"Univer": Actresses of the New Generation

All today's youth knows and loves heroes fromseries "Universe New hostel." Intrigues, funny stories, problems and their extraordinary decision become a topic of discussion for many viewers. Young and talented actors and actresses from Univer, selected by the creators of the series to perform roles, perfectly cope with the task and make the audience look forward to the release of each new season and new series.

main characters

"Univer" - the series, which is on the channel TNT alreadynot one year. The old version gradually and smoothly moved to another level. With the transfer of the most popular characters in the new hostel there were also new characters in the TV series "Univer". Actresses who have played female students, have perfectly got used to images. Anna Khilkevich, Nastasya Samburskaya, Anna Kuzina became stars on the channel TNT. Funny stories, happening with students, and excellent performance of roles cause genuine interest among fans of the series.

Anna Khilkevich

The actresses of the new Univer are talented andpretty girls. One of them is Anna Khilkevich, who plays the role of Masha Belova in the series. Anna thinks her heroine is not stupid, but a naive girl. The role fulfills with pleasure, for some years Anna has already got used to reincarnation. The work in the series became the brightest one in Anna's moneybox. Prior to taking part in the filming of the series "Univer" actresses, and Anna Khilkevich including, already filmed in other projects. Anya became known to the viewer on the series "Barvikha", "Golden", "Advocate", the films "Fir-2", "Fir-tree 3", "What Men Do" and other films. In addition, Anna voices cartoons. "Kung Fu Rabbit: The Lord of Fire," "Snow Queen 2: Reloading" - work with the participation of Anna Khilkevich. The actress is married, the wedding with businessman Arthur Volkov took place in August 2015. In mid-December 2015, the couple had a baby - a girl.university actresses

Nastasya Samburskaya

Kristina Sokolovskaya - self-confident, intelligent,beautiful and sexy girl. Nastasya Samburskaya came fully to this role. Actress until the beginning of filming in the series already had a small acting experience, episodic roles in the pictures of a different plan. But the real success was brought by "Univer". Actresses who have played female students, have received recognition and fame, and at the same time and offers to act in other projects. Nastasya Samburskaya became the leading show "I'm right" on the "Yu" channel, recorded several music tracks (although she used to record songs before shooting at Univer). Proposals from men's magazines poured into the artist one after another. A few frank photo shoots, starting with the magazine "Maxim", were organized for Nastasya.actresses of the new University

Anna Kuzina

For the role of Yana Semakina producers of the series approvedTo Anna Kuzin. This decision was facilitated by the short-cut hair of the actress, who she spoiled the day before with a chemical wave and painting. It was the image of the girl-girl who needed script writers from the series "Univer". Actresses who tried to play the role of Yana, lost to Cousin. Anna won the role not only a suitable appearance. The artist's talent was confirmed by her performance in many films and performances in the theaters of Moscow and Kiev, where Anna Kuzina is from. The actress sought recognition in the profession almost all her adult life, playing in plays, staging at the theater, acting in films.actresses from UniversityCousin's acting experience includes shooting withknown artists - Sergei Makovetsky, Emmanuel Vitorgan, Mikhail Svetin. The role in "Univer" became a new interesting experience for the actress, but the shooting could not force Anna to quit her work in the theater. The girl continues to play in theatrical productions and star in the series. The personal life of the actress remains under the veil of secrecy. Perhaps Anna specifically hides details about herself, in order to avoid an evil eye.

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