The most famous stunt and stunt in Soviet films

24-01-2018, 18:00

January 23 marks the 71st year of the famous stuntman, actor, producer Alexander Inshakov. He not only put tricks in many Soviet films, but also himself often appeared in the frame (for example, in “Crusader” and in “Brigade”), therefore his face is familiar to many viewers. But this is rather an exception to the rule. Most stuntmen, backup actors in dangerous episodes, remain in the shadows and become unknown heroes of films. About the one who actually fought, fell, burned and sank instead of Soviet movie stars, - further in the review.

Alexander Inshakov in his youth
Alexander Inshakov came to the cinema from sports - he was the first Moscow champion in karate. As a stuntman and director of tricks, Inshakov took part in the shooting of the films “Man from Capuchin Boulevard”, “Tehran-43”, “Assa”, “Plumbum, or Dangerous Game”, “Cold Summer of the 53rd” and others. He had to duplicate Alexander Abdulov, Leonid Yarmolnik, Gojko Mitic.Inshakov was the producer of the acclaimed TV series "Brigade", became an actor and director of tricks in the films "Crusader" and "Maltese Cross". In 1991, Inshakov created and headed the Association of Russian Stuntmen.

On the set of * The Man from Capuchin Boulevard *, 1987, it was necessary to dress as a woman (real women could not lift Mironov in his arms) and an Indian
One of his favorite films is a stuntman who calls Man from Boulevard des Capucines. Thanks to the work of Inshakov and a whole group of his colleagues, the film received the prize “For the Best Brawl between Soviet Actors”, and film critics called it the most entertaining film. Inshakov recalls: “Four stunt teams from all over the Soviet Union gathered on the set of this film. They all lived together in Feodosia and prepared there. While the scenery was being built, the cowboy town, they reviewed a huge number of westerns and various materials on this topic, they eventually came up with god knows what things, something they borrowed, of course, they invented something themselves. ” For the fights they poured resin bottles - they looked natural, and they fought very easily, without causing harm, and also ordered a balsa wood from Africa - it was fragile and easily broken.

Alexander Inshakov on the set of the film * Maltese Cross *, 2008
The stuntman admits that even with professionals, the stunts do not always succeed, and injuries on the set are not uncommon: “It happens that the fire will flare in the wrong direction or the explosion will be directed in the wrong direction. Injury can be obtained in fencing with heavy weapons. The actor heartily drawn a sword - and only reaction will save you! I didn’t have fractures, but stretching, bruises, burns happened ... Somehow they shot the picture "Forbidden Zone" - about a whirlwind in the Ivanovo region. The tornado recreated the jet installation: several engines were sequentially turned on and created an air stream of enormous power. We entered there, flew for some time, then rolled on the ground ... The installation was controlled by soldiers, one did not hear the crew, and ... a stack of firewood 15 meters long flew into me. I was hit hard on the head, it could have killed, but I was oriented and got off with bruises ... There were some curiosities. In “Boris Godunov” there was a battle scene with horses, about 500 heads. Poles and Russians jump on each other, horses came together and ... formed! The second time, the third ... And there's nothing you can do, they are used to walking in the line.

Shot from the film * D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers *, 1978
Experienced swordsman Vladimir Balon became the director of fights in many Soviet films: “The Devil's Dozen”, “A Step from the Roof”, “Watch out for the car”. But the popularity brought him "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers" and "Midshipmen, forward!", Where he starred as an actor - he played de Jussac and the servant Chevalier de Brille Jacques. The stuntman said: “I remember in the“ Midshipmen ”they filmed a long battle between Boyarsky and Zhigunov. The fight begins in the room, then they move up the spiral staircase, fight on the balustrade, then both fall down, fence there and fly back into the same room. That is, such a vicious circle turned out ... When the day before I told the operator how this would happen, he grimaced: “Listen, well, why these difficulties? We waved blades in front of the camera for the view — and good! ”But the scene turned out brilliantly — I would have put it in the top three of my best staged fights. The result was a "dialogue on the hardware."

Sergey Zhigunov and Vladimir Balon
The master of tricks in “Musketeers” was Nikolai Vashchilin, master of sports and USSR vice-champion in sambo. He also worked on the films Sibiada, Treasure Island and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.He was the head of the course of stunt training of actors LGITMiK and prepared dozens of stuntmen at Lenfilm. Vashchilin admits: “We have been responsible for everything that can happen bad on the court. It is now in the contract appeared the point that the actor is responsible for everything. And in our time, stuntmen were responsible for everything according to the law. ” The stuntman had a chance to burn in the frame instead of Nikita Mikhalkov and jump from one pine tree to another instead of Vitaly Solomin.

Nikolai Vashchilin rehearses a stunt on the set of the film * Urga *, 1990
Alexander Mikulin was engaged in setting tricks using auto and motorcycles. He was involved in the filming of more than 70 films in the 1960-1980s. “I love to joke, but some take my humor too seriously,” says the stuntman. - I remember once shot a short film commissioned by the traffic police. It was a moral story about how not to behave on the road. The film involved two twin boys, one - “obedient”, and the other - “hooligan”. In one episode, the “hooligan” runs out onto the road, and I drive at high speed and brake sharply in front of him. After removing one double, the director recalls me to the side and asks: “Sasha,and if you do not calculate and really crush the boy? ”I answered him in tune:“ But why be afraid, we have a spare boy ... ”Well, he understood it too literally, and on that day the shooting ended ...”.

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