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TV has become an integral part of every person’s daily life. Thanks to him, we spend our leisure time, we are always aware of everything new and interesting. And in order for our pastime in front of it to be held at the highest level, the television must be of high quality and reliable. The modern market offers a lot of models and brands, among which the Thomson TVs are not the leading, but not the least. Customer reviews most objectively and accurately describe the capabilities of this technology.


The design and construction are uncomplicated and are not replete with any original blotches or drawings. They are rather laconic and can fit into any interior. Unobtrusive dark or light edging of the screen is rather thin and made of plastic.

About Thomson TVs of all inches reviews indicate that they are completed with either one solid or several small legs. Have a desktop installation. Although, judging by the reviews of the model "Thomson T32D16DH", her legs are not the most stable.

Thomson tvs reviews

In addition, it can be hung on the wall thanks to special holes, but the mount (bracket) is usually not included. Therefore, if you want to save space and make a wall installation, you have to spend money on fasteners.

Of course, it is inferior in thickness, for example, to existing ultra-thin 2-inch OLED TVs. On average, depending on the model, the thickness without stand varies between 7-10 cm, the stand adds about 7-10 cm more.

Consumers mark the lightness of these televisions. It may depend on the model and the size of the diagonal, an average of 4-8 kg.


With the sound of this brand, everything is somehow contradictory. If in some models everything is fine, then others cannot please the consumer with a good sound. For example, the TV model "Thomson T32E04DU", according to reviews, the sound does not meet the requirements of customers. It is of poor quality, deaf and reproduced with an extraneous background, which even the settings do not always manage to completely eliminate. In the "Thomson T22D16DF" the sound is clear, but not enough power - only 10 watts. This problem, of course, can be solved by installing acoustics.

Tomson tv inches reviews

There are models that perfectly reproduce audio, without any defects, and the speaker power is more,around 16, 20 watts. These are mainly 40-inch Thomson TVs. Reviews of good sounding received such models:

  • T40D16SF;
  • T40E53HU;
  • T55FT5643;
  • T42E53DHU.

And this is not the whole list. "Thomson" is a popular brand with a very wide product line. All TVs have stereo sound, i.e., two speakers with a certain power.


Thomson produces LCD TVs with LED-backlit. The diagonal of the monitor from 19 "to 55". The more expensive models support the resolution of Full HD video, which is also maintained when the PC is connected to the Thomson TVs. From some reviews it is clear that the format, video scaling is not always adequate, that is, it does not increase or decrease proportionally. It turns out or short with a frame on the sides or, conversely, goes beyond the boundaries and becomes strongly elongated. The most normal image comes in a 16: 9 and 4: 3 screen format. In some devices it is possible to display several videos on the screen.

Tomson tv 32 reviews

There are models with a glossy monitor, for example, "Thomson T40D18SFS-01B", because of this, the image gleams, you can watch it in daylight only with curtains. The stated viewing angle reaches 178 degrees, but in real life such a large angle is practically not used when viewing.In any case, the TV can be viewed from all sides, and not just sitting clearly in front of the screen. Although certain buyers believe that the viewing angle is not good enough, the image is reproduced poorly, unclearly or even a dark spot. To adjust the picture to your desires, you can use manual or automatic settings.

The quality of the image also depends on the reception, i.e. it will differ with digital, analog, satellite or cable television. "Thomson" is a TV with a good, high-quality color reproduction. It is especially pleasant to enjoy bright, juicy, clear and contrast video on the wide diagonal of the Thomson TV 32. The reviews are mostly positive about the pictures of such models: T32D16DH, T40D16SF, T32E53DU.

Buyers like the quality of video in Full HD, although they note that sometimes the image slows down when played from a flash drive. For TVs that do not have an IPS matrix, “Thomson” is a good technique with a normal picture. There are no broken pixels, however, the black color is not quite black, but rather grayish, and the matrix backlight in the dark is slightly visible when the TV is turned on.


"Thomson" combines good functionality and low price.The TV has all the necessary connectors for watching a video, recording it on a USB drive, downloading, listening to music. Almost all audio and video formats are supported.

Thomson TVs customer reviews

There is HDMI, i.e. TV easily connects to PC. Delight built-in digital tuner (model T32E53DU). TV "Thomson" 40 inches, according to reviews, supports all standards of television broadcasting, including the entire family of digital TV (model T40D16SF).

The THOMSON T40D17SF, T24E14DF-01B, T48D17SF-01B devices include child protection, off timer and Time Shifting. The functionality of Thomson TVs will satisfy any needs and desires of even the most demanding customers. For example, on the D18 TVs, besides the possibility of connecting to the wired Internet, there is Wi-Fi and Smart TV on Linux (THOMSON 50FU6663, T40D18SFS-01B).


Management of TVs "Thomson", according to reviews, does not cause censure and any difficulties, only sometimes there is a delay when switching channels. The menu is Russified, it does not hang, quite convenient. The main control method is through the remote control, which has all the buttons necessary for this, however, some users believe that it is too confused. More expensive models can still be controlled via a smartphone or using a mouse and keyboard that connects to USB.Certain TVs have a standard headphone output (THOMSON T24E14DF-01B, T40E53HU) and a SCART connector (THOMSON 32FS6646, T40D17SF).

Tomson tv 40 inch reviews


"Thomson" - TVs (reviews confirm this) of the budget segment with normal sound, bright, contrasting image, intuitive interface and good functionality. The price of TV depends on the model and can vary from 12 thousand to 30 thousand rubles. Many buyers buy these TVs for dachas, kitchens or as a gift, but they are also suitable for everyday use.

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