Ural Law Academy (USLA) in Yekaterinburg: address, faculties, reviews

About 295 years in our country there is a city like Yekaterinburg. For a whole century, the Ural Law Academy has been working here, proudly bearing the status of a university today (USLU). In this educational institution applicants seek to enroll. They are attracted by the state form of ownership, rich experience in the educational sphere.

Start of work and the modern period

Ural State Law University, known to many under the status of the Academy, was founded back in 1918. He appeared at that time not as a higher education institution, but as a law faculty. He functioned in the Irkutsk State University. In subsequent years, there were changes in society and education. In accordance with them, the faculty changed:

  • in 1931, he separated from the Irkutsk State University and became an independent institution of higher education - the Siberian Institute of Soviet Law;
  • in the period from 1935 to 1936, the university was renamed twice - at first it was named the Sverdlovsk Law Institute, and later became the Sverdlovsk Law Institute;
  • the status of the Ural Law Academy was obtained by the educational institution after several decades - in 1992;
  • University became a university relatively recently - in 2014.

During the entire period of existence, the school was considered famous. Back in the years when the Sverdlovsk Law Institute worked, many spoke of the university as the leading center of legal education and science in the USSR. Such a good reputation today is not lost. At the present stage of development, the USLU adheres to its best traditions and at the same time is developing rapidly in accordance with the requirements of the time, it focuses on the international level of personnel training.

Ural Law Academy (University): photo

Address and material and technical base

The university has several buildings. The main building is located in Yekaterinburg, Komsomolskaya Street, 21. At the second building of the Ural Law Academy, Kolmogorov Street, 54, and at the third building, Komsomolskaya Street, 23. All buildings have standard classrooms, lecture halls, computer classes, libraries, reading rooms and gyms.

Additionally, the buildings are equipped with specialized rooms for the development of practical skills, in-depth study of legal disciplines and foreign languages:

  • courtrooms to recreate the trial;
  • forensic testing grounds in which students can imitate the setting of a crime scene, work out investigative actions, acquire skills of seizing and research evidence;
  • language laboratory with sound equipment for learning foreign languages;
  • legal clinics in which students do internships learn to provide legal assistance to people in need.

List of faculties

The Ural State Law Academy (University) differs from other similar educational institutions with a well-thought-out and developed organizational structure. It consists of 4 faculties - evening division, secondary vocational education (SPO), additional education, training and refresher courses for judicial staff.

In addition to faculties, larger structural units operate in the Ural Law Academy. These are institutions:

  • international and state law;
  • prosecutors;
  • justice;
  • law and business;
  • accelerated and distance learning;
  • retraining and advanced training.
Address of the Ural Law Academy

Faculty of ACT

Applicants entering the law academy (university) are interested in different departments. Many are attracted by the faculty of secondary vocational education, where it is possible to unlearn in about 2 or 2.5 years, to receive a diploma and the possibility of employment.

The structural unit is engaged in training only in 2 specialties - this is “the right and organization of social security”, “law enforcement”. Graduates of the 11th grade and persons with secondary special or higher education are accepted for training.

Features of entering the faculty of secondary vocational education, the cost of training

How to enter the Ural Law Academy on secondary vocational education programs? It is quite simple to do this, because the most favorable conditions for admission apply at the faculty of the ACT Applicants are not required to pass the entrance test.When taking into account the results of the development of the previous educational program. Admission depends on the average score provided by the certificate or diploma.

The absence of entrance examinations is an absolute plus for applicants who have chosen the faculty of secondary vocational education. However, the structural unit has its drawbacks. Firstly, there is no budget at the faculty, i.e. free education in the legal programs of secondary vocational education is not provided. The cost of study for 1 semester is about 30 thousand rubles for full-time and about 16 thousand rubles for the correspondence form. Secondly, the number of paid places is limited. Statistics show that applicants who have been disaccustomed to school on almost one of the three cannot be enrolled in the faculty.

Educational activities of the USLA

Institute of International and State Law

At the Institute of International and State Law of the USLA of Yekaterinburg, students are trained in the field of "jurisprudence". This is a program of higher education, bachelor degree. The choice offered 2 profiles - civil and international law. The presence of these profiles is due to those structural units that are included in the institute of international and state law.It was formed on the basis of the Institute of Foreign Economic Relations and Law and its faculty of management and law and the international law faculty.

In addition to undergraduate, the unit offers a magistracy. There are several educational programs at this level:

  • “International law in public administration and law enforcement”;
  • “Improvement of legislation, statehood and legal practice”;
  • “International protection of human rights”;
  • "Legal support of the activities of municipal and state bodies";
  • “Legal support of public service and social activities”.

Institute of Prosecution

This structural unit of the Ural Law Academy (University) also teaches students in the field of "jurisprudence". However, the profiles are completely different. At the undergraduate and graduate students receive knowledge from the field of prosecution and law enforcement.

For 2018, the opening of a specialist in the institute of the prosecutor's office is planned. Those applicants who go to this level in order to get higher education will study for 5 years.It is worth noting that only 4 years of undergraduate study. The specialty also provides for a deeper study of educational material. That is why the duration of training is longer.

Institute of Justice USLA

Institute of Justice

In the Ural State Law Academy (University), the institute of justice differs from other structural divisions by the presence of a wide range of profiles at the undergraduate degree. Students at senior courses can choose the most interesting area for deeper study:

  • economic justice;
  • general judicial profile;
  • lawyer profile;
  • customs-legal and foreign economic profile;
  • notarial and media profile.

The Institute of Justice in the past was the forensic science faculty. He produced highly qualified specialists for the Investigative Committee of the country, the Ministry of Internal Affairs. With the transition to undergraduate and graduate programs, the Institute of Justice did not abandon the main tradition of training highly qualified investigators. Specialty saved. According to the employees of the admission committee of the Ural Law Academy, they teach on such a program as “legal support of national security” (profile - investigative activity).

Institute of Law and Entrepreneurship

No entrepreneur does his business without the help of lawyers. Specialists who are well versed in jurisprudence and capable of working in all areas of the Russian and international economics, graduate from the Institute of Law and Business of the USLU.

In the structural unit of all 2 levels of study - undergraduate and graduate. At the first stage of higher education, one profile is offered in the “jurisprudence” direction - this is legal regulation of business activities. There are several programs to choose from at the master's degree. Some of them, for example: "tax, international tax and financial law", "legal support of financial organizations", "legal support of economic activity".

Training at the Ural Law Academy

The cost of training for undergraduate, specialty and master

In the Ural State Law Academy (USLA) of Yekaterinburg, a single value for all profiles has been established at the undergraduate degree. This means that students at all institutions pay the same amount. In 2017, the cost of a semester in full-time was just over 69 thousand rubles.Year of study cost about 138 thousand rubles. On the special prices did not differ. On the master's the cost is slightly higher. For study during the semester in 2017 they paid about 73 thousand rubles, and during the year - 147 thousand rubles.

An important difference between the institutions of the USLA of Yekaterinburg and the faculty of secondary vocational education is the availability of budget places. To get on them is not so easy due to high competition. In 2017, 9 people applied for a bachelor's degree in 1 budget place, 26 people for a specialty, and 6.5 people for a magistracy.

Passing score in the Ural Law Academy

Passing points

Is it difficult to enter a bachelor’s degree or a specialty and what is the passing grade set by the university? Almost every call to the selection committee begins with this question. To give an answer to it, it is first necessary to clarify that the passing score is not set by the Academy. It is determined during the admission campaign, and it is influenced only by applicants. The indicator depends on the number of applications, exam results.

In 2017, after the admission campaign was completed, the admissions committee calculated passing points at the Ural Law Academy on full-time studies.They were as follows:

  • at the undergraduate degree in “jurisprudence” - 243 points in the first wave and 238 points in the second wave;
  • 237 points in the first wave and 235 points in the second wave, on the specialty “legal support of national security”.

Ural Law Academy: reviews of applicants and students

Entering a law academy (university) for higher education programs is not such an impossible dream. It is quite feasible. To enter a university, you must pass 3 exams - in Russian, social studies and history. Applicants say that you can earn good points thanks to preparatory courses. They are offered in USLU for different periods - for a week, for 8 or 5 months. This allows each applicant to choose for themselves the most suitable for the duration of the course, taking into account the existing knowledge and gaps.

Those people who are already students, talk about the complexity of learning. Law is not such a simple discipline as it may seem at first glance. To become a good specialist, you need to try to learn. However, some individuals are not particularly interested in studying.Successful students complain that teachers often close their eyes to a lack of knowledge. Because of this attitude, the university graduates some specialists who do not even know the basics of legal science. As a result, the reputation of the academy deteriorates.

How to enroll in the Ural Law Academy

Despite this, one can still say that the USLU is a university that is on the same level as many Moscow higher educational institutions. Those students who are responsible for studying receive very good knowledge at the Ural Law Academy (University) and build an excellent career for themselves in the future.

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