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Boris Burda is a man who became famous mainly because of his performances in the intellectual casino “What? Where? When?". As part of this television program, he achieved impressive success. However, our today's hero can boast with some bright victories in other industries. So, in particular, Boris Burda is well known to lovers of bard songs, as well as to lovers of delicious food and specialized literature devoted to her.
Boris Burda 1989
So who is he - a connoisseur, cook or bard? We will try to understand this today.

The early years, the childhood of Boris Burda

The future famous intellectual was born in the port city of Odessa in the south of the Ukrainian SSR. His mother worked as a pediatrician; and the father was a Soviet officer. Perhaps it was this fact that predetermined the fact that as a child, Boris and his family had to very often move from one city to another. So, for some time Burda lived in Azerbaijan (or rather, in its capital, Baku), but then nevertheless returned to Odessa.Here, our today's hero graduated from high school number 116, where he has always been one of the best students. It is worth noting that studying at school was always easy enough for Boris Burda.
Odessa borsch
Already at the age of four, he was very good at reading, and later he achieved no less impressive successes in other subjects. One of the competitors in the study for the future connoisseur was another well-known intellectual - chess player Semyon Palatnik, who, by coincidence, was a classmate of our today's hero.
Returning to Boris Burda, we note the fact that the “expert” graduated from high school with a gold medal. Choosing among many educational institutions, Boris Burda chose the Odessa Polytechnic Institute, or rather, its heat and power engineering faculty. Here the famous intellectual began to study the features of "Automation of heat and electric power processes" and soon he graduated from the university with a red diploma.
Recipes from Boris Burda are popular not only in UkraineRecipes from Boris Burda are popular not only in Ukraine
Having rewound the film a little back, we note the fact that already during the period of student life Boris Burda began to appear frequently on television, speaking for the Odessa KVN team in the games of the corresponding club.It is noteworthy that this stage in the career of our today's hero can certainly be called successful. For several years, Burda became a two-time champion of the Merry and Resourceful Club, and also received several other prizes.

Boris Burda's Star Trek, “What? Where? When?"

After graduation, Boris Burda left public work for some time and began working as a heat and power engineer in automation in one of Odessa organizations.
Almost twenty years went by this way, during which only a few knew about Boris Burda. Everything changed in 1990, when successfully passing the qualifying tests, our today's hero became a player of the intellectual casino “What? Where? When?". It is worth noting that it is in this capacity that Boris Burda is known today to most of the audience. And this is not surprising. For twenty years of performances in the framework of this project, the famous scholar managed to achieve more than impressive successes. So, in particular, during his career, a player three times became the owner of the Crystal Owl, and also seven times recognized as the most useful expert in his team (according to the version of MTS subscribers).In addition, in 2007, the player won the "Diamond Owl" - the main prize of the intellectual casino. However, appearances in the “What? Where? When? ”Became not the only success in the career of our today's hero. Since 1995, the player has successfully acted in another intellectual project - “His game”, where he also won several enviable awards.
Due to this success on two popular projects at once, the famous intellectual attracted the attention of producers from one of the Ukrainian TV channels. Thus, in 1997, Boris Burda became the author and host of one of the most popular culinary projects in Ukraine “Tasteful with Boris Burda”.
As the TV presenter himself admits, he had to learn how to cook deliciously during a marriage with his first wife, a woman who could not stand the kitchen and everything connected with them. For many years, Boris Oskarovich improved his skills. And soon he managed to turn his favorite hobby into a profitable business. So, in addition to the culinary program, which was mentioned above, Boris Burda took an active part in compiling and writing a number of books devoted to cooking. The first of them was published in Tallinn in 1999.Subsequent were published mainly in Ukraine and Russia. To date, the bibliography of "connoisseur" is listed nine books.
Meetings on the Duma. Boris Burda
Noting the diversity of our today's hero, it is impossible not to mention also Boris Oskarovich's long-standing love for music. Burda perfectly plays the guitar and piano, and also sings well. As an author and performer of songs, our today's hero has repeatedly taken part in a wide variety of festivals and bard “rallies”.
It is quite remarkable that such hobbies coexist quite naturally alongside each other. Thus, at the moment Boris Burda is a player of the “What? Where? When?". In parallel with this, the famous intellectual writes new books and composes new melodies that he later performs at bard festivals.

The personal life of Boris Burda

In the life of Boris Burda there were two marriages. The first wife of a connoisseur Bella was Odessa, now Israeli poetess. Now she is Ph.D. of the University of Jerusalem. In marriage with her was born the eldest son of a TV host - Vladislav. Currently, the young man is the leader of a large Ukrainian trading holding, which also includes the famous Antoshka chain of stores.
Expert Boris BurdaExpert Boris Burda
For a long time, Boris Burda was in the second marriage. His wife was, like him, a member of the All-Union Council of the PCB under the Central Committee of the Komsomol - that was what they were fascinated by. The second wife gave Boris Oskarovich another son, George. He is currently graduated from the University of Boulder, Colorado, USA, and works in America as a programmer.

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