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Indian police are investigating the death of 11 people from the same family, whose bodies were found in their home in north Delhi. The police arrived at a house in the Delhi district at about 7:30 am on Sunday July 1, 2018 after receiving a call from a neighbor who said that several people may have killed themselves.
His wife noticed in the morning that the store that the family ran was closed, and he went to the second floor where the family lived to find out about the reason. The doors to the apartment were not locked.
He found 11 bodies, including children and a 75-year-old woman. No evidence of violent intrusion was found. Neighbors did not hear anything suspicious last night. In the house there was a large dog belonging to the family, closed on the terrace.
The matriarch of the Narayani Devi family (75, according to other sources, 77 years old) was found on the floor in the room; her sons Bhavnesh (50) and Lalit (45); their wives Savita (48) and Tina (42); and their children Nidhi (25), Maneka (23), Dhruv (15) and Shivam (15) were found hanging from the railing of the fence in the corridor. The daughter of Devi Pratibha (57), the widow, was found hanging out of the window, and the daughter of Pratibha Priyanka (33) was found hanging in the same room,like the rest.

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The hands of nine family members were tied, but Lalit and Bhavnesh did not. According to some reports, most of the dead were blindfolded and mouth. A similar crime scene indicated that the sons may have killed their mother and forced the others to take part in a mass suicide before hanging themselves.
The police also stated that they were attracted by the written materials found in the house, which indicated "the observance of some specific spiritual or mystical practices with the whole family." The police also found these records in two laptops of family members found next to a tiny temple built inside a room in the house. Entries begin in November 2017.
According to the sources, all the records tell how their problems will be solved and that they will attain salvation if they follow the rituals. They contain a step-by-step report on how to end a life; that the human body is temporary, but the soul continues to live; how to deal with fear and pain by covering your mouth and eyes with tape or cloth and tying your hands.
"The last entry of June 25th belongs to Lalitu, and it’s about how everyone should jump from the stools on which they will stand waiting for his signal,” a police source said.
In fact, five plastic chairs were found at the crime scene, and their seats were wide enough for more than one person to stand on.
Earpieces are also mentioned in one of the entries in order to avoid distractions, and that mobile phones "should stand aside." The police found earmarks in the ears of the dead, and phones in the corner of the room.
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It is also known that the family did not cook on Saturday evening, and instead ordered food to be taken out. According to the surveillance camera records on the street, it was on Saturday at 10:40 pm, when a messenger from the food delivery arrived at the house of the Burari family. He was the last person to communicate directly with family members.
The family lived in Delhi for over 20 years, having moved to the capital from the state of Rajasthan, two weeks ago the family celebrated the engagement of Priyanka. Dilep Singh Chauhan, the brother of Bhavnesh Savita’s wife, last spoke with his sister on Thursday. “She was completely happy. I did not see any tension in communicating with her, ”he said. According to him, the family practices traditional Hinduism and actually has a small temple in the house, but his sister was not particularly religious.
Ketan Nagpal, Priyanka's cousin, said that the young woman who worked as an information technology specialist was very excited as a child when she discussed telephone plans for Saturday night with him. “She talked about shopping for her wedding around 11pm. She did not seem depressed, and there was no sign that she was going to kill herself. "
The neighbor of the family, Draupdi, saw the family celebrate Priyanka's engagement, and everything was fine. She also saw family members on the eve of Saturday night at a grocery store on the first floor of the house of the victims, which they kept, and also did not notice anything suspicious about their behavior.
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Police Commissioner Alok Kumar from the Crime Unit, said the autopsy of all 11 victims was completed and the bodies were handed over to the family for cremation. The family decided to donate the organs of the deceased, in particular the cornea, for transplanting to sick people.
According to the first reports, this is suicide by hanging (asphyxiation). This cause of death was also named for the oldest woman in the family of Narayani Devi, who was found in another room separately from the others.The belt, which was found next to her, and according to the police, she strangled herself, served as a strangulation device.
According to experts, the children of 15-year-old Dhruv and Shivam were the first to die, after which the women, and then the rest of the family, 75-year-old Narayani Devi was the last, and only she had no eyes blindfolded and her mouth was sealed.
A certain picture of the financial and psychological state of the family on the eve of their death appears. The financial situation of the family was stable, against the background of the main population of the district it was even a successful family. They owned a grocery store (managed by Bhavnesh) and a warehouse of building materials (managed by Lalit). There were no loans on family members and their enterprises.
However, there is a large religiosity among the older family members. In the shop window of their shop there were always signs with religious texts. In the house were found books on religious themes, including occult content with a description of mystical rituals. They are currently being studied by Hindu experts and Hindu clerics.
The family began to perform religious rites 11 years ago, when an accident occurred in the family.Lalita Bhatia, who led the construction business, dropped a board in a warehouse. As a result, Lalit lost the ability to speak.
“The family tried all possible methods of treatment, but when it didn’t work, they began to pray. When Lalit recovered, his family attributed his healing to their prayers. This made the family very spiritual,” the testimony of a relative of the family Hemant Sharma said.
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Records from laptops and handwritten notes of the dead with a description of the ritual they followed were also published. The records say that a group of 11 people, if followed this ritual, will get rid of problems and achieve salvation and peace, the so-called "Moksha".
Some records have dates when they are made, others do not. The thesis is often repeated that no one truly dies, and one of them will become a man-god.
Description of the fatal ritual:
1. Select Thursday / Sunday.
2. Secure the fabric well on the face, you should not see anything. Along with the rope, use a sari or dupattu.
3. Rituals should be observed seven days before the murder. Rituals must be strictly observed so that the spirit called on these days will “end your work” the next day.
four.If an elderly woman cannot stand, you can “make her fall asleep” in the next room.
5. Use muted light.
6. After binding the arms, if a piece of cloth remains, use it for blindfolding.
7. The fabric used to cover the mouth should be tightly knotted.
8. The more dedication manifested in the process, the better the result will be.
9. This should be done between 12-1 am. Hoan / pooja should be done before.
10. Everyone should have the same thoughts. If you are able to do this, it will lead to the desired result.
What served as the trigger for the fatal step. According to the police, it was Narayani Devi who was the most influenced by the tantric guru and had authority over the rest of the family. Moreover, according to Hindu superstitions, this influence could be telepathic.
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Apparently, the police closed the case with the phrase "suicide on the basis of mass psychosis." More than 20 relatives and friends of the family were interviewed.
The mysterious tantric guru sorcerer is no longer wanted by the police, since no material traces of such a person in the life of the family have been found, and, most likely, it was the speculation of relatives seeking to justify their loved ones in such a terrible act.
Although his relatives called his name and even the place where he came from, this data was not confirmed. Lalit is accused of everything, as a source of mass psychosis that has seized the family. This conclusion was made after analyzing all the records left on paper and on laptops.
Perhaps, precisely because part of the family was not aware of Lalit’s plans for their future, chemical compounds were found in the bodies of some of the victims, making them helpless. And it can be said that it was not only suicide, but also a kind of murder. Unfortunately, there is no exact data on who exactly of the family was poisoned.
Speaking about mass psychosis, the expert psychiatrist meant that such a mass psychosis means that beliefs are transmitted from one person to another. In this case, the fact that the 45-year-old Lalit Bhatia had delusional errors that speaks to his father even after his death, and the spirit of his father instilled in him requires him to perform some kind of salvation actions. And his beliefs were accepted by other family members as a reality.
Most likely these were those family members who were closest to the deceased father - his wife Narayani Devi and his children,who at the time lived with their families with Lalit - Pratibha and Bhavnesh, although there is no evidence that the dead brother and sister of Lalit supported his beliefs.
However, the fact that, according to the examination data, their mother Narayani died last, while self-tightening the belt around her neck, testifies that she most likely was influenced by delusional visions of her son Lalit.
Police reported that they restored the recordings from a surveillance camera installed in a nearby house. And they were frames that may be relevant to what happened.
The record shows that on the evening of the tragedy at about 22 o'clock the wife of Bhavnesha Savita and their daughter Nidhi brought plastic stools into the house, similar to those used for suicide. Soon after, the younger children in the Dhruv and Shivam family go to the building materials warehouse and return with a bundle of telephone wires on which the victims were found.
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The first six days, according to the notes, included rehearsals in which they tied their arms and legs, blindfolded themselves and put a noose around their neck. On the seventh day, they had to hang themselves, but survive, as they sincerely believed.
In the state of hanging, as they believed, they will receive supernatural power, which gives the late patriarch. This power will cleanse them from previous reincarnations, and the deceased relative will save them at the right time and will not let them die for real.
Great importance was attached to the image of a banyan tree, the way the bodies were placed resembled the roots of this tree, which eventually become additional trunks supporting the crown. The tree also symbolizes longevity.
Lalit believed that at the moment of the “imaginary” hanging of their souls will be reborn as roots from a rudimentary state into something eternal, strong and stable. He called it in his notes the state of "badh tapasya", in which people fall into Banyan tree formation, whose branches hang around.
Since the Bhatia family was confident that they would survive the ceremony that prescribes the ritual hanging, she even planned to repeat the ritual with her other relatives if they had similar problems.
So according to the records, the next family plan was to repeat the ritual exercise with Tina’s sister Mamta, whose life was not particularly successful.Moreover, Mamta herself was not aware of what they had planned for her.
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Meanwhile, the Bhatia family filed a written appeal with the police against the closure of the case, as suicide, and re-investigating it under Article 302, Murder. They believe that in the investigation there are too many “white spots” and inconsistencies that require explanation. According to them, the presence of a stranger in the house is not adequately refuted.
In particular, they were not convinced by the verdict of the examination that the head of the family Narayani Devi herself had strangled herself with a belt, forcing herself to roll off the bed to which the belt was tied, because of which he was unleashed and therefore was found nearby. The presence of cuts on the neck of Pratibha, over which the loop was tightened, is not explained. They found in the reports that Lalit’s arms were also tied, there were strange hemorrhagic spots on his body that others lack.
Family members also require an explanation of how the victims' feet touched the ground if the stools were almost 80 cm high (2.5 feet). Fingerprint analysis on wires and belt is not performed.
It is also not clear who tied the dog on the terrace of the house, when it was usually locked in one of the rooms so that it did not interfere.According to the relatives, on the surveillance cameras there was a malfunction in the period from 2 to 4 in the morning. And someone in the house knocked out the cameras two days before what happened.
Relatives still doubt the accuracy of the diaries, since one of the handwritings in them is not uniquely defined as belonging to one of the family members. And it could well belong to someone from the outside.,1253.0.html
PS: For 15 years (1995-2010), about 255,000 Indian farmers committed suicide, according to a special report of the State Crime Registration Center under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic.

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