Toys for a month old baby


Although the baby was just recently born, toys for a month-old baby are needed, because development should be done literally from birth. Today we want to tell you about what kind of toys for a month-old baby can help the parents of the crumbs to raise an intelligent baby. Among the leaders of the toy charts: rattles, toys for the stroller, mobiles, educational mats, massage chairs and rocking. We want to talk about each detail.


When buying rattles for your baby, choose high-quality and safe, made from environmentally friendly plastic, from wood or fabric, bright, with pure colors, the sound of which is pleasant to the ear, and the shape is convenient for grabbing with a tiny palm.

When playing with a child, first show the baby a rattle, gently shake it. A little later, teach the crumb to follow the eyes of the rattle moving in front of him, moving it in different directions - left, right, forward, up and down.

With age, the baby learns to look for a rattle with his eyes, focusing on the sound, reach for it, grab it with his palm, shake and shift it from the handle to the handle.

It should be borne in mind that the child quickly gets used to the toy and stops paying attention to the familiar thing. Children's perception requires novelty, so it is desirable to have a sufficient number of different rattles and change them from time to time.

Important nuance: for a month-old baby, buy those rattles, on which the age is 0+.

Toys for a month-old baby. Rattles

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Stroller Toys

Stroller toys can be either in the form ofsmall suspensionorGarlands.

The suspension is attached to the hood of the stroller, using a large comfortable clip. The suspension can be combined with a variety of texture materials and elements: plastic rings, teethers, tweeters, bells, safety mirror, rustling inserts. The baby will be able to examine all this with enthusiasm, to try to reach, pull and even, over time, to chew.

A garland of toys can be hung at a convenient level for the baby by attaching the sidecar strollers using special fastenings from two ends. Toys in the garland can be plastic or soft, their bright color or rattling, they are sure to attract the attention of the crumbs while awake during a walk.

Also, such pendants and garlands, in addition to the stroller, can be hung on a bed or a baby’s car seat. They will help the child to develop coordination of movements of the head, hands, as well as skills of fixing the gaze on moving objects.

Toys for a month-old baby. Pendants

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Mobile or mobile, different manufacturers call this wonderful toy in different ways, it is also worth buying a child literally from birth. To date, on the shelves of toy stores there is a considerable number of similar models. What should I look for when buying?

The main difference between the models lies in such factors:

  • mobile can bemechanical, that is, he plays music, and his toys start to move after several times by hand scrolling a special lever;
  • the functionality of the mobile is activated by a special button attached to its stand;
  • You can control the mobile using the remote control.

The most available models are with mechanical manual control, the options with remote control are the most expensive in the line of mobiles.

Most often mobilemusicalThe duration of the tunes that they can play varies from 2.5 to 40 minutes. Gentle sounds of nature, relaxing sounds of classics, funny songs and lullabies will entertain your baby while you are awake and help you calm down before going to bed. In some models of mobiles there is a possibilityvolume controlsound, as well as a function when the music unit can be separated from the carousel and used as a tape recorder.

Sometimes built into mobilesnight light function, thanks to which it can be a pleasant illumination of the space near the crib of the newborn crumbs. Most often, the backlight level can be adjusted.

Some mobiles haveprojector functionwhen different pictures are projected on the ceiling above the crib, which move to the music.

Toys on mobile often rotate all together on a common mount, in some models there is a function of a separate movement of toys around its axis. In many mobile phones toys are removed, they can be changed and erased as needed, and when the baby grows up, he can play them separately.

Important mobile function- the development of attention and visual function of the child, the ability to focus on the fixed and moving subject.

Toys for a month-old baby. Mobies

Pediatrician Olga Kachalova tells: “A newborn baby can focus his eyesight only on an object that is close enough to him, no further than 30 cm. During the first weeks after birth, he notices color, movement and the outline of objects is quite blurry. After one or two months, the baby will learn to focus on a static object and follow the moving object. Of course it would be better if you help the child go this way with a variety of rattles and mobiles. ”

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Educational mats

An excellent educational toy for a monthly baby will beeducational mats- The whole unknown field for the baby. Of course, a crumb at the age of 1 month is unlikely to immediately appreciate the full functionality of this amazing toy, for which he needs to grow a little. Now he will happily spend time inlooking at bright picturesput on the mat, admire yourself in the mirror, watch the spinning toys, and eventually try to reach them on their own, because exploring the world by touch is so interesting.

Contrasting black and white or multi-colored pictures,musical and vibrating elements, sewn rattles, pieces of fabrics of different textures, teethers, toys with rustling parts and other surprises will help in the development of vision, fine and large motor skills of the baby, his sensory perception.

If there is a rugarc, they will give the crumb feeling of reliability and security, and the toys suspended on them will develop its attentiveness. In some models of educational rugs, the height of the arcs can be adjusted and the edges lifted and fixed with buttons or straps, providing additional safety for the child.

In case of contamination of the toy from the arches and the mat itself, it is possible to wash it in a washing machine using a delicate mode.

Toys for a month-old baby. Floor Mats

Our mother forumchankaLena_678 tells: "When I first laid my daughter on the rug, she burst into tears and did not want to stay there. I thought it might be too early, and I set aside this exercise for a while. A week later, I tried again, just put it not in the center of the rug, but a little closer to the edge, and she sat next to her. A pretty soft frog was attached to the baby on the rug, which was very much liked by Sofiyka.And so began our friendship with the rug, albeit not immediately, but that's okay. ”

Massage chairs

Massage chairkeeps the baby in a physiologically correct posture - half-sitting, so they can be used literally from birth. I would also like to note the functionvibration mode- thanks to her, the baby can relax and fall asleep. The angle of the armchair at an angle of 45 degrees is optimal for falling asleep.

If the crumb does not want to sleep - in the chairs providedgame panelwith plastic or soft toys that will help in the development of vision and grasping reflexes of the baby. In some models of chairs there are musical-light panels, but most often the game panels can be removed so as not to disturb the sleep of the baby.

The massage chairs have a stable and metal frame, rubber lining on the legs and a soft textile seat. Do not worry that the crumb can fall out of the armchair. Gently but firmly hold the baby restrictive three-point belt.

Toys for a month-old baby. Armchairs

Toys for a month old baby are necessary purchases from the first days of a baby’s life.We hope that our material will help you to make the right choice and get what will help your baby to grow, fully developing and having fun.

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