True signs that your man - shit

Each of us once fell into the "wrong" man. I was drunk in the trash, screaming, without a bra, in the kitchen. I asked myself: “FOR WHAT?” I felt it with my whole body - they leaked it. Shook off like mud from a boot. However, it was worth a closer look, and it was possible to see in advance “alarm bells”. Here they are. These are sure signs that a man does not love you and betray you. Everything is logical, in the case of a fool. Or strike first?
- He does nothing for you. A man in love is manifested in affairs, and a point. Write on a piece of paper and analyze its specific actions, not words. Are there acts of love among them? They are not? Oh, everything is very bad. It is possible that the relationship came up with you yourself.
-The initiator of the relationship is you.He remembers you very rarely. Do not tell me that in the 21st century it does not matter. You know perfectly well what is important. A person who needs you often calls you. A person who needs you tries not to lose contact. A person who really needs you, wants to see you every morning, not when he is drunk, or his wife left for a business trip.If a person wants to see you only when he is bored - it’s better to go to his ass right away. Or get ready to suffer.
- He can hurt you. A man in love will never intentionally hurt you for anything. He will better cut his arm without anesthesia. If a person has made decisions that infringe upon your interests, then there can be no question of love. In the furnace of it.
- He compares you to others.The whole point of love is that you are unique. You are that standard in which all world harmony has come together. All others can only be pale reflections of you. Beauty or meekness, intelligence or stupidity, the right way of life - all this is defined only as being similar to you. As soon as he says that there is someone better, and he does it seriously - think about leaving. Love does not smell here.
- He does not show sexual interest. You will say - what kind of woman imagines that a man is in love, if there was no sex. In fact, there are a lot of such women. They attribute their own lustful thoughts to neighbors, former fans and colleagues, drawing imaginary novels in their heads. And then they themselves suffer from unrequited love.
A man in love almost always wants you.He eats you with his eyes, tries to touch, wants to whisper something in your ear. Do not lie to yourself that he is shy. Really in love men are not shy. By the way, you can say the same about women.
- He has better things to do. You have to wait for the time when he will not be busy. This is a very bad bell. A man in love needs you even more on difficult days. Do not let yourself be fooled by employment. You just technically drained.
- He doesn't consider you a part of himself.. Welcomes a separate account, apartment, life. Merging with you he does not care. Just know that this is all that you want, just not love.
- He does not tell the whole world about younor is he a president or something. If your man is not the head of the special services, he will want to be proud of you. He will scream for you to the whole world. In his every conversation will be you. Is this not? I think you thought too much of yourself, girl.
- He is not jealous of you. This is the finish. This is permissible only for swingers families. Although they also have jealousy, it's just different. Analyze how many times in six months you noticed jealousy. Never? Congratulations, plums are not far off.
- He does not want any official signs of what is right for you. He is ready to give freedom to you, just to be free yourself. He comes up with some ridiculous excuses that love does not need proof. A man in love with a man needs proof. He wants to get 10 certificates, that you are his woman. Including in the registry office. All other men - ashes. They are not worth your time.
What if you notice these signs? Never mind. To leave

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