Biography of singer Alexa

Singer Alex is one of the most prominent representatives of the Russian “Star Factory”. Having taken part in the fourth season of the popular television show, the girl instantly won the hearts of all the fans of the project and became one of his most famous “graduates”.
Today, Alex is a self-sufficient singer who is actively working on writing new songs and preparing fresh touring programs. It is for this reason that our today's story about the creative and life journey of this Ukrainian beauty will surely be of interest to very many.

The early years, childhood and family of the singer Alexa

Alex, more precisely, Alexander Chvikov, was born on the fourth of September, 1988, in one of the largest cities of Ukraine - Donetsk. Her mother was a housewife, and her father Oleksandr Chvikov headed the successful Donetsk company Energosbytprom, which specialized in building wall blocks.
Singer Alex has plastic surgerySinger Alex has plastic surgery
It is worth noting that it was with her father that the girl was always especially close.A successful businessman literally did not wait in the daughter of the soul, and she always answered him in return. As noted in some sources, even her stage name Alex chose in honor of his father. Thus, the father and daughter always remained closely related.

Singer Alex in advertising

At eleven years old, our today's heroine began to actively get involved in creativity. She wrote poems, studied dancing and singing, and also learned to play the piano in one of the music schools in Donetsk.
Around the same period, the girl began to appear among the participants in prestigious music competitions in her native Ukraine. She was a success, but, of course, she was still far from real popularity. With the active support of her father, some time later, the girl managed to break into the modeling business. She took part in several promotions, her face began to appear on billboards advertising.

Alex's first songs

In 2001, new successes in the music industry were also added to the success in the modeling business. During this period, the young (or rather, the young) singer recorded her first single - the song "Air Kiss", which very soon began to sound on many radio stations in Ukraine.Soon the music video of the same name, which was shot for this song, began to be actively broadcast on music channels.
Alexandra Chvikova - Alex
In the second half of 2001, with the financial support of her father, our today's heroine began working on the recording of her debut album, which was also called the “Air kiss”. Alex's first album was released in Ukraine in 2001, but did not become particularly popular.
Having gone into creative activity, the girl, however, did not forget about school and, in the end, she passed all exams as an external student. After that, Alex had the opportunity to fully concentrate on his career.
In the mid-2000s, the girl went to Moscow, where for some time she collaborated with Russian producers. However, very soon a new opportunity loomed on the horizon, and our today's heroine did not fail to take advantage of it.

Career singer Alexa, Factory of stars

In 2004, Alexander Chvikov appeared at the casting of the popular project “Star Factory-4” and, as a result, successfully passed the competitive selection. But getting on this television show unexpectedly for everyone turned out to be a very difficult test for Alex. Already at the very beginning of the project, the girl started to get depressed.She began to ask the producers of the TV show to let her go home to Donetsk, however, after some deliberation, the sixteen-year-old singer refused.
Timati feat Alex - When you're around
The state of affairs began to improve somewhat only after a young girl had an affair with the rapper Timati on the project. This relationship allowed the young beauty to find a balance in his heart and find the strength to participate in a television music show.
In the end, Alex reached the final, performing in two nominations the composition “Moon Trail” (remake of Alsou song) and “Where are you”, which later became her main hit. The ratings of the participants before the finals were quite high, however, being among the finalists, the girl still could not get into the number of winners.
Despite this unfortunate failure, Alex signed a lucrative contract with producer Igor Krutoy, who subsequently “oversaw” the young singer for a long time. However, this cooperation had a downside. In the middle of the two thousandth, being on the wave of success, the girl suddenly disappeared from all the TV channels.The reason for this is believed to be the conflict between the producer of Channel One (Russia) and the composer Igor Krutoy.
Alex could only regain the public's attention in 2007, when she, along with her boyfriend Timati, recorded the song “When You Are Next,” which subsequently “turned” for a long time on music channels.
Several times in the press there were rumors that the singer Alex is pregnantSeveral times in the press there were rumors that the singer Alex is pregnant
Subsequently, the singer began to cooperate with the producer Yana Rudkovskaya, but some time later decided to tie herself with contractual obligations with another manager - Alexander Seltsov. However, her father always remained the main mentor and adviser for the singer. With his support, she recorded two albums - “My Vendetta” (2007) and “Invented World” (2011), and also released several new music videos.

Alex now

In 2009, Alex appeared among the participants in the qualifying round for the Eurovision Song Contest, however she did not get to the international festival.
In subsequent years, the singer's name more often appeared in the press not in connection with her new musical successes, but exclusively in the context of changes in her appearance. The girl significantly increased her lips, and also made a plastic nose. Recently, Alex rarely stands.The press began to appear reports that the girl suffers from anorexia.

The personal life of the singer Alexa

Even at the “Star Factory”, the girl began an affair with singer Timati, but after the project was over, the relationship of young people pretty soon gotten messed up. In 2006, celebrities finally broke up.
Subsequently, there were reports in the press that Alex allegedly met with the young singer Andrei Popov (known under the pseudonym Lil Pop), but very soon the news about this novel was actually refuted by new news from the singer’s personal life. This time, Alex's photos leaked to the network in the company of Kiev programmer Vlad Tislenko. That it is now considered the new guy singer.

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