The T-1000 is a terminator killer. Performers of the role of T-1000, the story of character creation

In 1984, the whole world shook up a fantastic low-budget action film
James Cameron's The Terminator. The fact that the profit from its rental exceeded the budget by more than 10 times meant that the picture would definitely have a continuation. However, it appeared only after a long 7 years.

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" was a truly unique phenomenon, because he was able to overshadow the first picture in all respects. This tape not only surprised me with unprecedented special effects, but also attracted a well-thought-out plot. But most of all, the success of the picture was made possible thanks to the main antagonist, who was the terminator of the T-1000 model. What is the story of this cyborg, who played him and in what projects did he appear yet?

Who are the terminators

First of all, it is necessary to give an exact definition of the term “terminator”.robot killer

Translated from English, the word terminator means “liquidator” or “limiter”.This term is called a series of killer robots, specially created for the physical extermination of humanity.

The creators of the terminators are people, but initially they planned to use them as autonomous combat vehicles.

Later, the artificial intelligence "Skynet" began to use and improve the development of people in order to get a universal killer robot.

Brief history of terminators

The first cyborgs were simply autonomous combat vehicles. However, their bulkiness and inability to fully disguise, allowed people to successfully hide from them. Therefore, Skynet needed a human-like terminator.model 1000 terminator

The debut of this model was the T-70. He was a rather bulky metal cyborg with a machine gun instead of one of his hands. Because of his relatively small height (2.5 m.), He could wade into the shelters of people, but his appearance immediately betrayed him.

A real breakthrough among humanoid terminators was the T-600. He was smaller, more maneuverable, and he had skin, albeit rubber. Although at close range, he was significantly different from a person, but from a distance he was very much like him.Which allowed him to successfully penetrate the shelters of people and exterminate them. Before the advent of the T-800, this killer robot was the main active model of Skynet.

Despite the disguise, at close range, the rubber skin of the T-600 produced it, so over time this model was supplanted by the T-800. This kind of terminator was completely identical to man. It was a small (as for robots) growth, with a metal skeleton inside that was completely identical to a human. Outside, the robot was covered with living flesh, which not only allowed him to impersonate himself ideally, but also made it possible to travel in time (as is known, the living field cannot pass through the temporary field).

In the line of T-800, there were several types of terminators with different features (longer life, a more reliable shell, other looks and weapons).

A real breakthrough for Skynet was the appearance of the T-1000 model. The terminator of this series did not have a skeleton, but consisted entirely of a unique liquid living mimicant metal. Later, a hybrid terminator with a skeleton (T-X) was created on its basis.

In addition to the above cyborgs, Skynet conducted many experiments on the combination of human tissue and mechanical components.As a result, there were such terminators-hybrids, like Markus Wright (featured in “Terminator: Let Savior Come”) and Cameron Phillips (TV series “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles”).

The pinnacle of Skynet’s ingenuity was the creation of 3000 series of infiltrates - people whose genetic code was reprogrammed, and they turned into obedient robots. The most successful representative of this line was the T-3000 (“Terminator: Genesis”), created on the basis of the genetic material of John Connor.

Liquid Terminator T-1000: model features

This model was unique in its kind, created in a single copy (this fact allowed the screenwriter to beat Robert Patrick's refusal to return to the role of the T-1000 in “Genesis”). It does not have a metal frame - it consists entirely of liquid metal, capable of recovering and changing shape, as well as color and state of aggregation. After physical contact with an object or a living being, this robot is able to take on its shape, if it is not more or less of its size.

These terminators are invulnerable to most of the physical effects (shots, explosions, shots), but they are poorly resistant to chemical influences (acids, liquid nitrogen).

Each molecule of the metal alloy T-1000 is programmed in such a way that, like mercury, it tends to connect with the main mass, however, provided that it is no more than 14 km away from it. It was succeeded to destroy this terminator, having lowered it in the molten metal. The high temperature and proximity to the molecules of another metal contributed to the fact that the particles of the mimicking alloy lost the ability to interact with each other and actually dissolved T-1000.

The terminator of this model does not have free will and is not capable of self-learning. Also, it can not be reprogrammed. This is probably due to the increasing incidence of the capture and reprogramming of the T-800s.

Motion picture "Terminator": the first appearance of cyborgs-terminators in the cinema

Despite the fact that the idea of ​​human-like killer robots was not new to cinema, it was in Cameron’s tape that it was presented in a truly original way. The director himself said that he dreamed of the plot, and later he (together with William Wisher) wrote the script.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to find funding for the film for a long time.When the money was found, it turned out that they can be very little for special effects. Therefore, Cameron was forced to abandon the intended mimicking liquid robot (the future T-1000). Terminator T-800 has become a cyborg, in the guise of a man does not stand out from the crowd.

As for the plot of the first picture, it is rather banal. In the future, artificial intelligence Skynet organized a rebellion of machines that are seeking to destroy humanity. However, people united in the "Resistance" under the leadership of John Connor, successfully fighting with the new owners of the planet.

Realizing that without a smart leader - humanity is doomed, Skynet sends the cyborg T-800 into the past so that he can kill John’s mother, and he will not be born. In turn, Connor sends to the past one of his friends (Kyle Reese) to save his mother.

Fighting with the terminator, Sarah and Kyle fall in love and become parents of the future savior of people.

In the final battle, they manage to destroy the cyborg, but Kyle also dies. And pregnant Sarah is preparing to raise a true hero from her son.

Film Biography T-1000

This cyborg was one of a kind. It was created in 2029.and sent back in time to kill young John Connor.

To be able to move freely in the past, the robot constantly copies the image of a policeman. Throughout the tape "Terminator-2: Judgment Day" T-1000 has to try on a lot of masks, including turning into a checkered floor.

Despite the invulnerability of the liquid metal, Konnor and their “manual” T-800 manages to melt the T-1000.

The next time this model appears in a parallel universe. In it, Skynet re-creates a robot in the same image and sends him back in time to kill Sarah Connor when she was still a child. However, this cyborg is killed, destroyed by the T-800, sent by an unknown from the future.

Years pass and Skynet manages to capture and reprogram John Connor. As a result, another timeline is created, in which Skynet sends in 1984 not one cyborg, but two. One of them - all the same T-800, designed to kill Sarah, and the other - T-1000. This terminator must destroy Kyle Reese, who arrived from the future.

However, Sarah and her “manual” T-800, which the girl called “Paps” (analogous to the word “father”), had long been prepared for this. They destroy both terminators.And the T-1000 in this case is melted with acid.

To stop the advent of Skynet, Sarah and Kyle go to the future. Here they are waiting for the aged Paps, and together they again save the world.

It is noteworthy that in the final battle, the dying Paps falls into a container with a liquid alloy, thanks to which he acquires a new form and turns from T-800 to T-1000.

The story of the appearance of the character

Working on the script for the sequel to the Terminator, James Cameron realized that the technology for creating special effects of the 90s is significantly superior to those that were in the 80s. So, he had the opportunity to realize his idea of ​​a robot made of liquid metal.t 1000 terminator

By the way, the total amount of time occupied by special effects with the participation of this robot is only 3.5 minutes. At the same time, they made a real sensation. It all cost more than five million dollars and 10 months of hard work.

Who was supposed to play T-1000

Initially, James Cameron saw in the role of this hero is not an artist named Robert Patrick. The great director relied on Billy Idol - the famous American rock musician. Moreover, he was already preparing for the shooting, but fate decreed otherwise.Billy had an accident, and his role was given to Patrick.

It is noteworthy that according to the original idea, the T-1000 could have the appearance of Kyle Reese, which means it was supposed to be played by Michael Bean, who had previously performed this role. However, this could cause a huge confusion in the plot, so this idea was abandoned.

"Terminator-2: Judgment Day" - the first appearance of the T-1000

For the first time on movie screens, this model of the terminator appeared in 1991.Terminator 2 Doomsday

Returning to the original idea (a cyborg disguised as a person should not stand out in a crowd), Cameron created a truly terrifying monster on the screen. Modest and good-natured in appearance, the terminator T-1000 (actor R. Patrick) was truly frightening. By the way, in some of them he caused associations with another, innocent-looking, antagonist from the tape “The Silence of the Lambs” (we are talking about Hannibal Lector).

Liquid Cyborg by Patrick

Most of the time in the second picture of the T-1000 cycle is in the guise of American actor Robert Patrick. Although the actor managed to shoot before this role in several loud projects (“Die Hard 2”), the role of the killer robot brought him real fame.Robert Patrick

Unfortunately, after it, Robert Patrick could not play something that would eclipse this hero.Although he has quite an impressive filmography ("Faculty", "Children of Spies", "Clan Soprano", "The X-Files", "Charlie's Angels: Only Forward", "Survive", "Bridge to Terabithia", "Access Code" Cape Town "," Gangster Hunters "," Sons of Anarchy ").

In the first decades after the release of the movie about the terminator, Patrick returned several times to the role of the T-1000 in such projects as “The World of Wayne”, “The Last Movie Hero”, “T2 3-D: Fight Through Time”. But to participate in the "Genesis" refused.

The actors who played the other guise of the T-1000

Throughout the Terminator-2 film, the cyborg-antagonist is forced to take on different guises. Because of what he was played and other artists. Who are they? Let's find out.

The first one the T-1000 reincarnates into (to lure John home) is his stepmother performed by Jennett Goldsteen. This actress has previously appeared in another Cameron movie - "Aliens." There she played the fearless Vazquez, who perished, in an unequal struggle with Aliens. In addition, the director shot her in a small role in Titanic.

In addition to Jennett Goldstyn, the T-1000 also played Leslie Hamilton Jarren, who is also Linda Hamilton's twin sister (Sarah Connor).terminator t 1000 actor

In addition to Hamilton, James Cameron used in his picture another pair of twins. They were Don and Dan Stantons. The first played a guard in the hospital, and the second - the terminator in his guise.

"Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" and "The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

After the success of the second tape on terminators, viewers began to wait for the continuation. And in 2003 it appeared.

However, this project, although it was financially successful, in fact, was a great disappointment. As for the cyborg from the liquid metal, in this project it is replaced by a more advanced hybrid model T-X.

Based on the franchise in 2008, the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was filmed. It includes a kind of liquid metal model - T-1001. By taking on the face of the influential Catherine Weaver, this terminator is trying to facilitate the rapid emergence of Skynet.

"Terminator: Genesis": the new appearance of the T-1000

Although in 2009 the 4th part of the Terminator: May the Savior Come Franchise was released, it was very coolly received by the audience. Maybe because the charming T-1000 didn't appear in it?terminator t 1000 genesis

Be that as it may, but the last (to date) picture of the cycle - “Terminator: Genesis” - became a real breakthrough.Perhaps this is due to the fact that many of James Cameron’s ideas were used in the film.

In fact, two liquid metal robots appear in this tape. One of them is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who performed the role of the second?

New performer of the role of T-1000

Due to the fact that R. Patrick refused to star in the continuation, his place was taken by the artist from South Korea, Lee Ben Hon (Hen).li ben honBefore participating in the project, he managed to star in such famous films as “Red 2” and “The Cobra”, as well as South Korean tapes “Bitterness and Sweetness”, “I Come with Rain” and others.

After the role of cyborg, Lee Ben Hon played a major role in the film “The Magnificent Seven”.

The 2015 motion picture film has become the most successful franchise project since the early 2000s. Recently, its creators announced the upcoming continuation, as well as the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be filmed again. According to the latest events, his hero is now the T-1000 terminator.

Thus, the “Genesis”, in fact, became the beginning of a new history in the universe of terminators, and what it will be will be known very soon.

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The T-1000 is a terminator killer. Performers of the role of T-1000, the story of character creation 12

The T-1000 is a terminator killer. Performers of the role of T-1000, the story of character creation 69

The T-1000 is a terminator killer. Performers of the role of T-1000, the story of character creation 76

The T-1000 is a terminator killer. Performers of the role of T-1000, the story of character creation 75

The T-1000 is a terminator killer. Performers of the role of T-1000, the story of character creation 59

The T-1000 is a terminator killer. Performers of the role of T-1000, the story of character creation 86

The T-1000 is a terminator killer. Performers of the role of T-1000, the story of character creation 62