Augean stables. The Legacy of Ancient Greece

Perhaps there are few people who do not knowthe name of Hercules, about the adventures of which was shot not one film and painted not one cartoon. This hero and demigod of ancient Greek myths was the son of Zeus and Alcmene, and also a descendant of at leastAugean stablesthe famous hero of Perseus. Even before the birth of Hercules was intended glorious path of the founder of the Olympic Games, but Hera, the wife of Zeus, tried to prevent it. Before the birth of the hero, she made Thunderbolt to swear that of all the descendants of Perseus, the one who will be born first will be the main one.

Unbeknownst to exile to Earth, Hera did so,that before Heracles another descendant of Perseus named Eurystheus was born. Under the treaty, it was Eurystheus who gained power over Hercules. After revealing the cunning of his wife, Zeus also tried to outwit her. He put the little Hercules beside the sleeping wife so that the future hero could swallow from her breast milk of eternity. Waking up, Hera pushed the baby away, but Hercules managed to secure her immortality. Spilled milk became the Milky Way and another "achievement" of Hercules. Zeus did not forget about the intrigues of Hera and took an oath from an angry goddess: she would free the hero when he completed the twelve assignments of Eurystheus, one of which was the Augean stables. The jealous goddess did everything to make Eurysthey's assignments impossible for Hercules. Her efforts turned these tasks into exploits.Augean stables, phraseology

Reigning in Elis, Augean was a great loverhorses. In its vast stables contained 3000 horses. To clean the agricultural buildings, the tsar, however, did not consider it necessary. With manure and other impurities, the Augean stables were filled to the very roof. Eurysthey, following the advice of Hera, gave Hercules the order to clear these stables. The goddess believed that for the removal of impurities, accumulated for thirty years, Hercules will spend eternity. However, the ingenious hero of the Augean stables did not frighten. Instead of rakes, wheelbarrows and shovels, the Alpheus river became the "working tool" of the strong man. For a long time without thinking, Hercules turned the river bed, and a powerful stream, to Hera's great disappointment, cleared the Augean stables in just a day. The king did not appreciate the efforts of Hercules. He drove the young man out without paying a penny for his work.

Cleaner ExpedesAugean stables, meaningThe hero's attitude became a feat. Preserved in our speech and the idiom "Augean stables." The phraseology, which became this winged phrase, was used in their sayings by famous people. This is how the composer Mussorgsky called his desk in a letter to VV Stasov. This Soviet phraseology was also used by Soviet leaders such as Lenin and Kirov.

What exactly does the phrase "Augean"This phraseology has many meanings, first and foremost, it means an extremely dirty, littered and neglected premise that will take a long time to clean, in this sense Mussorgsky used the expression." Politicians also talked about disorder, but not in the room, but in deeds.This was the second meaning of the aphorism.The saying became the language heritage of ancient Greece.Using it in our speech, we seem to return to Hellenistic times, remembering the deeds of the mighty Hercules.

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