"Travogen": instructions for use, indications, reviews

People often face fungal diseases. With each of its form is assigned the appropriate medicine. One of them is “Travogen”. Instructions for use include treatment rules, which must be followed. Reviews of the drug confirm its effectiveness. Read more about the drug in the article.


Available in the form of a cream. "Travogen" opaque, somewhat yellowish. Sold medicine in the form:

  • tubes 20 g;
  • tuba 50 g

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The container is placed in a carton. In the instructions for use "Travogen" specified composition. The active ingredient is isoconazole nitrate. Auxiliary substances include:

  • petrolatum;
  • cetyl stearyl alcohol;
  • water;
  • sorbitan stearate;
  • paraffin;
  • polysorbate 60.

As evidenced by reviews, "Travogen" allows you to quickly cure the fungal disease. After several procedures, an improvement is observed.Only buyers recommend first read the instructions.


As indicated in the instructions for use, "Travogen" is used for lesions of the dermis. The drug is prescribed with secondary infection:

  • candidiasis;
  • mycosis of the feet, smooth dermis;
  • athlete's disease;
  • trichophytosis;
  • microsporia;
  • erythrasma;
  • lichen
  • rubrofitia.

As can be seen from numerous reviews, the drug has helped many people get rid of fungal diseases. And with each of these ailments, it works perfectly. It is only necessary to take into account that there can be an individual sensitivity of a person to the components of a medicine.


Due to the synthetic imidazole derivative, which is represented by isoconazole, an antibacterial and antifungal effect occurs. Activity manifested to:

  • mushrooms;
  • dermatophytes;
  • gram-positive bacteria;
  • Erythrasma pathogens.

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As the reviews confirm, Travogen cream actively influences the problem, allowing you to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of the disease. It is enough to go through the whole course of treatment to get excellent results.


The instructions for use of "Travogen" marked the rules for the use of the drug. It is effective for painful parts of the dermis 1 time per day. Apply the cream should be a thin layer, and then rub a little. The duration of use of the drug is 2-3 weeks.

If mycoses are in the fold area, the duration of treatment is 4 weeks, and often more. To protect against the recurrence of the disease, from which the ointment is applied, therapy should be 2 weeks, when the main symptoms are eliminated.


It is important to observe the following terms of treatment:

  1. When external manifestations of lichen and microsporia on the face and body - from 2 to 3 weeks.
  2. If there are mycoses on the feet and palms, the treatment should last at least a month.
  3. It is necessary to process inguinal folds during athlete's sweat for 3 weeks.
  4. Ringworm treated for at least 3 weeks.
  5. And to eliminate onychomycosis of various types a month of treatment is required.

Before treating painful places, it is advisable for the patient to take a shower with ordinary soap. This will eliminate the layer of exfoliated epidermis and improve the absorption of the cream. It should be applied in light movements.Usually processing is carried out 2 times a day.

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Treatment of onychomycosis on the nails is considered difficult. To increase the effectiveness of the cream, you need to prepare a plate:

  1. Steam your nails in warm water or use keratolytic paste to soften.
  2. Then you need to clean the exfoliated areas with an abrasive saw.
  3. Nails should dry out.
  4. Apply the cream should be a thin layer, a little rubbing into the plate and the skin around it.

It is necessary to perform this treatment at night to ensure good absorbency. After a week of treatment, the active ingredient accumulates on the nails, protecting it from relapse. You need to use the cream until the healthy and strong nail grows back.

Due to physiological characteristics, treatment can last up to 3 months on the hands and up to half a year on the legs. No need to interrupt therapy, otherwise there is the likelihood of a return of the disease. For the treatment of ringworm on the head painful place must be prepared by cutting off the hair. This is necessary for the complete application of the cream and protection against the spread of the disease. Positive results are felt 2-3 days after the first procedure. Treatment allows you to get rid of itching, burning, soreness and unpleasant smell.The skin returns elasticity, wounds quickly heal and do not bother the person.

Side effects

Usually, people are well tolerated by the use of funds, even if used for sensitive skin. Rarely, the appearance of allergies, which manifests itself in the form of erythema, itching, burning.


Ointment "Travogen" can be used for children from 1 month. It can be given to pregnant women with high benefits for the mother, which far exceeds the risk to the fetus. There is no accurate information about the possibility of ingestion of isoconazole in breast milk.

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The drug should not be applied to the dermis of the mammary glands. During feeding, you should consult with a dermatologist about the use of ointment. The drug is in demand among people because of the rapid effect, but before using it, consultation with a specialist will not be superfluous.

The price of "Travogen" is quite high. The cost in each pharmacy is different. You can buy it without a prescription. The price of "Travogen" is 550-675 rubles.


The cream is used for topical use. During treatment, it is necessary to control so that the drug does not get into the eyes. After that, you need to thoroughly clean the hands of the funds.During treatment between the fingers, it is advisable to use gauze strips with ointment.

In order to avoid the return of infection, it is necessary to observe hygiene: change bedding and underwear, use your washcloths and towels. Clothes and other things of the patient should be washed separately. Success in treatment depends on the careful care of painful places. If mycosis of the feet is detected, then you need to wash your feet every day, drying the space between your fingers with a towel.


The medicine is valid for 5 years. Keep it in a dry, cool darkened room, which is not accessible to children. The temperature should be up to 30 degrees.

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By such means include:

  1. "Bifon Skin".
  2. "Onabet."
  3. "Dermazole".
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From creams, you can choose "Zalain", "Ketodin", "Nizoral". According to reviews, analogs can also be used to treat fungal diseases. Only before using any of them, you must first read the instructions.

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