The most important historical events that everyone should know

History is a science that collects, studies, systematizes facts and events that occur or have happened in the past of human civilization. True, there is an opinion that this is not the most serious branch of knowledge. Partly because information about many facts raise doubts about their authenticity. In addition, the phenomena occurring in society, everyone can interpret as he likes. But there are still the most important historical events that cannot be erased from the chronicles of civilization, because they represent a certain foundation, that is, the basis of the life of society and human relationships. Some of them are worth mentioning.

Major historical events

Chronicles of the ages

What are the historical events that everyone should know? The ancient chronicles are filled with endless wars, the struggle for power between the rulers of various states and the conspiracies of their entourage.Chronicles of millennia are full of uprisings of the poor against the dominance of the rich. Almighty kings overthrown in periods of bloody revolutions. And then others, if not dictators, often personalities who do not shun deception and betrayal in their own interests, take the place of some tyrants. Enough and bright leaders with a strong character, which, in part, not for nothing, later called the great leaders and heroes. The names of many of them have been preserved by history, although a good half of humanity sometimes does not remember what they fought against and for whom.

World conquerors often occupy a more honorable place in the memory of their descendants than the discoverers of new continents, philosophers, scientists and artists. However, on the scale of civilization, it is creative discoveries that truly contribute to progress. The most important historical events of ancient times, perhaps, are: the conquest of fire, the domestication of animals and the cultivation of cultural plants, the invention of the wheel, writing and numbers. But who remembers the authors of these discoveries and revolutionary innovations? History does not keep their names.

Historical events that everyone should know

The most famous person

Nobody knows: whether this person really lived, or his biography from the first to the last word is the purest water of fiction.However, whether he is a real person or a myth, entire states rallied around his name and important historical events took place. For his ideas and against them were centuries-old wars and endless verbal battles, where supporters and opponents faced in fierce fights. And even the chronicle of the new era dates back to the date of his birth.

Jesus Christ, as the lines of the Holy Scriptures testify, was only the son of a simple carpenter from the unremarkable city in Israel called Nazareth. He is considered to be the ancestor of idealistic philosophy, which is the basis of many religious cults. He was executed in Jerusalem as a criminal, for which he was later deified.


Every nation builds its history. In some ways it resembles a chronicle of other states. However, necessarily endowed with its own unique features. The culture of the nation is part of the country's history. It is closely connected with the events that occur in the political, state, economic and spiritual fields. This expresses the essence of the nation and human relationships. And each nation has its most important historical events.

In the ancient period, civilizations such as Hellenic and Roman civilizations arose in Europe, which subsequently gave others a great deal in terms of the development of politics, philosophy, science, music, theater and sports. In the first millennium of the era, other nationalities migrated to this continent. Among them are the Huns, Bulgarians, Khazars, Turks and Vikings. They created many states and civilizations that laid the foundations of modern world culture.

Major historical events

Discovery of America

History keeps the name of this great Spanish navigator, although he didn’t go where he was going. Christopher Columbus, until the end of his life, did not understand that the four expeditions that were carried out under his command with the blessing of the Catholic kings did not come to India at all. He landed on the island of San Salvador, sailing with the crew on three ships the Atlantic Ocean, and saw the outlines of an unknown continent on October 12, 1492. This date is celebrated as the discovery day of America and refers to the main historical events that influenced the development of civilization.

The states of the New World, especially the USA, occupy key positions in politics and economics over the past centuries, each year continuing to increase their influence on the course of events on the planet.

Formation of Russia

Our state formed an extensive period of time, uniting from a huge number of scattered tribes of Eastern Slavs. Experiencing the strong influence of Byzantium, the neighboring state, Russia became Orthodox. It happened more than a thousand years ago. And the adoption of Christianity is considered to be a historical event that radically affected the life of Russia. The new religion has changed the ideas of people, their views, cultural traditions, aesthetic tastes. Until the time of the dominance of the Golden Horde, Rus was considered an advanced, cultural, developed country and a significant state.

The Battle of Kulikovo - the battle, which took place in September 1380, ended with the defeat of the troops of the Tatar khan Mamai, although the losses of the Russians were also significant. But the victory greatly strengthened the authority and influence of the Moscow princes among the neighboring peoples and contributed to the final liberation of Russia from the Mongol-Tatar yoke. This achievement, as well as military glory of later periods, including the defeat of Napoleon's troops in 1812, contributed to the formation of the spirit of the nation. Russians in the world are known for their love of freedom, their desire for independence and their ability to repel enemies.

Historical events that influenced the life of Russia

The era of scientific achievements

The classical science of the XIX century, paying tribute to the ancient roots, continued to remain largely metaphysical. However, the fundamental discoveries of the second half of the century revolutionized the minds of scientists. Here are some of them: cell theory in biology, the law of conservation of energy in physics, the theory of the development of the Earth in geology.

The idea of ​​a gradual change in the numerous species of flora and fauna existing on planet Earth has been in the air for a long time, but it finally took shape only in the 19th century in the writings of the traveler and naturalist from England, Charles Darwin. He published his book on the origin of species in 1859. At first, she provoked zealous criticism, especially from religious figures who saw in the theory of the origin of life without divine intervention, encroachment on centuries-old moral principles.

The discoveries of the 19th century not only influenced the minds and worldviews of people, but prepared the ground and became the impetus for the subsequent grandiose, large-scale and at the same time tragic historical events of the 20th century.

Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War

A century of revolutions, wars and tyrants

The next century marked itself with numerous technical innovations, the development of aviation, the discovery of the secrets of the structure of the atom and the conquest of its energy, the decoding of the DNA code, the creation of computers.

The rapid development of industry and the economic redistribution of the world in the first half of the century became the fundamental cause that confronted the strongest states in the most severe and bloody world wars, the beginning of which dates from 1914 and 1939. In this century, the world heard the names of such great titans as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, who radically changed the course of the history of the planet.

The victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War, which put an end to the senseless bloodshed in 1945, marked the beginning of a new era in world history.

Human space flight

Space exploration

The idea of ​​human flights to other planets was expressed by progressive astronomers of the Middle Ages. The great scientist Isaac Newton developed theories that later became the basis of astronautics. Fantastic novels about traveling to the moon was written by Jules Verne. Such dreams began to materialize in April 1961, when a man flew into space. And Yuri Gagarin was the first of earthlings who saw the planet from a completely different angle.

The days of the Cold War, which followed the bloody battles of the 20th century, caused not only the ridiculous arms race in their madness, but also the competition between the leading powers for influence outside the earth’s atmosphere.The manned space flight was complemented by the launches of interplanetary satellites and the landing of the Americans on the moon, the first of which took place in July 1969 under the Apollo program.

Historical events of the 20th century

The emergence of the Internet

The first signs of the rapid birth of the World Wide Web began to be felt in the 50s of the turbulent past century. It can be said that the Cold War also served as the impetus for its emergence. Influential circles of the United States were very concerned about the appearance of intercontinental missiles at the USSR, therefore devices of lightning-fast transmission of information were urgently invented. For this, computer network connections were used. The basics of the internet were laid by engineer Leonard Clayton. Later, the World Wide Web opened up tremendous opportunities for humanity to communicate and exchange information.

Here is a summary of the historical events that everyone should know. What will happen next with the inhabitants of a cozy, but restless planet Earth, only the future will show.

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The most important historical events that everyone should know 12

The most important historical events that everyone should know 12

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The most important historical events that everyone should know 12

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