The contest for knitting "Summer top"

From April 1 to May 15 we hold a competition forknitting "Summer top". We invite everyone to participate! The third competition is dedicated to the upcoming summer. The total prize fund of the contest is 1,500 rubles distributed as follows: 1st place - a prize of 1,000 rubles 2 place - a prize of 500 rubles Only adult women's tops and hook-related topics are accepted for the competition. Let's define with the concept top, summer top in clothes - the top part of a female clothes without sleeves (wikipedia). Requirements for competitive works: 1. Works must be crocheted. Works allowed in mixed technique are allowed, but most should be done by hook. 2. The description should contain a few words about yourself and about your work. 3. The description of the work should be made in text form (file of Word or in the body of the letter). 4. Specify the size of the thing, the number of the hook it is associated with, the consumption and composition of the thread. 5. Required 2-3 photos of work (only in jpg format). 6. At least one of the photographs should simultaneously show the competitive work and a tablet (perhaps just a piece of paper) with the inscription "contest on". The plates painted in Photoshop are not suitable! 7. A detailed description of the process of knitting (not necessarily), and the diagram (s) of the main pattern is mandatory (the scheme can be composed by hand). 8. No more than 10 photos are accepted for the competition. 9. Photos of poor quality are not accepted for the competition. 10. Please do not sign photos by their names, nicknames, etc. It is enough to have the presence on the photo of the tablet "contest on". Conditions for participation in the competition: 1. One participant can send only 1 work. 2. The editorial board has the right not to accept work for the competition without explaining the reasons. The order of the competition: 1. Materials for the contest are accepted by e-mail in time before May 15 inclusive. In the subject line of the letter, please indicate: "Summer top" competition. 2. In this competition, we changed the rules for calculating the rating in order to avoid the worries that had occurred in our previous competitions: "" and "". For this, at the end of each article, we had a "I like" block from all the known social network "Vkontakte", which allows you to vote by clicking on the "I like" button.Competition for knittingThis can only be done by registered usersusers of Vkontakte. These votes will have more weight than the standard assessment of the article, the opportunity to use which also remained. 3. The rating will be calculated in the following way: Rating = (Number of votes "Vkontakte") * 7 + (number of votes) * (asterisks, average score). 4. The more you collect the votes of Vkontakte, the higher your chances of winning! 5. The winner will be the work that will receive the highest rating (the calculation of the rating, see in paragraph 3). 6. All works that meet the conditions of the competition will be published on the site. 7. The results of the competition are summarized on May 15-20. On May 20, the winners will be announced. 8. Contest participants can invite friends and acquaintances to vote for their work (at the end of each article there is a block, clicking on the button you can invite your friends to vote in contact, in classmates, in LJ, etc.). 9. Each visitor can vote for work only once from one IP-address. 10. Attempts to cheat will be tracked. Do not cheat votes. 11. We reserve the right to remove "winded" voices or withdraw work from the competition. 12. The winners will be notified at the e-mail address from which the work has come. With him, we will wait for requisites for the transfer of the prize. 13. The prize will be transferred to the winner by mutual agreement of the parties in any convenient way. We hope for your active participation in the contest.

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The contest for knitting Summer top The contest for knitting Summer top The contest for knitting Summer top The contest for knitting Summer top The contest for knitting Summer top The contest for knitting Summer top The contest for knitting Summer top The contest for knitting Summer top The contest for knitting Summer top The contest for knitting Summer top