Townhouse: what is it?

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Townhouse: what is it?

If you are looking for a new home, then it is worth considering the option of acquiring a townhouse, which recently began to replace individual cottages. To understand what a townhouse is and what advantages and disadvantages it has, read on.

Townhouses are called low-rise residential buildings in several multi-level apartments with a separate entrance. In the house of this type can live several families. Each apartment must have a separate entrance from the street, a garage (in some cases) and a small garden.

Construction of townhouses in Russia is only gaining momentum. They are built mainly in the suburbs, where it is possible to build entire small villages from such houses.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any house, a townhouse has its pros and cons, which each person can select for himself.


Among the main advantages are:

  • profitability. Compared with the construction of a separate cottage, the purchase of a townhouse will significantly save money.During construction, you save on building materials, as you have in common with your neighbors walls, roof and communications. For example, connecting central communications will be cheaper if you do this together with your neighbors around the house. In addition, during the heating season you will have to spend less on heating your home, since the combined walls will also be heated by your neighbors.
  • common interest. Typically, townhouses are acquired by people of the same social strata, which cannot be said about the neighbors in a high-rise building.
  • away from the hustle and bustle. Since such houses are small in size, respectively, and the number of tenants is limited. Thus, you will be in peace and tranquility, unless, of course, you do not get noisy neighbors.


The main disadvantage is space limitations. Despite the fact that houses are built on separate plots of land, their size is not always sufficient for living. For example, if you build a townhouse on three front doors on three hundred square meters of land, then there will be no space for a small front garden or garage.

Also do not forget that, acquiring a townhouse,you become the owner of only the house, but not the land, as the majority of the land is leased and after putting the house under the jurisdiction of the management company. The same thing happens when you purchase an apartment in an apartment building.

If you are looking for a house, then you need to pay attention to some nuances that will help you with this.

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