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Pain in the joints and ligaments is a global problempeople living in the XXI century. Because of the wrong way of life, low mobility, wearing beautiful and at the same time uncomfortable shoes, there are such diseases as arthritis and arthrosis. At the same time, statistics and facts ascertain - these diseases are "getting younger" from year to year.

How to deal with them? Which joint pills are the most effective and safest to take? Answers to these questions you will find by reading this material.

Arthritis and arthrosis

Before going to the pharmacy and askingpharmacist about which joint pills are best to buy, it is superfluous to tell a little about the very diseases that cause joint pain - namely, arthritis and arthrosis.

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Arthritis is the collective name of a groupdiseases that are inflammatory in nature and affect the joints and cartilage. In this case, most often called those diseases, during which the whole organism is involved. Arthritis can indicate serious violations in human health, a failure in metabolism, malfunctions with the endocrine system, and so on. Arthrosis is a problem that involves only inflammation of the joints. That is why in the article we will talk first of all about how to cope with arthrosis, what pills from joint arthrosis to take.


Symptoms of arthrosis include:

  • Pain. The most obvious, it is also the first sign of arthrosis of the joints. Pain in arthrosis differs from pain due to trauma in that it occurs only when moving, and its area is limited to one joint (usually).
  • Crunch of joints. Strictly speaking, the joints are used to crunching just for no reason. However, the joint crunch due to arthrosis sounds more "dry", in addition, it is accompanied by pain.
  • Deterioration of mobility of the joint. Spasms of the muscles, caused by the germination of new growths in the bone, worsen the mobility of a particular joint. This symptom is observed only in 3-4 stages of arthrosis. Beginning with this symptom, pills for the treatment of joints are of little help.
  • Joint deformity. This includes a strong swelling, a change in the appearance of the joint. Deformity of the joint is usually accompanied by the last, 4th stage of arthrosis.

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If you observe these symptoms at least in the initial stage, there is a high probability that you will soon need pills for joint painor other treatment.

Risk factors

The risk factors and reasons for the high likelihood of arthrosis include:

  1. Incorrect food.
  2. Various injuries.
  3. Obesity, which leads to an increase in the load on the joints.
  4. Subcooling.
  5. Age over 60 years.
  6. Autoimmune diseases.
  7. Poisoning.
  8. Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  9. Often tolerable colds.
  10. Genetic predisposition.
  11. Low coagulability of blood.

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In addition, arthrosis is called a professionalillness of dancers - because of high loads, which constantly subject their joints to representatives of this profession. Also, women who wear shoes with heels can be counted as a result of which, after a certain period of time, they have to take pills from the pain of the joints of the legs.

Arthrosis also affects pianists and programmers, that is, representatives of professions, which also create a great deal of work, only on the joints of fingers and hands.

Ointments and Gels

Before you drink pills for joints, trypreparations of local effects - various gels and ointments rubbed into the skin in the area of ​​the joint affected by arthrosis. Well-known in the relief of pain, such local drugs as "Fastum-gel," "Diclofenac" and "Voltaren." Their effects are obvious, they reduce inflammation quite effectively.

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However, due to their low level of availability forjoint (only about 5% of the external exposure comes to the joint) they do not always completely solve the problem, in some cases only alleviating the pain, but not eliminating the inflammation. This is why, in case of insufficient local therapy, it is advisable to recommend the injection of injections directly into the diseased joint.


More effective than traditionala cure for joints (tablets), may be an injection of an anti-inflammatory drug. In this case, the agent is injected directly into the synovial fluid, which directly affects the cartilaginous tissue and the joint itself, and therefore gives a strong and rapid effect.

In the form of injections, corticosteroids are usually administered. You can also recommend the introduction of hyaluronic acid. This relatively new method of treatment has already proven itself in the best possible way, but it is still quite expensive and at the moment not everyone can afford it.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

It is non-steroidal anti-inflammatorydrugs are most often implied by the expression "joint pills". Indeed, NSAIDs are one of the most popular agents in the treatment of arthrosis. However, it will be superfluous to note the fact that they do not treat the cause, but only eliminate the inflammation and reduce the pain, that is, have a symptomatic effect. The root causes of these pills from joint pain will not be eliminated. The most famous NSAIDs include all the familiar "Aspirin", "Ibuprofen", "Diclofenac", "Indomethacin", "Naproxen".

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In addition to the fact that NSAIDs "drown out" the symptomsarthrosis and can play a cruel joke with the patient, suggesting that everything is in order and after the pain is eliminated, further treatment is not required, they can also cause some side effects. The most common of these are irritation of the gastric mucosa, water retention in the body and the subsequent increase in pressure, the development of heart failure.


Hondoprotectors - drugs completely differentimpact level. These are not just pills for joint pain, they are medicines that protect cartilaginous tissue and help restore it. In other words, the chondoprotectors do not simply eliminate pain and inflammation, as do non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but eliminate the cause of arthrosis.

It is, however, worth remembering that for joints and ligamentspills of this type will not give a quick effect - they have a very long time of action. The first effect you can see only after 3-4 months of regular reception of hondoprotectors, and on average the treatment course prescribed by the doctor will last from six months to a year. Also, it should be specially noted that the fact that chondoprotectors is worth taking only in the early stages of arthrosis. In the later stages they will not help, because there is practically nothing to restore and nourish there. However, in the early stages, when arthrosis is not so much started, they show themselves very well.

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The most effective chondoprotectors - "Artra","Dona", "Teraflex", "Structum", "Hondrolon". Most of them are available in the form of capsules for oral administration, as well as ampoules for intramuscular injection directly into the affected joint.

Medication warning

Before taking a long time to takeany drugs for the treatment of arthrosis and arthritis, be sure to consult a doctor, as their uncontrolled reception can lead to serious negative effects on the body, and instead of treating one disease you risk getting a second.

Other methods

Other methods of treatment include:

  • Physiotherapy.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Spa and spa treatment.
  • Oxygenotherapy.

Also, when talking about alternative methods of treatment,you can not fail to mention the need to follow a diet. Proper nutrition will help not only prevent impending arthrosis, but also significantly help in the treatment of the already earned. It is worth emphasizing the consumption of foods rich in B-group vitamins - they are responsible for the correct metabolism, the disturbances of which are so often the causes of arthrosis.

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Do not forget about the consumption of foods richcollagen - an ideal example of such a product is the jelly, the national Russian dish. Contained in it in large quantities of natural collagen will help restore the elasticity and strength of damaged cartilage and joints.

And, of course, do not overeat and typeexcess body weight. Excess fat in the body automatically means an increase in the load on the already weak joints - and there is no question of treating arthrosis.

Remember, any cure for joints - pills,ointments or injections - will not give proper stable result, while your way of life contributes to the occurrence of arthrosis! Wear comfortable shoes, eat right, keep a flexible lifestyle. Then you will not be afraid of any arthrosis and arthritis, and no pills for the treatment of joints will not be needed.

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