TOP strange dudes of our planet

Do you know who plangonolophiles, helixophilists, and arenophiles are, and what do they have in common?
And what does someone occasionally become labeorphil?
All these maniacs collect something. For example, sukrologisty, and arenophiles collect sand, but completely different: the first in the collection of bags with sugar, and the second is brought sand from travel - deserts, beaches, forests.
And the laborophiles collect beer bottles, which is why some of us sometimes become them.
What crazy things sometimes become the subject of collections further in the collection.

Jiang Yan - a man who, as a teenager, began to collect various dolls. He now has 6,000, and two-thirds make up Barbie's beloved

Herbert Chavez is a true superman from Earth. Not only that he himself looks like a famous superhero from the series “Mysteries of Smallville”, he also has a collection of various souvenirs related to the character: clothes, action figures, pillows and much more.

Chen Jingzhu tells girls in schools that improper underwear increases the risk of a disease such as breast cancer.In gratitude, the girls have already given him about 5,000 women's bras.

It will terrify the faint of heart and frighten off thieves the collection of Ethanis Gonzalez, located on the balcony. A lot of old dirty pups are looking at passersby.

But the collection of toys Andrea Rojas is very clean. Here and dolls, and bears, but all neat, in beautiful costumes

Margaret Tyler from Britain expressed her patriotism by turning the house into a collection of items related to the royal family. Ten thousand mugs, photos, books, figurines are kept under the motto "God save the queen"

James Burns is a “star” collector. He collects items related to the TV series "Star Wars"

Emelin Duot has the most spotted collection - the French model collects toy cows. She already has 1679 items, including toys, slippers, mugs, magnets and other items with horned

Artist He Peizi created a smaller copy of his city of Chongqing from 50,000 different types of coins for buildings and colored stones for streets and rivers

Li Tao from the city of Shenyang turned the passion into work by opening a museum of ancient watches. 5,500 items, many of which are of historical value, are stored in northeastern China - in Liaoning Province

From top to bottom, Yvette Darden filled her house in Belgium with antique metal boxes that reflect different historical eras. A collection of 55,000 items is so large that the pensioner family had to buy another building.

Zhang Dathan also chose an unusual object for collecting - he collects old telephone sets.

Jordan Michael Geller opened the world's first museum of ShoeZeum sneakers on Las Vegas Boulevard in Nevada. There you can see shoes of different years of release from the company Nike. In 2013, a collection of more than 2,500 couples was added to the Guinness Book of Records.

Yuri Kreshkov is one of those labeorphiles, only for 20 years he consciously collected his collection of 3000 bottles

Gina Lacuna, the owner of a small business selling children's clothes, has already collected more than 473 puzzles, puzzles that are placed in a small museum

Celine Corne and her husband from the Belgian city of Akkur have one of the most beautiful collections. Over 2000 soft toys representing pandas are kept in their apartment. The first representative of the collection appeared already in 1978!

Luigi Lineri from Italy collects stones, which the river water has wound up so that they have easily recognizable forms - a fish head or a human face.

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