The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan

Aviation carriers are not available to all "sea"powers. The construction of not even the newest of the floating airfields requires spending hundreds of millions of dollars. And such as an aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan" - several billion. Only economically developed countries can allow such expenditures: Japan, Spain, Italy, India, Great Britain, France, China, Russia. But they also have ships of this class - a few.Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan

US aircraft carriers

In the list of powers having in the arsenal of the militaryNavy heavy aircraft carriers, the United States is leading. The total number of such ships they have - more than twenty combat units. Of this number, half of the aircraft carriers - with a displacement of up to 100 tons and a nuclear propulsion system. One of them is the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan. Its onboard serial number is CVN-76.

The designation of such a huge floating airfield- the conquest of the dominant position both at sea and in airspace. The aircraft carrier can stop near the coast of any state in neutral waters and carry out the reception and landing of military aircraft of a certain class without coordination with the authorities of the countries of the region. This can greatly expand the ability of the grouping of naval and land forces because of the substantial support for defensive and offensive operations from the air.Atomic aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan

A type

The aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan" belongs to the class"Nimitz". The name comes from the first ship in the series with the serial number CVN-68, named after the admiral of the Pacific Fleet of the United States during World War II (Chester William Nimitz). The abbreviation (CVN) is deciphered as a multipurpose aircraft carrying ship with a nuclear power (propulsion) installation. In total, 10 combat units were produced in such floating airfields. CVN-76 - the ninth in a row, it was launched in 2001.

Carriers of this type have replaced similar shipsseries Enterprise. They planned to release at least five units, but as a result, only CVN-65, commissioned in 1961, was launched onto the water. He finished his combat duty in 2012. It was the first aircraft carrier with a nuclear installation on board. The fuel in its reactor was enough for 12 years of operation without a reboot. The construction of the largest warship (343 m) was too expensive for those times, and the project had to be closed.US Air Force Carrier Ronald Reagan

The nuclear carrier "Ronald Reagan" - "Peace by force"

The next series of ships was decided to callnames of famous figures of the USA. The first was Nimitz, followed by two more ships: Dwight Eisenhower, Karl Vinson. Then there were improvements and a new subtype of the series: Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, John Stennis, Harry Truman. CVN-76 - the aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan" (photo above), was named after the fortieth president of the United States. His motto was "Peace is by force." Each of the ships at the time of launch was in its class the most perfect floating aerodrome. Newer in its class is the aircraft carrier "George Bush" (CVN-77), commissioned in 2009. This ship was the final in a series of "Nimitz" type.

The continuation of the design idea was alreadylaunched, but not tested yet aircraft carrier of a new generation "Gerald R. Ford" (CVN-78). This is an improved sample with a new type of nuclear installation and various additions. The price of it, according to various sources, is $ 13 billion. According to the US military doctrine, at the moment there must be at least 11 heavy aircraft carriers in the fleet. The construction of the next ship of this series is continuing.Atomic aircraft carrier of the US Navy Ronald Reagan

The aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan: characteristics

All the ships of the series were built according to the modelproject and differ only in details: radar systems, air wing hangars, internal decks. The CVN-70, for example, has additional systems and equipment for training the consistency of ship operations in formations and formations. The basic characteristics of aircraft carriers of the Nimitz type: 333 m in length, 77 m in width of the flight deck, displacement - 97 thousand tons, sediment - 11 meters.

From the predecessors of CVN-76 differsan improved superstructure with a large view of the runway. The development of radar facilities and new types of electronic protection and detection required designers to mount this part of the ship with a reserve of possibilities for fixing new systems that have not even been invented yet, but may appear until the end of the design service of the ship (50 years).

Also on this aircraft carrier there are not four brakingrope, and three. The designers removed one, but at the expense of the saved space, the remaining ones were substantially improved to improve the catching system and the damping of the effort when landing heavier aircraft. The number of steam catapults (four) has not changed.

The stern of the ship below the waterline is given outforward and has a drop-like appearance. Due to this, a ship with a wide deck (at CVN-76 its upper dimension is almost twice as high as at the water level) provides stability at sea ripples, sharp turns. In addition, this shape of the keel allows you to develop a high speed and provides better stability of the bow of the ship at the time of takeoff of the aircraft from its edge.Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan photo


The aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan" - this is for the purposefloating military airfield. Despite the fact that the CVN-76 is a warship, there are so many weapons in its arsenal. Its main power is concentrated on based aircraft and helicopters. In addition, the aircraft carrier of this type, as a rule, is the nucleus of the aircraft-carrying strike group (AOG). One such a ship does not go on a trip. He is somewhat vulnerable. Nearby there is usually a reliable escort team: a missile cruiser, several destroyers, a multipurpose submarine with an atomic installation, high-speed transports of escort and services, tankers.

Nevertheless, in order to repel the threat from a possiblebreakthrough of enemy aircraft, there is anti-aircraft artillery (four six-barreled guns) with a caliber of 20 mm and three short-range missile systems. To protect against the enemy's torpedoes, going in the wake, there is a mine-torpedo armament (two three-tube torpedo tubes) with a caliber of 324 mm.


The main weapon of CVN-76 is its aircraft. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan can have up to 90 aircraft and helicopters on board, depending on goals and objectives. Given its own radar systems, as well as the capabilities of scouts, one AUU can control the territory to 600 km.

At the same time, any launch of anti-ship missiles,which can cause damage to the grouping, will be fixed at a considerable distance. The target will be captured and destroyed by means of destruction from the air or escort ships. The danger to the aircraft carrier with the coordinated work of all the components of AOG is minimal. There is an opinion that no state with its military potential at the moment can not withstand a full-fledged grouping with an aircraft carrier of the Nimits type at the head.

Standard equipment of the wing of 78The aircraft numbers 56 fighters, 36 of them with the possibility of bombing (F / A-18). There are 6 helicopters (2 rescue and 4 anti-submarine). Electronic warfare is provided by 8 aircraft (4 EW and long-range radar detection). Defense against enemy submarines is provided by 8 anti-submarine aircraft.

On the suspension, the air wing can carry missiles: anti-ship, tactical, supersonic anti-radar, air-to-air. And bombs: planning, guided aviation, cassette, with laser guidance. Aircraft can have guidance modules and additional electronic warfare systems on board.
Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan Specifications

Autonomy and staff

The US Navy carrier, Ronald Reagan, can takeboard provisions for the crew and staff for 3 months of continuous work at sea. The useful area of ​​all its decks is 1.8 hectares. The ship has more than 4,000 rooms, there are eleven warehouses, three churches, two shops, a hairdresser, a gym, a post office. The kitchen works almost round the clock and closes for one hour - for cleaning. The usual money on the ship is not in motion. Everyone at landing receives a special card for payments for additional goods and services.

One refueling of fuel in two reactors is enough for20 years of battery life. Their capacity is 260 thousand liters. from. (or 191 MW). Four turbines can provide a speed of up to 56 km / h (30 knots). Operated by a floating airfield staff of 3,200 people, the air group - 2,800 people. On board the ship you can load up to 11 million liters of aviation fuel. At the same time, up to 450 people can work on the flight deck. In order not to get confused when doing the work, they are dressed in a special form of different colors: the reds are responsible for the arming of the aircraft, the green ones - serve the brake systems, the yellow ones - regulate the movement, the white ones - monitor the overall safety of the work.

Purpose and application

In addition to exercises and combat missions, the aircraft carrier"Ronald Reagan" participated in the rescue operations. So, in 2010, in an emergency on the American cruise liner "Carnival Splendor" with 4,5 thousand people on board, CVN-76 provided them with food and basic necessities.

In 2011, he participated in the elimination of the effects of earthquakes in Japan. Helicopters from the aircraft carrier delivered medicines, equipment and products to the disaster area.Aircraft carrier Ronald

Combat Duty

In 2006, CVN-76 participated in the settlementconflict in the Persian Gulf. One of the fighters of his wing during the night landing crashed into the deck, caught fire and was lost. The pilot in the incident managed to eject and survived.

According to the latest information from open sources,The US Navy aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan is in good technical condition. In late 2015, he arrived at one of the military bases of the Japanese Navy. There he must replace on duty the atomic aircraft carrier George Washington, which, as planned, should return to its base of registration.

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