Mix for nursing mothers "Laktamil" - reviews and instructions for use

In the period of early motherhood - pregnancy, birth and lactation - many of the mothers have a lot of questions. When a woman finds out that a baby will soon be born to her, first of all she thinks about how to organize her food properly, because not only her life will depend on her quality now. Therefore, it is important to choose the right amount of minerals, proteins and other nutrients that will ensure the good development of the child both during pregnancy and in the first years of his life.lactamel reviews

The second most important issue that worries young mothers is whether they have enough milk for natural breastfeeding of the baby. According to reviews, "Laktamil" - one of the highest quality mixtures that help in this matter. It contains all the vitamins and microelements necessary for the body of a nursing woman, and the main component is a dry mixture based on cow's milk.

The main properties of this mixture

The mixture is a powder made on the basis of cow's milk. A drink containing a large amount of minerals, trace elements, herbs and vitamins is divorced from it. First of all, fennel, cumin, nettle and other plants included in the herbal collection for the Laktamil mixture affect the increase in the amount of breast milk. Vitamins A, D, E and C, contained in it, have a beneficial effect on the body of the child and the mother. And fatty (polyunsaturated) acids (such as omega-3 and omega-6), included in its composition, are necessary for vital activity.

Also important is a set of minerals - copper, zinc, iron, etc. Such a rich content of the mixture for lactating "Laktamil" (according to reviews) provides the woman who gave birth to a rapid recovery from pregnancy. The taste of the mixture is influenced by the taste of fennel and anise. The main indication of its use is an insufficient or reduced amount of milk during breastfeeding of a child, a decrease in its production as a result of stress, or during periods of "lactational crises."

Positive effects (as evidenced by reviews of lactating women) are a noticeable increase in the amount of milk, trouble-free lactation after cesarean section, help in “returning to the breast” after complete or partial loss of breast milk.lactamyl nursing reviews

The composition of the drug

The detailed composition of the Laktamil mix looks like this:

Reviews of "Laktamil" abound.lactamyl mixture reviews

How to mix the mixture correctly?

The powder is not immediately ready for use. It is necessary to measure 40 g of the mixture and dilute this amount in 170 ml of boiled warm water. It is necessary to interfere until a completely homogeneous beverage is obtained, so that no lumps remain. The optimal number of receptions - twice a day. However, the exact dosage is prescribed by the doctor after an individual examination of the mother. It is best to take a freshly prepared mixture, but it is also possible to store an already diluted beverage in a refrigerator (not more than one day). In accordance with the instructions, open packaging is stored in a dark place for three weeks. Then it expires.

Reviews of "Laktamil" confirm the positive effect of the use after the first techniques. And in particular, he helps those mothers who have had twins, because the amount of breast milk and all its nutrients, so necessary for babies, in this case should be twice as much.

What are the contraindications for use?

The mixture "Laktamil" has some contraindications. Pay attention to them! So, it does not suit those children or mothers whose body does not process and does not absorb lactose. Also, it should be abandoned in case of hypersensitivity to one or more of its components.

If after applying the mixture on the skin of the mother or baby rash appeared, you should immediately stop using it. A direct link in the appearance of allergic reactions in lactating women and children while taking "Lactamil" has not yet been confirmed, however, this possibility is not excluded by experts. First of all, due to the fact that it contains cow's milk, and also because herbal preparations are included in the mix. Therefore, when you first take a cocktail, you need to monitor the skin reactions of the child.lactamyl lactation reviews

Overdose remedy

Special attention is given to the question of whether overdose may occur when using the mixture. Although there is no information about such cases, it is not worth taking it in excess and should not exceed the recommended dose. After all, vitamins and minerals are useful only in normal amounts, and their overabundance can lead to allergic reactions and other undesirable consequences.

Reviews of the mixture "Laktamil" consider below.

What if there is no desired effect?

In other cases, the reception does not bring the desired effect - the amount of breast milk does not increase or continues to decline. Most often the reason for this is in the wrong way of breeding or storing the mixture, in the expired shelf life or in receiving it in less than the recommended amount.

If after careful reading of the instructions no deviations from it were found, then it is useful to contact your doctor. After all, the reasons why nursing mothers lose lactation can be very different, and in order to detect them and take timely measures, a medical examination is necessary.

Calorie mix

According to reviews, "Laktamil" for lactation is very effective.

But for many women, counting calories is common. And the high calorie content of the cocktail is important information for those who want to get in shape after a birth in a short time. 100 g of the mixture contain 349 kilocalories. However, it is important to remember that its reception not only contributes to the rapid establishment of contacts, but also boosts immunity, improves the woman’s well-being during such an important period for her, reduces the number of ARVI and other colds.
lactamil price reviews

Mix for nursing mothers "Laktamil": reviews nutritionists

Many of the specialists in breastfeeding and dietology after the appearance of the Laktamil mixture on the market immediately started talking about its positive properties. Doctors often prescribe a mixture for symptoms of decreased or impaired lactation. In addition, it is prescribed to women who have not started milk production a day after delivery (therefore, it is recommended to take one package of the mixture with them to the maternity hospital). Among the analogues can be noted such means as "Mlekoin", "Lactagon", "Femilak", "Milky Way", etc.

Reviews of "Laktamile"

On the Internet there are a lot of reviews about this mixture - both positive and negative. We reviewed the opinions and summarized the women's impressions of the Laktamil cocktail.

So, one of its drawbacks for some was the very process of making a mixture - it is poorly soluble in water, it takes a long time to get mixed up so that all the lumps disappear. Some nursing mothers do not like the taste - milk and herbal at the same time. Someone considered this mixture "heavy", there are complaints about the smell. In some reviews, the main disadvantage of the mixture is that it is not always on sale, and one pack is only enough for four and a half days of use. Opponents of palm oil do not like its presence in the components of the drug.There are opinions that the cocktail does not help solve the problem.lactamyl formula for nursing mothers reviews

However, the positive feedback on "Laktamil" for nursing mothers is quantitatively outweighed. Young mothers like, above all, the balance of the mineral-vitamin complex and the solution to the main problem: a well-established, well-established lactation.

Mix advantages

Among other advantages are noted:

  • does not affect weight;
  • improves the quality of breast milk;
  • relatively low cost;
  • can be added to drinks (warm tea, cocoa, etc.);
  • effect after the first methods;
  • improves iron absorption in anemia, which is often the case with newly born women;
  • nutrition and satiety.

Cost of funds

This tool is not too expensive. For the package you will have to pay 350-400 rubles. It depends on the region and the pharmacy network.

The article reviewed the instructions for "Laktamilu", reviews and price.

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