Types of sex: pleasure is different

types of sexThere is not much sex, but there are plenty of options for physical love. Among them there are both familiar and completely exotic and even perverted ones. However, the latter are for an amateur (or amateur), so let's talk about more traditional ways of receiving and providing pleasure. These are the types of sex that are known to everyone without exception.


It is provided by nature itself, because besides pleasure it also gives the opportunity to continue its race. True, most often this “option” turns out to be superfluous, and in order to “turn it off”, mankind has invented quite a few mechanical tricks as well as chemical tricks. But their 100% reliability is the same myth as the belief in the circles of poorly educated citizens regarding the size of the genitals. Thanks to the educational program, which indirectly carried out porno studios, almost all men dream of dignity, which would not be enough to measure the length of a regular school line. But from among the women who, nevertheless, had the opportunity to meet and try such a “device” on themselves, only a few feel like repeating the experience.However, with any penis size you can practice all types of sex, the main thing is to know moderation and find the right posture.

types of oral sexOral

Perhaps this is the most pleasant of all. Of course, provided that both partners can relax, and that unnecessary complexes are alien to them. Multiple types of oral sex are very popular among couples of all ages, except, of course, those people who observe religious prohibitions or have their own beliefs regarding love pleasures. It is also worth noting that the men in the screaming was more fortunate. Such a favorite blowjob can take two forms: if a woman "runs the show," that is, she decides what to do and how to caress a man, then this is called fellatio; if a man makes a reciprocating motion, imitating an ordinary act, the action is called "irrumation". These types of sex are very different, despite the apparent sameness. The second option is more humiliating for a partner, and can even be traumatic if the representative of the stronger sex is rude and not sufficiently attentive. The female version of getting pleasure - cunnilingus - involves only the use of tenderness and consists in caressing the tongue of the labia, clitoris, and sometimes the threshold of the vagina.Due to the exceptional sensitivity of the genitals in both sexes, all painful factors, such as the teeth, the stubble on the man’s face, etc., should be excluded.

all kinds of sexAnal

Types of sex known to mankind include another very controversial. He has no fewer opponents than admirers, but for most citizens he nevertheless evokes associations with something dirty and indecent. This reaction is largely due to the physiological characteristics of the hole used. However, if there are no problems with intestinal emptying, then incidents should not happen, although especially squeamish people practice an enema just before the act. And the particularly inventive ones also turn it into an interesting element of sexual games. But in any case it is better not to forget about the condom, it will at least protect against unwanted intestinal flora on the genitals.


Despite the fact that all types of sex differ in the scenario of what is happening and the methods applied to them, the goal is the same for everyone - to bring satisfaction to both men and women. Therefore, it is not necessary to impose on the partner what it does not like - it is better to focus on mutual desires.

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