend

We continue to describe the summary of the book"Deadline". While children indulge in memories and drink, Anna, having eaten semolina porridge, specially prepared for her, cheers up more and leaves the porch. Mironich's friend visits her. Anna grieves that there is no Tatyana among the children gathered near the bed, Tanchory, as the old woman calls her. She was very different in nature from her sisters. Her temper was somehow special, joyful and gentle, human.

the last term of rasputin in

The old woman decides to die

We will describe the following events, their brief content. "The last term" Rasputin Valentin continues as follows. Anna decides to die, and did not wait for Tatiana, since there is nothing more to do in this world, and to no purpose began to push back death. While the guys have gathered here, let them hold, they will bury it, as it is customary for people, so that later they do not have to return to this care. Then, maybe, Tanchora will come ... Many times the old woman thought about death, she knew her already as herself. They have become girlfriends in recent years, often the old woman talked to her, and death listened to her whisper, sitting on the sidelines, and sighed knowingly. They agreed that Anna would go away at night, like all other people, would fall asleep so as not to frighten death with open eyes, and she would squeeze quietly, remove from the woman a worldly dream and give her eternal rest. So all also has turned out.

Finishes his work "The Last Deadline"Valentin Rasputin. The summary was presented in our article. It does not describe the details, does not give an idea of ​​the characteristic features of the work. Meanwhile, the story is very interesting. We therefore recommend that you refer to the product itself, and familiarize yourself with it in the original. We tried to convey only a summary. "The last term" (Rasputin Valentin Grigorievich) - a work, after reading that, you will not remain indifferent.

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