The biggest biceps in the world who owns it?

People love to set records, thereby recording their name in history, so that everyone can know exactly what they have achieved. Of course, not all records are significant and meaningful, but such people do not particularly remember. There are records useful - then record holders can be remembered for a long time and praise rightly. However, there are records that can hardly be attributed to one of these two categories - on the one hand, for example, the largest biceps in the world will not benefit anyone, but on the other, its owner has spent a lot of time and effort to achieve this result. And since we have already talked about the largest biceps, it is unlikely that many people know who exactly is the owner of the largest size of this muscle. Accordingly, this article may be extremely interesting for you.

Work on the biceps

When you are told that someone has the biggest biceps in the world, you will most likely be introduced to a bodybuilder with huge muscles in your entire body. But, most likely, a proportional person seems to you, although in reality this is not so.The fact is that champions in the size of biceps have not the most pleasant appearance, because these muscles are developed most of all. Accordingly, they disproportionately stand out from the rest of the body. Therefore, you should not think about breaking a record, as it is impossible to do this, remaining a normal person in terms of appearance. It is better to work on all the muscles evenly - that’s what all the instructors you can turn to advise you. But who has the biggest biceps in the world?

Greg Valentino

the biggest biceps in the world

If you are wondering who has the biggest biceps in the world, then you have found the answer to this question. The owner of the largest muscle of this plan is Greg Valentino, who purposefully went to such a result by far more than one year. However, it is worth noting that his fate was rather sad and full of trouble, with which he managed to cope, and at the moment leads a completely normal life. But what exactly did he have to move? And to what size of the biceps did he manage to hit? Many people say that the world's largest biceps is 84 cm, but this is not the case, in fact, the size of the biceps is slightly smaller. First things first.

Natural result

the biggest biceps in the world is 84 cm

It is not known where the information came from that the world's largest biceps is 84 cm, because in fact it is about ten centimeters smaller. Moreover, Greg achieved such a size after a not very pleasant story, which resulted in negative consequences for him. It all started pretty well - Greg swung his muscles and was engaged in bodybuilding, he was incredibly successful in this and was able to achieve an excellent result - his biceps was 53 centimeters. This he achieved exclusively intense workouts, proper nutrition and literate lifestyle - for ten years. But what happened next? What did the owner of the biggest biceps in the world do to achieve the result that put his name in history?

Additional drugs

the owner of the biggest biceps in the world

Unfortunately, the owner of the largest biceps in the world received it by far from the most honest way - the fact is that he was so much carried away by bodybuilding and was so excited about the dream of making his hands really huge that he moved away from standard tactics. He started using steroids, and Greg's biceps began to grow right before his eyes. It was an astounding process that led to muscle growth of about twenty centimeters in the shortest possible time.As a result, the size of his biceps was 71 centimeters - this is an incredible record that simply amazes the imagination. Try to imagine a hand that is almost a meter in girth - this is an unprecedented result, for which, however, Greg had to pay. As you know, steroids accelerate muscle growth, but at the same time greatly weaken the person who uses them. His immune system literally stops working, the body loses energy and becomes vulnerable to a wide variety of diseases. So Greg, of course, had huge muscles, but he paid for it himself - and one cannot say that he has the largest biceps in the world without synthol, since the bodybuilder himself did not deny that he was taking additional drugs.


But this was not the whole price Greg had to pay for receiving the largest amount of biceps in the world. After a while, the tissues of his muscles began to die off, which naturally was caused by steroids. This bodybuilder also did not hide - he even began to upload photos of what is happening with his muscles, to teach young bodybuilders that they will make the forbidden drugs with their bodies.Some photographs even show holes in the hands, from which pus oozes - but at the same time the muscle volume did not decrease a centimeter, which became another proof of the use of steroids, since natural tissues do not react to the disease. As a result, Greg had to do an emergency operation - this is what led to the biggest biceps in the world. Photos of this achievement, however, continue to amaze - even with the help of steroids, a person managed to achieve amazing results and transform his body beyond recognition.

Greg in the war

Separately, it is worth mentioning some details of what a person has experienced in his life, who had the largest biceps size in the world. The fact is that Greg was serving military service, and at some point he had to give up his bodybuilding career and go directly to the fighting. This seriously changed him, and when Greg returned, his life was completely different - it rolled down at a tremendous speed.


After returning from the army, Greg contacted bad people, which led him to completely different from the environment in which he had to be. As a result, he began to distribute drugs - as if it was not enough for him that he himself used illegal drugs, which brought him to a terrible state.Naturally, this could not continue for a long time - Greg was caught by the police, and he went to prison, where he served a well-deserved time. Only after that the former bodybuilder changed his mind, although it was too late - he lost not only his career, but also his family, his wife left him with his children. So Greg had to start a new life on his own: without drugs, without steroids, but also without the happiness that he managed to get before all these events happened to him. That's how ingloriously the story ends and the owner of the largest biceps in the world, who also earned his fame not naturally, but with the help of chemicals - that is why many people do not recognize him as a record holder.

Future life

But do not assume that Greg's life ended on such a sad note. No, he was able to continue his career, restore his career and even write an autobiography in which he edifies steroid use, the drug environment and other dysfunctional spheres of life, which should be avoided not only by a successful athlete, but simply by everyone. Greg goes in for sports with a special program.which implies an exceptionally healthy diet and exercise - no more chemical additives that could bring him back to his past life. In general, now the holder of a record in the field of bodybuilding is in perfect order and no longer has problems with either steroids or drugs. However, if he received his title of the best, using illegal drugs, then there must be the person who pumped the biggest biceps in the world without steroids.

Mustafa Ismail

the biggest biceps in the world for women

You have already learned about the size of the non-natural largest biceps in the world. Natural, of course, did not reach such a size. Its size is 64 centimeters, which is less than Greg's record, not even by ten centimeters, and it belongs to Mustafa Ismail. However, if Greg developed all the muscles due to steroids, that is, the biceps, although they do not look very nice and aesthetically pleasing, they keep their proportions at least a little, then Mustafa’s muscles look terrible. They are about three times thicker than the widest part of his remaining hand, for which his friends call him Mr. Popeye - because of the similarity with the famous animated character.However, Mustafa himself says that he likes his hands, so he does not seek to achieve a different result, but continues to work on his biceps. Strictly speaking, it is he who holds the record among bodybuilders, because he achieved his result without the use of prohibited substances.

Mustafa biceps

the biggest biceps in the world without synthol

Many people, naturally, start asking questions about exactly how Mustafa could get such an incredible biceps. There are those who suspect him of using steroids, but the athlete himself denies this - also no evidence of such allegations was presented. Thus, Mustafa is the pure record holder among owners of natural biceps. He says that in order to achieve this result, it took him about fifteen years of hard work and a strict diet and life in general. As a matter of fact, his meals can surprise many, since every day the bodybuilder eats one and a half kilograms of chicken, half a pound of fish, three glasses of almonds, and also drinks three liters of protein shake. Moreover, he practices three hours a day, which brings his results.

According to some reports, Mustafa used the fact that Greg Valentino had already retired and was not seeking to improve his performance, so he was able to bypass the former record holder. Some publications are now writing that Mustafa Ismail belongs to the biggest biceps, and the girth of his muscles is as much as 79 centimeters, which is simply difficult to imagine, because it is seven centimeters more than Greg had. It is also worth noting that Mustafa is not going to stop, and plans to continue to work on his muscles in order to achieve the highest possible result and become the absolute record holder in the size of the biceps in the world.

Results in women

the biggest biceps in the world without steroids

Naturally, not only men are engaged in bodybuilding - some women are also trying to achieve incredible results and turn their bodies into real rocks. Some succeed better than others, and they also become record holders. For example, in the question of the size of the biceps, there is a woman who has managed to achieve just an incredible result and show the whole world that not only men can reach great heights in bodybuilding.But who owns the biggest biceps in the world for women? It is also extremely interesting, how much is it in girth, and how much does this result differ from men's records?

Reni Tony

the largest amount of biceps in the world

Many women achieve great success in bodybuilding, they demonstrate incredible bodies that simply amaze everyone in the world. But among them there are those who achieve maximum success and enter the history as the best. These include Brazilian bodybuilder Reni Tony, who set a record in 2006 - she had the largest biceps in the world among women. His size was 51 centimeters - as far as you remember, about such an indicator and was able to achieve Greg Valentino in a natural way, until he began to use steroids. Thus, Renee was able to prove that women are no worse than men in bodybuilding, and they can also achieve just amazing results.

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