Biography of Timofey Tribuntsev

Timofey Vladimirovich Tribuntsev is a popular Russian actor who gained wide fame in 2006 after the release of the film “The Island”, where he embodied the image of Anatoly’s father.
Actor Timofey TribuntsevActor Timofey Tribuntsev
During his many years of acting experience, an artist with rare creative charisma has played an impressive number of roles on stage and on screen. In his creative piggy bank - more than 70 films and two dozen performances. Among them are the intellectual comedy “Monk and the demon”, the serial films “Liquidation”, “Escape”, the psychological film “Motherland”, as well as a number of great plays, including the tragedies of Shakespeare's heritage - “Othello”, “Macbeth”, “King Lear” "(For his role in the latter, he received the award" Seagull ").
This actor is often called the Russian Louis de Funes, and his talent, contribution to art is compared with Rolan Bykov, Al Pacino and Lev Durov. In 2016, he became the laureate of the National Award for White Critics and Cinema Press “The White Elephant”.

Childhood and youth

The future artist was born on July 1, 1973 in Kirov. His mother served as an actress at the local grotesque drama theater, and his father worked as a simple worker at the factory.
Since childhood, the boy was a frequent guest behind the scenes, at rehearsals of performances, waiting for his mother after work. Early he was fascinated by the magical world of the theater, and from the age of 15 he began to take part in several productions.
The head of the Grotesque, Galina Yassievich, recalled him not only as a talented, but kind and sympathetic young man who meticulously and creatively approached the study of all the details of each new character. Sometimes he, who learned the art of acting with little things, called her at night to discuss the nuances and variations of his game.
“Evening Urgant”: Timofey Tribuntsev and Roman Madyanov
After graduating from school, he tried himself in different ways - he was a welder, he worked on the railroad, he worked in the market, for some time he worked in the police. And only in 25 years he understood that half-forgotten children's passion is his real vocation.
Timofey Tribuntsev with the first wife and daughterTimofey Tribuntsev with the first wife and daughter
In 1998, he went to Moscow and from the first time he was admitted to the WTU.Schepkina at the State Academic Maly Theater. Artistic director of the theater workshop Vladimir Beilis and professor Vitaly Ivanov became his teachers.

Theater career

In 2002, a young man graduated from VTU and, at the invitation of the artistic director Konstantin Raikin, began his career in “Satyricon”. There he performed in theatrical projects for the plays of William Shakespeare, was busy with the comedy by the English scriptwriter Ray Cooney “Funny Money”, Martin McDonagh “The Lonely West”, staged by the classic of world literature by Anton Chekhov “The Seagull” and others.
First of all, Timofey Tribuntsev is a theater actorFirst of all, Timofey Tribuntsev is a theater actor
Four years later, the actor began to receive invitations from other theaters. So, he performed on the stage of the theater under the direction of Elena Kamburova in the one-man show “1900” based on the story by Italian playwright Alessandro Baricco “Novecento”, and also in the original production of “The Point on the Left” based on philosophical tales of Finnish writer Tuve Janson, where he embodied the wandering poet Snusmumric .

Timofey Tribuntsev in the movies

In 2001, the actor made his debut on television screens - he appeared in the 16th series of "Truckers".Then there was a series of small characters in the melodrama "Road", "Give me life", the pictures "Star" and "Penal Battalion".
In 2006, the Kirov player played the main character in the film “The Island”, which was awarded the Golden Eagle award and six Nika film awards. Timofey embodied the image of the young father Anatoly (the aged priest was played by Peter Mamonov). His hero has committed a crime in the past, and now he is trying to win forgiveness from himself, leading an ascetic lifestyle in a monastery.
Frame from the film "The Island"Frame from the film "The Island"
The very next year 2007 was very fruitful for Tribuntsev - 10 films and TV series with his participation (Light, Lenin's Testament, Liquidation) saw the light, in 2008 - 4 (the most vivid - Murder in the summer season “St. George’s Day”), in 2009 - 13 film workers (including “Isaev”, “Lyubka”, “Devil's Dozen”).
"Village Romance". Excerpt
In 2010, viewers could see the actor on the Churchill, The Escape series, the 4th production film about Maxim Gorky’s favorite women, “The Captivity of Passion”. In 2011, he played in the military saga "Ballad of a Bomber" on the same work by Michael Weller, as well as in the new season of action movie "Escape."
Timofey Tribuntsev and Yuri Chursin in the TV series “Escape”Timofey Tribuntsev and Yuri Chursin in the TV series “Escape”
In 2012, he got a role in the detective story “Odessa-Mama”, in the television series “The Road to the Void”, in 2013 - in the series about the work of the Russian and Romanian singer “Peter Leschenko. Everything that was ... ", in 2014 - in the 26-episode film" Two Winters and Three Summers ", in the drama" Kuprin "based on the works of an outstanding writer, in the melodrama" Windy Woman ", in 2015 - in the thriller “Motherland”, in the military film epic “Silent Don”, in the television series “Method”.
Frame from the film “The Land of Good Little Children”Frame from the film “The Land of Good Little Children”
According to the star of the national cinema, he always liked to play diverse, complex roles, especially to create tragicomic images in which he introduced self-analysis, sensitivity and depth.

Personal life of Timofey Tribuntsev

The actor is married to his second marriage to actress Olga Tenyakova, whom she met while studying in the same year at the Schepkinsky school. After graduating from Sliver, she played in the Moscow New Drama Theater, then in the Kamburova Theater and in Praktika. Since 2007, she has been teaching at the Department of Stage Speech at the University. Schepkina.
The wife of Timofey Tribuntsev, Olga Tenyakova, also an actressThe wife of Timofey Tribuntsev, Olga Tenyakova, also an actress
From the first marriage, in which the actor joined the youth, while still living in his hometown, Timothy has a daughter, Alexander. The girl has not yet expressed the desire to follow in the footsteps of her father, but, as they say in the media, who knows, maybe the genes will take their own, and she will continue the already existing dynasty.
Young Timofey Tribuntsev with his daughter Sasha (90s)Young Timofey Tribuntsev with his daughter Sasha (90s)
Mom actor and his cousin serve in the Kirov theater "Grotesque", cousin nephew Zakhar also chose the acting profession.
A talented and versatile artist who has preserved a child’s vision in the depths of his heart, who is able to be surprised and sincerely happy, his reason for his popularity is reasonable and without undue delight, believing that it is only important for directors who choose actors for roles. Timofey loves his work and respects every viewer.

Timofey Tribuntsev now

In 2016, Tribuntsev was named the best artist of the year according to the guild of film critics and film critics. This title was awarded to him for his role in the monk Nikolai Dostal “The Monk and the Demon”. He played the miracle-working monk Ivan, who promised to give the soul to the demon Legion if he would help him get to the Holy Land.
In the film “The Monk and the Demon”, Timofey Tribuntsev played the main roleIn the film “The Monk and the Demon”, Timofey Tribuntsev played the main role
It should be noted also the participation of the artist in the production of Bertolt Brecht's play “Drums in the Night”, which saw the light of the ramp in November 2016 at the Pushkin Theater. The little-known creation of the German playwright was staged by the famous Petersburg director Yury Butusov and became a spectacular, beautiful and romantic performance “for all times”.
In 2017, Timofey participated in the video project “We read Onegin” - he became one of the invited readers of stanzas from the famous novel for the collective, published on the websites of Pushkin museums, video books. February 10, the day of memory of Alexander Pushkin, on the screens installed in the central areas of the capital, it was broadcast.
Timofey Tribuntsev reads "Eugene Onegin"
On February 14, 2017, a television show of the adventurous comedy tape “Kilimanjar” started in Russian cinemas, for which the artist had to learn how to drive an electric car. Pavel Priluchny, Irina Starshenbaum, Maxim Vitorgan and others worked on the set with him.
Timofey Tribuntsev on the set of the Kilimanjara tapeTimofey Tribuntsev on the set of the Kilimanjara tape
In March 2017, the shooting of the second season of the “Method” series, where Tribuntsi plays the role of “Pinochet”, should begin. The actor, who clearly has no shortage of offers from directors, is also busy in the fantasy film Legend of the Kolovrat, the premiere of which is scheduled for the second half of 2017.

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