Tires "Kama-217": reviews, features, manufacturer

Most Internet users have become accustomed to the fact that reviews with more or less truthful data can only be found on expensive products of foreign manufacture. This article was created to destroy the prevailing for a long time, because it will be about domestic products. The hero of the review will be the Kama-217 car tires, the driver's feedback on which will help determine how good it is and whether to buy it to complete your car. However, for a start, we will look at the data that can be found in the official documentation and test results of well-known online automotive publications.

Domestic product for ridiculous money

One of the key points to ensure the popularity of this model is its unprecedented low price. "Kama-217" can be purchased in online stores, where its cost is from 1500 rubles per copy. Agree, not every manufacturer can sell products so cheaply.

So low price due to several factors.The first of them is the support from the government of the domestic producer. The absence of a customs tax already makes it possible to reduce the cost of a unit of goods. In addition, the production of this particular model has been established for a very long time, and at the moment no modifications are made, which means that there are no costs for maintaining the staff of developers. All this in general gives a very attractive from an economic point of view model that can be used for installation on cars ultrabudget class. Why is it talking about this segment?

kama 217 reviews

Only two sizes - is this not enough?

At the moment, the manufacturer produces tires of this model only in two sizes. On the shelves you can find tires "Kama 217" 175 * 65and 175 * 70other options are not provided. These positions are slightly different in speed, so when buying, pay attention to the indexes indicated in the marking on the side of each tire.

Why did the manufacturer decide to produce only such sizes? This is due precisely to those who are primarily focused on its products.The fact is that the version with an internal diameter of 13 inches is a universal solution, suitable for almost any car of domestic production of a decent age. It is for them that the owners often do not have the opportunity to purchase more expensive options, since sometimes the cost of a set of rubber will exceed the cost of the car itself, which is by no means a pleasant indicator.

The second option, with an internal diameter of 14 inches, is intended for budget cars of foreign production. These include machines manufactured by various companies, as well as some new domestic machines. If you do not strive to “shove” the car into brand rubber options, then the model “Kama Euro 217It will be an excellent solution to save the family budget. At the same time, the main characteristics are kept at a fairly high level, which is good for the buyer. Let's look at them in more detail.

kama 217 175 65 r14

Chamber option

Each of the sizes provides the possibility of using it with car cameras, suitable for the characteristics. Although in our time a greater preference is given to tubeless variants, in some cases the presence of a camera is simply necessary.Such cases include old disks that are either not designed for tubeless use, or are too worn, and can pass compressed air.

In addition, repair of wheels with a separate camera is much easier to perform at home. This waspThis is important because it’s about the budget segment, whichappliedin most cases, the category of people who simply do not have extra money to spend on the services of tire technicians, but they have their own golden hands and a set of skills necessary for the repair.

rubber kama

Tread design

This option was developed decades ago, but still does not lose its relevance even in modern conditions. Sometimes cars with a similar pattern on tires can be seen at the “time capsules” exhibitions - well-preserved rare variants in the original equipment. This suggests that it has been tested by time and not by one generation of experienced drivers.

In the centertires "Kama-217"there is a longitudinal groove, and at some distance from it - two more, parallel to it.Together they form four separate rows of tread elements.

Outwardly, they are similar to each other, however, depending on their location on the surface, they perform different functions. The central two rows received a large number of separate large blocks, cut by small lamellae. This allowed the formation of a large number of cutting edges. What is this approach for?

Thanks to this solution, rubber "Kama"can be called truly universal and demi-season. So, it has the necessary number of rowing elements, which allow it to steer confidently on the road in any conditions, be it driving on a clean highway, loose primer or even on freshly fallen snow. With the latter, you need to be careful, but still the tire copes quite well with the movement on it.

kama 217 characteristics

Lamella assignment

As mentioned above, the existing structure of the lamellae allowed us to create the required number of cutting edges. However, this is not her only task. A large number of slits, along with high tread blocks,allowed to effectively drain the water, which is a good obstacle to the effect of hydroplaning and does not allow the car to "float" when driving on the road flooded with water

This is achieved due to the fact that water can freely disperse to the "Kama-217 "175 * 65 R14and be brought out of its limits through the side blocks, also having slots between them. This feature also helps when driving on a blurred primer, since liquid dirt can in a similar way leave the contact patch without interfering with movement and without creating the danger of getting stuck.

What are the central tread stripes for?

As noted above, the two central bands of the tread blocks have their purpose. They are responsible for maintaining stability and provide confident movement even at high speeds. The main thing is not to exceed the limits provided by the manufacturer, since this can be fraught with unpleasant consequences, for example, when driving over a sharp obstacle. Observing the rules of the road, you can be sure that the car stands confidently on the track and obeys your commands.

tire kama 217

Side tread elements and their purpose

Along the edges of the working area of ​​the tire there are two bands of tread elements, which are externally similar to the central, but have a completely different purpose.The cuts between them form sufficient grooves for high-quality discharge of water, as well as additional cutting edges. The operation of these blocks is truly felt during maneuvering.

Their task is to ensure the stability and responsiveness of the car when making turns or other maneuvers. This is especially felt if there is a track on the road along which you are moving. They allow you to leave it safely at first, and then also return, without the threat of creating an emergency. This can be useful if you overtake or are ahead of the vehicle moving ahead of you. Tire "Kama-217" in such a situation gives a feeling of safety and reliability.

Features of the use of rubber in winter

Although the manufacturer positions its model as universal and suitable for operation at any time of the year, you should not forget that this is a budget solution that has its own drawbacks. So, with a significant decrease in temperature overboard rubbersummer "Kama-217"it is noticeably numb, as a result of which its characteristics deteriorate very much.Therefore, it is recommended to use it only in those areas where winters are mild and pass almost without precipitation in the form of snow, and icy on the roads is a rare phenomenon. By adhering to this rule, you can always move around without endangering your life and the lives of your fellow travelers.

Kama 217 year old

Dynamic characteristics

Like most budget universal tires,This aspect is in the middle range. This suggests that the rubber "Kama-217 ", whose characteristics we are considering,suitable for a relaxed driving style, and with it you need to exercise some caution. It can be noisy when driving, but at the same time it gives quite tangible advantages over state employees from other brands.

You can be sure that, if necessary, it will be able to quickly and quickly brake your car, but you shouldn’t abuse it, because wear and tear can accelerate significantly.


The manufacturer has made the main bet on this parameter. Indeed, in the first place, people buy it in order to be able to save their own funds to the maximum.Therefore, a rather stiff rubber compound is used for manufacturing, which has good resistance to abrasive wear.

The second aspect, which increases the durability of the tire, is a high tread and a fairly durable cord. Therefore, the number of punctures and cuts is reduced to a minimum even from the sides. According to this parameter, in its price category there simply is no competitor, because with careful usetires "Kama-217"canto pass more than ten thousand kilometers, not having received a single damage and having worn out in a natural way. The wear level will help determine the built-in indicators that tell when it is better to replace it in order to protect yourself and your car.

Positive user reviews

Despite the low cost, the model receives a fairly large number of positive responses. Let's take a look at the main points that users notice.In reviews about “Kama 217”

  • Low cost. Most drivers say that for such a price it is almost impossible to buy tires from other brands, and the price / quality ratio in such cases is often very sad.

  • High wear resistance. The use of a hard rubber compound and a special tread pattern has significantly reduced the effect of abrasive wear, which has a positive effect on the product durability.

  • Sure track retention. According to users, rubber is able to cope with its tasks of maintaining road holding and safe maneuvering even at pre-peak speeds, which can not please fans of speed driving.

  • Good cross.As they say reviews, "Kama 217"able to cope with off-road and primer, even if they are in poor condition. The key point when driving in such places is the need to monitor the ground clearance so as not to put the car “on the belly” and the tires take care of the rest.

  • The presence of the main popular sizes.The manufacturer hit the mark, and although there is not much choice, there are exactly two sizes on the market that suit the majority in the target category of drivers.

As you can see, most of the rubber met the expectations of its users. However, do not forget about some of its shortcomings.

kama euro 217

Disadvantages of models according to user reviews

Among the negative aspects, we can single out the main ones, which can be significant for some drivers:

  • High level of noise.A large number of individual tread blocks can not help but make noise, so you can only accept this or try to reduce this effect with high-quality sound insulation.

  • At relatively small sub-zero temperatures begin to harden.,and it often becomes the cause of the negative reviews about the "Kama 217". Therefore, the optimal mode of application remains the positive temperature, that is, for most regions - the period from spring to deep autumn.

  • High rigidity. When driving, there are quite distinctly hitting small obstacles, especially if the car is equipped with a reinforced stiff suspension.


Universalrubber "Kama"suitable for those who want to save as much as possible, and possesses prudence and decent driving experience. It is truly universal, and in the hands of a professional can reveal its potential. And high wear resistance along with low cost will surely save your wallet and save you from unnecessary expenses.

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