Top 10 most anticipated films of 2019: new items, from which you will blow the roof

Next year will give movie lovers a lot of interesting new products, including the continuation of already beloved films and completely new films. In this material, we have prepared a list of the ten most anticipated films of 2019, but it is up to you to decide what to watch.

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In 2019, the world will learn a detailed history of the most dangerous criminal Gotham City - the elusive Joker. The main role in the tape will be performed by Joaquin Phoenix. The network has already begun to appear the first shots from the set, in which the actor is captured in the image of the sworn enemy of Batman.

Shots from the filming of the movie "The Joker", Joaquin Phoenix

The film, which tells about the formation of the villain in the underworld of Gotham City, was jointly worked by Warner Bros., DC Comics and DC Entertainment. Fans of superhero comics expect to see a real masterpiece, so it’s not surprisingthat the Joker occupies the first line in the ranking of the most anticipated films of 2019.

2. Hellboy: The revival of the bloody queen

There is good news for those who managed to miss the red healthy. In 2019, the continuation of the film “Hellboy”, dubbed “The Revival of the Bloody Queen”, will be released. The role of the queen will play the unsurpassed Mila Jovovich. In addition to her in the film, viewers will also see Jena McShane, David Harbor, Sasha Lane, Daniel Dae Kim and other famous actors.

The premiere of the film is scheduled for April 12, so fans will have to wait a bit after enduring the winter. Hopefully, the tape will meet all expectations, especially since director Neil Marshall, who took part in the creation of Game of Thrones, worked on it.

3. Glass

The continuation of the films "Split" and "Invulnerable" from director M. Night Shyamalan has not yet appeared on the screens, but has already managed to make some noise. Special delight is the cast of the film. James McAvoy, unsurpassed Samuel L. Jackson, American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson, and Die Hard Bruce Willis play the lead roles.

The release of the film "Glass" is scheduled for January 17, but now you can enjoy its official trailer.

4. Alita: Battle Angel

The actions of the tape “Alita: The Fighting Angel” unfold in the 26th century AD. There was a large-scale war, after which the world was divided into two parts - Heavenly and Lower Cities. Upstairs live favorites, and below - garbage. It is here that Dr. Ido finds the remains of a robot girl that he decides to fix. Alita does not remember anything from her past, so she tries to find out who she was before her death and what class she belonged to.

The film with a fabulous budget of $ 200 million will be released on large screens in February of this year. The world premiere of the tape is scheduled for February 13, in Russia and the United States - to take place a day later.

5. The Avengers-4

"Avengers" are so fond of the audience that Marvel just can not please them with the continuation of the legendary story. In May 2019, fans of the universe will see the movie Avengers-4, which promises to bring many unexpected surprises. Among them is the appearance of a long-forgotten hero and the birth of a child from another!

Poster for the film "Avengers-4"

In June, the network circled the poster to continue the superhero series, where you can see the composition of the future team.Among the unusual details should be noted Hulk in a new suit, the absence of the Wasp, as well as the appearance of several new characters - Ant-Man, Captain Marvel and Hawkeye.

6. Anonymous film about the Terminator

In the continuation of the cult franchise, which has the working name "Terminator-3", Terminator and Sarah Conor will meet again. The release of the action movie is scheduled for November 2019, so fans will have to wait a bit.

Not so long ago, on his page in Imstagram, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a photo with Linda Hamilton from the shooting of the first and last parts of The Terminator. Fans of celebrities were so happy to see this picture that they simply “filled up” the stars with likes and comments. Hopefully, the film itself will turn out as brilliant as its main characters in this photo.

7. John Wick 3: Parabellum

"John Wick 3: Parabellum" tells about the history of the former assassin, who is now forced to hide from his "colleagues" and start running. The main role in it, as before, will be played by Keanu Reeves. The premiere of the tape will be held in May.

The network has the first frame of the future action movie, which depicts Halle Berry in the "company" of two watchdogs. What kind of role went to the actress, is still unknown, but judging by the entourage, she will be the one more cool.

eight.How to Train Your Dragon 3

Not only action movies, thrillers and fantasy will delight the year 2019. The kids with trepidation await the release of the third part of the cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon”, which will delight the audience in the New Year holidays. The provisional presentation date is scheduled for January 3.

Above, you can familiarize yourself with the trailer for the new part of the cartoon that has become a favorite.

9. I am a legend

After more than 12 years, the world will see the continuation of the fantastic film “I Am a Legend”, which tells about the survival of the only surviving virus after the attack of Robert Neville. It is assumed that in the new part of the film a man will have to fight with the mutants surrounding him. The action of the film will unfold in the empty streets of New York.

The exact release date of the film is still unknown, but fans do not lose hope that they will see it next year. The main role in “I am a legend-2”, as in the first part, will be played by the inimitable Will Smith.

10. Robokalipsis

The plot of the film “Robokalips” is what the leading minds of mankind have been talking about for years. In the future, artificial intelligence will be able to surpass people so much in its capabilities that it simply wants to oust them from the planet.This is happening in the movie "Robokalips", which was directed by Michael Bay, and the producers - Mark Surian and Steven Spielberg.

The release of the fantastic thriller is scheduled for 2019, but the exact date of the premiere is still unknown.

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