The drug "Rigevidon": reviews of women. "Rigavidon": instructions for use, reviews

Each drug may or may not be individually suited. An exception is not such a drug that has gained popularity among users in the past few years, as "Rigevidon." Reviews about him reflect different opinions, which will help to understand when it is worth taking this contraceptive, and in which it is better to look for alternatives.

"Rigevidon": composition

In terms of its composition, “Rigevidon” can be attributed to oral contraceptives of the combined type. The drug is monophasic, which means that the concentration of estrogenic and progestin components is the same in each tablet.

Rygevidon - reviews

Based on only one composition, a person without a special medical education is unlikely to be able to understand how suitable this or that drug, including “Rigevidon”, is suitable for him.Feedback from women, on the contrary, will help to present the overall picture, to highlight the features of not only a group of medicines, but also a specific type of pill.

Many users claim that they decided to take the drug not only because of its high performance. The main advantage of the drug is a sparing effect on the body. It is not a secret for anyone that the side effects and the influence on other organs can negate even the best testimony. Given that contraception is supposed to be taken regularly for several years, the harm they cause should be minimized.

Active substances and their functions

How exactly does the organism "Rigavidon"? Instructions, reviews of doctors and their comments will help to put complex concepts on the shelves and find out how the drug differs from the nearest analogues.

Rygevidon - women reviews

One of the important components of a contraceptive is levonorgestrel, which is a synthetic derivative of 19-nortestosterone. The substance exhibits an activity that fully corresponds to the effect of taking endogenous progesterone, but the strength of the action is several times higher than that of the latter.This feature of levonorgestrel can significantly reduce its dose, protecting the woman's body from excessive influence of the injected substances.

Ethinyl estradiol is also present in tablets, which is nothing more than a synthetic analogue of endogenous estradiol. The above substances are supplemented with other components, the effect of which is not so significant.


The effectiveness of the drug can be assessed by hearing the opinion of users. What results does "Rigavidon" show? Reviews of women suggest that the pill can really be called reliable. Opinions of experts also confirm the effectiveness of contraceptives.

Rygevidon: instructions, reviews of doctors

All contraceptives are assessed on a special scale, they are assigned a particular index by the method of Pearl. The indicator "Rigevidon" is 0.1-0.9, which gives him the title of an independent drug that does not require additional measures to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

As noted by the patient gynecological consultations, the tablets give a reliable result. Contraceptive pills "Rigevidon",Reviews of which from obstetrician-gynecologists are mostly positive, surprising for their effectiveness primarily women who have tried the influence of other means or methods of contraception.

Main action

How exactly does "Rigevidon" affect the body? Feedback from users confirms that most of the changes take place without external manifestations. Experts also distinguish the following actions of the drug: suppression of ovulation, an increase in the viscosity of cervical mucus, a decrease in the sensitivity of the endometrium to the blastocyst.

Tablets Rigavidon reviews

Should consider in more detail the mechanism of action of the drug "Rigevidon. Reviews of doctors will help to understand the contribution of each individual active ingredient that is part of the contraceptive.

How exactly does the drug work?

The following aspects can be distinguished:

  • blocking the release of releasing factors in the hypothalamus (namely, luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone);
  • inhibition of the secretion of gonadotropic and similar hormones by the pituitary gland;
  • follicle maturation slows down significantly, eventually it breaks.

Summing up, it can be noted that the active components of the drug in general inhibit the course of ovulation, the likelihood of fertilization, and as a result, the onset of pregnancy is practically reduced to zero.

In addition, the gestagenic element of the substance, levonorgestrel, increases the viscosity of the cervix secretion, which makes it difficult for spermatozoa to penetrate into the uterus, and, in addition, due to the change in the texture of the endometrium, implantation of a fertilized egg interferes.

Additional effects

In addition to the contraceptive result, the drug with systematic use leads to a significant reduction in the risk of various gynecological diseases (it is possible to emphasize the reduction of the risk of ovarian cysts, various fibroadenomas and fibrocysts in the chest, congestion in the pelvic area).

Rigevidon doctors reviews

Concerning the effect on the body of the drug "Rigevidon" reviews also indicate a decrease in the frequency of dysmenorrhea, a decrease in the amount of discharge during menstruation, as well as a decrease in the risk of ectopic pregnancy while taking the whole course.

Side effects are what worry users in most cases. Some fears can dispel information from the manufacturers of the drug "Rigevidon" - instructions for use. Reviews of patients of gynecological clinics confirm the information that even after a particularly long use of the drug, fertility completely resumes after passing 1-3 cycles immediately after its cancellation. Taking pills doesn’t hurt to have children later, and this is a question that concerns many women.

The composition of the drug

The composition also includes tablets-placebo (7 tablets-placebo accounts for 21 tablets, including active elements).

Some of the elements included in the composition, due to the concentration of iron salts, prevent the formation of anemia, and in addition, due to the lack of hormones in them, they increase the content of follicle-stimulating hormone in the body, which is necessary for the selection of the dominant follicle. Thus, when using the drug, there are no signs of hyper-inhibition syndrome.

 Rigavidon: instructions, price, reviews

Pharmacokinetics of the drug

The pharmacokinetic properties of the active components of the drug form its overall effect. You can consider the influence of certain substances separately:

  • Ethinyl estradiol.Oral use is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Its bioavailability comes to 48%. The apogee concentration of the active substance in plasma is usually noted after 1-1.5 hours after administration. As a result of absorption into the bloodstream, ethinyl estradiol binds to plasma proteins, mainly albumin, the meager fraction continues to be in an unbound state. The initial stage of metabolism occurs in the walls of the intestinal tract, the next - in the liver. HO-ethinyl estradiol and 2-methoxy-ethinyl estradiol are considered to be the most important metabolites of ethinyl estradiol. Excreted both in natural form and in combination with metabolites in urine (approximately 40%) and feces (approximately 60%). The half-life is approximately 26 hours.
  • Levonorgestrel. Well absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, bioavailability is 100%. In blood plasma, it binds mainly to globulin and albumin. Metabolized in the body to form sulfate and glucuronide conjugates. Excreted in the form of metabolites with urine and feces.

The instructions issued by the manufacturers of the drug "Rigevidon" will help you to learn more about the active substances. Reviews will prompt how the agent is tolerated by the body.


The drug is recommended for use as a method of contraception for women of the weaker sex of childbearing age. The tool can also be assigned to eliminate multifunctional pathologies of the monthly cycle or for its general correction. Tablets can be used to eliminate the causes and symptoms of the following abnormalities: dysmenorrhea, functional uterine bleeding, pronounced pain syndrome that forms in the middle of the cycle, and premenstrual syndrome. The drug is recommended for use in women with moderately dominant estrogen type.

Instructions and method of use

Before prescribing the drug, it is recommended to find as much information as possible regarding the nuances of using contraceptives “Rigevidon”. Instructions, price, reviews and expert opinions will help to make a preliminary idea of ​​the possible results of the reception and whether this tool is suitable for you.

Rigavidone: instructions for use, reviews

Before writing a prescription, specialists should receive the results of a comprehensive gynecological examination. In addition, it is necessary to provide the results of general examinations and analyzes - blood pressure indicators,levels of glucose in urine and blood, complete blood and urine analysis, data on the functioning of the liver, the conclusion of the mammologist and cytological examination of smears.

The drug is taken orally, it is recommended to use the pill completely, without chewing and not crushing it, washing it down with the required volume of water. In order to achieve the greatest result of the tool must be taken at approximately the same time of day.


As a contraceptive, the drug is prescribed 1 tablet per day. It is recommended to begin reception from the 1st or 5th day from the beginning of a menses. The duration of taking a course of white pills is 21 days, after which the course must be supplemented with taking 7 red-brown tablets during the week.

In the period of taking the pill red-brown color, girls usually have menstrual discharge. If necessary, follow-up contraception at the end of the reception of the pills in red-brown color course can be resumed, adhering to the specified scheme. Experts do not recommend avoiding breaks between adjacent courses (the full course lasts 28 days - 21 white tablets and 7 red-brown).The beginning of the next course should fall on the 28th day, preferably at the set time of day. The recommendations are almost the same for those who decide to change the previous oral contraceptive, and start taking Rigevidon.

If no negative changes and side effects are observed while taking, the pill can be continued as long as there is a need for contraceptives.

Application features

After an abortion, an agent is usually prescribed as soon as possible, in the first few hours after the procedure, but not later than the next day after the medical intervention.

The drug in some cases can be assigned to mothers after childbirth, in the absence of breastfeeding. In this case, it is necessary to start taking the substance no earlier than the first day of menstruation.

Rigavidon: price, reviews

If the period for taking the contraceptive was shifted by less than a day, it can be resumed without additional measures. If 36 hours or more has passed from the previous administration, it is recommended to use contraceptive aids.

In order to prevent intermenstrual bleeding, it is necessary to continue taking pills from a previously opened package, leaving the missed pill.Red-brown pills can be ignored, as they do not contain hormonal components.

Side effects

The absolute majority of drugs demonstrate certain side effects, are not an exception, and the tablets "Rigevidon." Patient reviews helped form a complete list of symptoms, categorizing it into the following categories:

  • early days: nausea, vomiting, nervousness, convulsions;
  • periodically: rash, coarsening of the mammary glands, discomfort when wearing contact lenses;
  • long-term use: impaired glucose uptake, changes in facial pigmentation, changes in body weight (decrease / increase), increase in blood pressure.

A complete list can be found by examining in more detail the packaging from under the tablets "Rigevidon". Instructions for use, reviews of users and the opinion of doctors agree that most of the complications occur under the influence of aggravating factors, which include alcohol intake, smoking, failure to comply with diet and sleep.


The collection of information allows you to summarize what opinions expressed by users about the drug "Rigevidon."Price, reviews, the absence of serious side effects in combination with high performance explain the popularity of this contraceptive. The moderate cost (about 200 rubles for 21 pieces or 600 rubles for 63 pieces) allocates the drug against its counterparts.

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