Drug "Neurodiclovit": reviews, instructions for use and composition

There are numerous positive reviews about Neurodiclovitis on the Web. But what is this drug, what does it help and how does it work? Read about it further.

neurodiclovitis reviews

What is it about?

About “Neurodiclovit” patient reviews are mostly positive, since the tool has proven to be effective in a number of pathologies that have been encountered more and more in recent years. This drug belongs to the non-steroid group, fights against inflammatory processes, and its composition is enriched with B-category vitamins. As mentioned in the reviews, Neurodiclovit is on sale represented by modified release pills.

The effectiveness of the drug due to a combination of active compounds. Each pill contains type B vitamins (250 μg of cyanocobalamin, 50 mg of pyridoxine hydrochloride, the same amount of thiamine hydrochloride), and also diclofenac sodium in an amount of 50 mg.Also, the drug contains excipients that simplify the use and enhance its effectiveness. Attention to the full composition should be paid primarily to patients who know for themselves the propensity to be allergic to any compound.

Reviews of "Neurodiclovitis", in particular, contain mention of the impossibility of using the tool for individual intolerance. In the sale of the drug is present in cartons, inside of which - blisters with a medicinal substance. One blister is designed for storage of 10 capsules.

How it works?

According to the reviews, the “Neurodiclovit” instruction is quite understandable, so it’s easy to figure out how the medication is effective and how to use it. The medicine simultaneously fights inflammatory processes (being non-steroidal), and also combines vitamins that are useful for the human body. The complex effect of a carefully selected formulation makes it an effective analgesic that relieves inflammation, eliminates fever. According to reviews, “Neurodiclovit” has an antiplatelet effect.

neurodiclovitis instructions for use price reviews analogues

With rheumatism, similar diseases “Neurodiclovit” as an analgesic allows you to leave the pain in the past, the swelling of the joints subsides. In the morning, a person gets the opportunity to move normally without feeling stiff. The functional state of the joints gradually normalizes. Reviews of "Neurodiclovitis" contain references to the use of the drug in the rehabilitation period after surgical interventions, as well as an integral part of therapy for injuries. In all these situations, the drug can relieve swelling, eliminate pain.

Vitamins - this is useful

As part of the preparation, as mentioned above, there are several types of vitamins from group B. Each of them has its own specific effect on the body of a sick person, which is the reason for the overall effectiveness of the drug. For example, reviews of the use of "Neurodiclovitis" contain mention that the nervous susceptibility of the affected area has become better. This is due to the presence in the composition of vitamin B6, capable of restoring the efficiency of the CNS, PNS. This vitamin is absolutely indispensable for humans and must be ingested constantly.

Reviews of instructions for use of "Neurodiclovit" contain references not only to the fact that it is quite understandable in terms of the specifics of the application, but it is also clearly explained, due to which the remedy has a positive effect on the sick person. Attention is paid to vitamin B1. This compound is transformed under the influence of metabolic processes into cocarboxylase, indispensable for the normal course of enzymatic reactions. Substance necessary for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, proteins. It is important for the processes of nervous excitement that occur in synapses.

Finally, B12 must be present in the body at a normal concentration so that hematopoietic function is possible. He takes part in the formation of mature red blood cells.

When to apply?

All health conditions in which the drug is relevant are listed in the instructions for use. Reviews of "Neurodiclovite" (the price of the drug for the current year is about 500 rubles) often contain stories about the use of the drug for arthritis, rheumatoid conditions, arthrosis. The tool is effective for a variety of lesions of the spine, joints, having an inflammatory nature or provoking tissue degeneration.

Neurodiclovitis Price Guide Reviews

Reviews, instructions "Neurodiclovit" (the price is mentioned above, about half a thousand rubles per pack) also recommend using the tool if non-rheumatic causes provoke pain, that is, a person has experienced an injury or operation, including in the mouth. "Neurodiclovit" is indicated for some gynecological pathologies and can be useful if inflammatory processes have been established that have affected the ENT system. As follows from the reviews, the testimony of "Neurodiclovitis": neuritis, neuralgia, rheumatic changes that hit the soft tissues of the body.

Should I trust?

Reviews of "Neurodiclovite", the price of the drug is surprisingly positive. Mostly shared their opinions on the World Wide Web say that the tool can be trusted, it is worth the money. I must say, reviews of indications for use of "Neurodiclovit" contain mention of the effectiveness of the use of ampoules (if you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer) for all of these violations of health. At the same time, individual allergic reactions are possible, and in some cases the drug cannot be used in principle, which is also indicated in the instructions.This makes it necessary to carefully study the recommendations of the manufacturer, and only after that decide whether to use "Neurodiclovit" for the treatment of this or that pathology.

When can not?

In some cases, the use of "Neurodiclovit" categorically contraindicated. There are also relative contraindications when the drug can be used, but only under the supervision of a specialist. In any case, the tool can be used safely only if it has been prescribed by a doctor and the doctor has given recommendations for use. Independently assign yourself "Neurodiclovit" is not recommended. Like many analogues, the instructions for use of "Neurodiclovitis" (price, reviews about this drug have already been described above) contain restrictions on the use of intestinal inflammation, bleeding inside the skull and impaired blood formation function. The tool can not be used if bleeding in the stomach or intestines is detected.

The manufacturer notes that the drug is not intended for the treatment of children, pregnant and lactating women. However, reviews about the analogues of "Neurodiclovit" contain mention that it is extremely difficult to find a drug that would be recommended in any of these three states.Also, the drug can not be used if liver disease is established in the active phase, as well as damage to the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys. Restrictions imposes intolerance to acetylsalicylic acid, the presence of asthma, the inability to use a variety of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs due to the individual characteristics of the organism. Also, a special approach is required for patients with nasal polyps, hyperkalemia, and cardiac muscle insufficiency.

It is possible, but very carefully!

Like analogs, “Neurodiclovit” (reviews, instructions for use confirm this) has a lot of conditional contraindications, that is, such conditions of the body, when there is no prohibition on the use of funds, but resorting to it means risking to some extent. These borderline conditions, when treatment must be carefully monitored by the attending physician, include:

  • abnormal liver function;
  • asthma;
  • Crohn's disease;
  • ulcer;
  • lack of functioning of the kidneys in a chronic form;
  • diabetes;
  • dependence on nicotine, alcohol, other substances;
  • artery disease;
  • failure of the functioning of the heart muscle in a chronic form.

You can not use "Neurodiclovit" when using drugs from groups of antiplatelet agents, anticoagulants, SSRIs, GCS. Also a ban on the use of impose ischemic disease and cerebrovascular disease. Before using the drug, it is important to consult with your doctor and carefully study the instructions that must be attached to the medicine, so as not to miss a vital contraindication in a particular individual case.

How to use?

The method of application of the drug is also described in detail in the instructions. The manufacturer calls for clear follow all the above recommendations, so as not to face the side effects of the application. If the agent is prescribed by a doctor, he usually writes a prescription, where he indicates the scheme of use. This manual is a priority, so the use should be subject to the instructions of the doctor, and only then - the manufacturer.

neurodiclovitis instructions for use reviews analogs

The capsule is recommended to be used during the meal, be sure to drink plenty of it. Is ingested. Adult patients are usually prescribed three doses per day every day at the beginning of the course. If the therapy is auxiliary, one or two capsules per day is sufficient. The disease determines how long the medicine will have to be used.They are oriented both on the severity of the course of the disease, and on the features of a specific violation.

And if too much?

In some cases, you may experience unpleasant symptoms if an overdose of Neurodiclovit is delivered to the body. The manufacturer warns that in such a situation, bleeding may occur in the stomach, intestines, may make noise in the ears, breathing is oppressed, pressure rises. In rare cases with a severe overdose, the patient falls into a lethargic sleep, to whom. There is a relatively high probability of acute kidney function, as well as stool disorders and epigastric pain.

If an overdose of the drug occurred, it is necessary to immediately wash the stomach, then take activated charcoal, counting the dose of kilograms of the patient's live weight. Additional therapy is carried out based on the symptoms inherent in a particular case.

Side effects

As warned in the instructions for use of "Neurodiclovitis" manufacturer, in some cases, the use of the drug is accompanied by the following unpleasant phenomena:

  • feel dizzy, headache;
  • pulls into sleep, at the same time there are sleep disorders;
  • weakness;
  • depressed or irritable condition, fright, nightmares;
  • convulsiveness;
  • possible loss of orientation in space;
  • kidney failure;
  • impaired stool;
  • gas emission;
  • hepatitis;
  • noise in the ears;
  • skin rashes appear, areas itch.

A complete list of side effects can be found in the instructions for use. Also, the attending physician warns them when prescribing medication. At the same time, it is clear from reviews that pronounced negative sensations accompany the use of “Neurodiclovit” very rarely.

Special case

The manufacturer recommends to carry out therapy with the use of "Neurodiclovitis", accompanied by regular monitoring of the activity of the liver and kidneys. To do this, it is necessary to be treated under the supervision of a physician and to be constantly tested in order to be aware of the processes occurring in the body, including those affecting peripheral blood. Among other things, it is recommended to perform fecal tests for the presence of bleeding.

To prevent the appearance of side effects from the stomach and intestines "Neurodiclovit" is better to use a short time and strictly following the rules of application.To achieve the most pronounced effect, “Neurodiclovit” is used before meals in about half an hour.

What can be replaced?

The question of replacing “Neurodiclovit” with analogs (reviews of the price, instructions confirm that the drug in question is one of the best options from the one presented in the pharmacy) must be resolved with the attending physician without in any way manifesting independent activity. Of course, the drug has a certain list of contraindications, and its use may be accompanied by negative impressions, while other means from the nonsteroid group, designed to fight inflammation, also have similar limitations, hazards and side effects. If there is a desire to change "Neurodiclovit" for something else, you must inform the doctor about it. The specialist, having analyzed the diagnosis, the patient's condition, will be able to understand whether there is a real possibility to replace the remedy or whether it is necessary to use “Neurodiclovit”.

patient neurodiclovitis

About 500 rubles per pack - the price of "Neurodiclovit". According to reviews, the price of analogs - from 300 rubles, however, the number of tablets, capsules in a pack varies greatly, so the lower cost per package does not mean that the buyer will receive a larger amount of the drug.Most of the analogues resort to:

  • Diklaku;
  • Ketorolu;
  • "Diclofenac".

"Neurodiclovit": a combination with other drugs

If the doctor prescribes therapy with the use of the described means, it is necessary to warn him about all the medicines used by the patient. The tool enhances the effect of a number of drugs, may reduce the effectiveness of using others. It is reliably known that the amount of cyclosporine, lithium compounds, methotrexate, digoxin increases in the blood plasma when taking Neurodiclovit.

If anti-hypotension, hypoglycemia or hypnotic drugs are used, it must be remembered that Neurodiclovit weakens their effectiveness. The effectiveness of diuretic use is also reduced. The probability of an excess of potassium in the body increases, if you simultaneously resort to “Neurodiclovit” and diuretics, which also preserve potassium in the organs.

What else to be ready for?

If it was decided to use Neurodiclovit simultaneously with the course of treatment with anticoagulants, thrombolytics, it is necessary to know that this increases the likelihood of bleeding.The most "weak" zone exposed to this danger is the gastrointestinal tract.

neurodiclovitis indications for use

When combined with other anti-inflammatory nonsteroid using Neurodiclovit, the likelihood of side effects increases. A similar situation is observed with the use of drugs from the GCS group. If you resort to drugs containing methotrexate, you need to remember that the toxic effects of this substance under the influence of "Neurodiclovit" is activated.

Similarly, the negative effect on the kidneys on the part of cyclosporine is enhanced, which makes it necessary to conduct therapy very carefully, with regular monitoring of the patient's condition. The main component of "Neurodiclovit" in the blood is observed in a lower concentration, if at the same time with this drug the patient is taking acetylsalicylic acid. When combining the described drug and paracetamol, the toxic effect of diclofenac on the kidneys increases.

Caution above all

When using "Neurodiclovit" it is necessary to observe increased caution in everyday life. First of all it concerns the activity, accompanied by the need to concentrate, to be attentive.When taking the medication may be difficulties with fast motor, mental reactions. Avoid alcohol-containing beverages.

What are patients talking about?

Predominantly reviews of "Neurodiclovitis" indicate that the remedy has been helpful in inflammatory processes in the body, relieving pain. Up to 70% of respondents with specialized resources in the Russian-speaking sector of the Internet indicated that they are satisfied with the results of therapy. At the same time, you need to understand that such a survey does not provide absolute coverage of the audience.

Patients who received treatment with the use of "Neurodiclovit", note that with a high effectiveness of the drug taking, side effects were rarely disturbed - as a rule, they occur only in one percent of cases. True, the best reviews were those who were treated under the supervision of a doctor. Negative responses are mainly related to situations when patients independently chose “Neurodiclovit” for themselves without consulting with a specialist.

Patient Reviews: Opinions Disagree

Quite a lot in the World Wide Web can be found opinions about the "Neurodiclovitis" from those patients to whom the medication was prescribed by the attending physician.Before proceeding directly to therapy, many prudent people first carefully read the instructions, listing all possible negative phenomena accompanying the treatment, and are literally horrified. Indeed, the full list may be intimidating. But remember: a smaller part of side effects occurs in 1% of cases, and all the others accompany the administration of the drug much less frequently, and this is due to the individual characteristics of the organism. If the treatment is given to the body is difficult, you just need to seek help from your doctor to replace the drug. Do not be afraid in advance.

neurodiclovitis readings reviews

Reviews show that for the most part, patients treated with Neurodiclovit have experienced this remedy well. Of course, there are quite frequent cases of drowsiness, absent-mindedness, but not in such a form that it becomes life threatening. If the dosage set by the doctor is observed and the medication is used correctly, the patient may not fear for himself and his health if all the instructions of the specialists are followed. "Neurodiclovit" will help to overcome pain, cope with the tormenting pathology, eliminate inflammation, if you apply it with the mind.

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