To swim in the winter in St. Petersburg? Welcome to the October Pool!

Have you ever felt an extraordinary lightnessafter swimming? Have you washed away the stress and insult in the shower? If you felt the magical power of water on yourself, water sports are the best choice that you can make for yourself and your child. Residents of St. Petersburg today can go to the pool "Red October".

pool October

In fact, "Red October" - a wholea sports complex, built once for workers of the same name, producing engines and components for the aviation industry. There is an erroneous opinion that swimming pools at sport complexes are designed for those who are engaged in the "land" sections of the club. Once a swim here could only employees of the plant, but today the "October" pool is open to all comers.

The fastest way to get to the complex -to reach the metro station "Akademicheskaya", "Ploshad Muzhestva" or "Polytechnic". The Oktyabr basin is a short walk from the subway on Prospect of the Unconcerned, 10.

The complex includes aerobics sections(classical, step, pamp, slide, strip, pilates, fitball and others), bodybuilding, martial arts, numerous dance groups. Classes are organized for both adults and children. In the sports complex there is a club-school "Aramis" - one of the 5 places in St. Petersburg, where children and adults can learn the art of fencing.

"October" - the pool is not very big (4 lanes),however multifunction. In the 25-meter water bowl you can not only swim, but also enjoy the jacuzzi. The pool is filled with fresh water (cleared by chlorination with the addition of additional components). The depth of the bowl (from 145 cm to 280 cm) allows you to swim comfortably for adults and children from 7 years. Kids 2-6 years old come to the pool only with their parents. For classes, visitors need to have a certificate from the doctor.

pool red October

Swimming pool "October" offers free swimmingfor adults, family groups and swimming instruction for children (with pre-warm-up in the gym). For any of the proposed options, it is possible to have a one-time visit, as well as purchase of season tickets for 4, 8, 10 or 12 lessons per month. What will give such lessons to you and your child? Swimming develops all muscle groups, forms a beautiful figure (especially for boys), unloads the spine, promotes proper posture, deep breathing.

This is a gentle sport:they can be engaged even by those who have problems with the spine and joints. Classes reduce pressure and reduce excess weight, improve heart function, activate metabolism, train endurance and, of course, improve mood. The pool starts at 9 am and closes at 21.45. The duration of the session is 30 minutes, therefore delays are highly undesirable. The cost of visiting the morning is much lower than in the evening. Of the additional services the sports complex offers classes for pregnant women, with the availability of specialists - a group of aqua aerobics.

october swimming pool

Since recently, the pool "October" is gaininggirls 5-9 years in paid groups training in synchronized swimming. As you know, synchronized swimming has excellent traditions in Russia, in St. Petersburg, SDUSHOR "Hope" has been operating since 1988. Girls are taught the basics of swimming (including synchronized), give choreographic, gymnastic, acrobatic and dance training. You can do both "for yourself" and "for sports of high achievements" with the subsequent transition to a budget group. It is convenient that you can enroll in the section both in the autumn and in the academic year.

If you live in the Kalininsky district of St.

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