The cheapest country to stay. Cheap holidays with children on the sea

Everyone has long known that proper rest is a guarantee of good health. However, what if money is not enough? Should I completely abandon it? No and no again! Relaxing, even abroad, at low cost is quite feasible.

cheapest country to stay

Exotic foreign countries are an attractive place for Russian people. This is justified by the fact that the standard of living abroad is somewhat higher, which leads to excellent service, high quality products and comfortable housing conditions. In addition, vacation abroad is an opportunity to see beautiful landscapes, learn something new and dive into a completely different environment. As a result, recently, abroad has become a favorite place for Russian tourists, where they spend their holidays.

Immediately before the trip everyone should decide for themselves the main thing.Rest for everyone has its own meaning and carries its own meaning. Some do not represent it without the sea, others - without the exotic, and the third - without interesting facts and attractions. Depending on what goal you are pursuing, it is also necessary to determine the place.

Where can you relax most economically?

Vacation with children

Of course, many are interested in what is the cheapest country to stay. For quite a long time, inexpensive countries for travel are Egypt, Turkey and Bulgaria. And basically, you can save time in these countries thanks to the famous “all inclusive” campaign. This is precisely what is popular in Turkey.

Bulgaria has a beautiful nature, a pleasant climate and (compared to European) inexpensive prices. However, the more tourists choose these vacation spots, the more expensive their stay becomes.

Today, vacation in Montenegro, Romania or Croatia will become more economical. In such a situation, it is rather difficult to figure out where the cheapest rest country is. A trip, for example, to Italy or Spain, in comparison with other European countries will cost much less.Reduce costs will help travel in the off-season, when the cost of vouchers even more loyal. Inexpensive rest is possible even in such resorts as Goa and Vietnam. These countries have the lowest prices, and to a large extent the bulk of the cost is the road itself. However, if in advance to find and book promotional tickets for the relevant flights, you can spend much less.

In which European countries are budget holidays available?

inexpensive rest

In general, rest in Europe is considered quite expensive, but even there you can spend an inexpensive and comfortable time. The following are countries that differ loyal prices. Inexpensive vacation is possible in one of the lesser-known countries - in Albania. It is rich in beautiful nature, interesting history and, most importantly, low prices. Holidays in Albania are the mountains, the beach, good food, clean air and a lot of pleasure. At the same time, her government has already introduced a visa-free regime many times, and, as is known, visa-free countries for rest are the most accessible for tourists.

Another good option is to visit Lithuania. It is in this country possible full and budget vacation.Lithuania has cheap housing, numerous museums, a pleasant climate and a huge number of architectural monuments. She is definitely on the list as the cheapest country in the Baltic States. In addition, Bulgaria can be attributed to such a list, entry into which is possible only with a Schengen visa, but it is easy to get it. Budget holidays are also possible in Bosnia, Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Romania and Poland.

Where to spend summer vacation

He is always welcome and long-awaited. After a hard year, you always want to relax and stock up on your strength for the whole year. In general, the quality of rest depends directly on the choice of place, so this issue should be given special attention.

Fresh air of Spain

best vacation countries

Spain is a hot country that will allow you to sunbathe and spend time in nature and get acquainted with its traditions and way of life. Summer in Spain is accompanied by a daily dimension, which gives way to night festivities. For holidays with family, the Canary Islands are perfect, and for the youth party - the Balearic.

Hot turkey

vacation in turkey

Inexpensive vacation in Turkey is possible from the very beginning of the summer season, the peak of which falls in the summer and the first months of autumn.Turkey is quite hot, so most of the time tourists usually spend at sea. In addition, this country is perfect for family holidays, and for entertainment and fun. The best resorts in Turkey are Kemer, Antalya and Bodrum.

Beach holidays in Montenegro

vacation at sea

Montenegro, which is famous for its beauty, is located opposite Italy. Summer is a great season for a beach holiday, which will help you relax and forget about city life for a while. The Kotor Bay is considered to be a very beautiful and picturesque place of the coast. Prices in Montenegro are quite profitable, so the rest on the sea here will be not only relaxing, but also cheap.

Take a break from the heat in Finland

inexpensive rest

A trip to Finland will be a great solution for those who like coolness, tired of the unbearable heat and just want to retire by the sea. In the summer, people come here not only to admire the sea, but also to be able to appreciate the beauty of the local lakes with which this country is quite rich. The full summer season starts here from mid-June.

Mysterious israel

Israel has a rather developed tourist infrastructure.When planning to rest in Israel, it is necessary to determine the choice of the sea, of which there are as many as three - the Mediterranean, Red and Dead. On the Dead Sea, you can even improve your health a bit, since its waters are considered healing water there. The most famous resorts in Israel are Tel Aviv, Haifa and Eilat.

We organize budget holidays abroad

Actually, the bulk of the cost abroad is the road and payment for housing. To spend holidays abroad as cheaply as possible, there can be two options for the development of the situation. The first thing that can affect the cost is the rest on hot trips. The second is the trip route drawn up by you personally, searching for cheap charter flights and low-cost accommodation. A trip on a hot ticket is a pretty good idea, however there are some drawbacks here too. Hot vouchers do not allow to plan a purchase, as they are quite difficult to catch. Therefore, the hunt for them should be pretty tight. You can constantly monitor the offers of tour operators in the required direction using the Internet. Of course, at the same time it is necessary either not to work, or to rely on the fact that they will let you go on vacation at any moment,This is extremely rare.

You can also pre-pack and search for offers among a variety of travel agencies. Here it is likely that in a few days you will find an interesting offer at a low price. It should be understood that any vacation abroad requires at least an elementary knowledge of the language of the selected country. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare in advance and learn a language. In addition, it does not prevent to get acquainted with the local climate and to pick up the necessary things and clothes for the trip.

In general, most of the cost of rest is occupied by flights and accommodation, and by buying tickets at a bargain price, you can save a lot.

Budget vacation with children

When planning a family vacation, first of all young parents want to take their children to the sea. But often it is an expensive pleasure, and not everyone can afford it. However, if you plan your trip correctly, it can be inexpensive. Rest on the sea in the countries of the near abroad and Russia will be quite economical.

We have a rest with children on the Black Sea

When planning a beach holiday, it is recommended that countries choose the closest ones or not to go abroad at all.As a place to spend your free time, you can choose resorts located on the shores of the Black Sea in the Krasnodar Territory.

Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Anapa and Sochi are considered good resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. The list is quite large, and there are plenty to choose from. The infrastructure of the Krasnodar region is quite developed, so the holidays there will be pleasant and useful for both adults and children. Resort cities have on their territory a lot of entertainment, such as water parks, zoos and attractions. That is why it is possible to rest with children. The territory of the resort towns is equipped with everything necessary to spend a full, interesting and unforgettable vacation with the whole family. Resorts located in the Krasnodar Territory, equipped with playgrounds, there is everything you need to organize an inexpensive vacation. In addition, on any coast, you can use the services of an experienced nanny, which will allow parents to spend a little together and go on a tour or in a cafe. At the same time, the cost of services is low, so everyone can afford such costs.

visa-free travel countries

One of the best places for family holidays is the Crimea.On its territory is a huge number of boarding houses, designed for families with children. Crimea has exactly to a quiet, measured and soothing time. In addition, it is characterized by excellent ecology, clean air and fascinating landscapes. Almost all over the Crimea can be rented for a small price of a room in a hotel. And, in addition to this, on the half-stop, there are rather low prices, which will make it possible to have a great family holiday even with a small budget.

Pleasant holiday on the Sea of ​​Azov

In addition to Black, you can relax, without going abroad, on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov, which will be even cheaper. The coast of the Azov Sea is shallow everywhere, and, accordingly, it will be the safest when you are with children. The water here is always clean and warm. Children especially love the Sea of ​​Azov, as they are attracted there by small shells and pebbles. The resorts here are famous for clean air, pleasant climate and the presence of a lot of entertainment. At the same time, rest on the sea is always economical, as local prices for food and housing are low. You can take a small amount of money with you, look in advance at cozy and thrifty hotels and catering places.Based on this, we can say that, nevertheless, the cheapest country for rest is Russia, and you can relax here no worse than abroad.


Always remember that relaxing well doesn’t mean spending big. The best countries to relax open their doors, giving you the opportunity to economically spend a vacation. Look for discounts, last minute trips, promotions. Thanks to your attentiveness and the Global Network, you can spend quality time by the sea for mere pennies!

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