The brilliant David Lachapelle, who became a legend in the fashion industry

The works of this author are crazy. They are allegorical and evoke associations with the surrealistic works of Salvador Dali. The genius of photography, playfully, changes the essence of everyday things, revealing a new view of the world.

Love forever

The famous David Lachapelle was born in 1963 in Connecticut (USA) in a family of immigrants. Back in 4th grade, he became interested in photography. Obsessed with the work of E. Warhol, he was different from all the guys in appearance, for which he was offended by classmates. After numerous conflicts, the boy leaves school and leaves home at 15.

David Lachapelle

The teenager goes to New York, works in a cafe, but does not forget to attend classes in art. A young man falls in love with a photograph and learns its basics. As David admits, he intuitively sensed the right exposure and understood the whole process of photography.

Successful debut

At one time, a talented American takes only black and white photographs.When he was not even 17, Andy Warhol, the main ideologue of pop culture and an idol since childhood, invites a guy to shoot in one edition. After a successful debut, the author of unusual works is noticed and offered a job in well-known glamor magazines. Art and photography become an integral part of his life. At the same time, the birth of the original style, bordering on surrealism.

The most influential and highly paid photographer

With the master of provocations dream movie stars and show business. Celebrities line up to experience the power of his incredible talent. One of the highest paid photographers in the world has a real gift - it turns a boring routine into an extraordinary and interesting one. Each work of David Lashapelya - this is a complete story with the meaning and development of the plot. However, the master does not seek to convey his world perception in provocative works: he performs a creative task with maximum efficiency.

Amazing color range

It is no coincidence that the number of prestigious awards only increases every year, and no significant event can do without its participation.David Lashapel likes the fact that he is given complete freedom of action. And when there is no inspiration, he stimulates his imagination with music, viewing masterpieces of the Renaissance or erotic paintings.

New world view

In the masterpieces of the photographer David Lashapelya often viewed religious themes. Some critics consider such works to be a real blasphemy and mockery of the Lord. And the master himself declares that this is a completely new view of the world. Many biblical scenes are transferred to the modern world, and the image of Christ very harmoniously fits into everyday life.

Color saturation and entertainment

The main distinctive feature of all the works of the genius of photography is an amazing color range, which causes a lot of emotions. The artist chooses bright, eye-catching colors to influence the viewer's imagination. Light is very important in the creation of works, because it is this that allows to achieve the desired degree of saturation of shades.

When a photographer is blamed for accusing him of excessive entertainment, the American does not try to argue anything and notices that without computer graphics and unusual special effects he would hardly have achieved such success."Of course, not only the idea is important, but also its brilliant embodiment", - David Lachapelle does not argue.

Surreal artworks

He agrees to advertising shooting, is involved in the creation of video clips. A good fee spends on a favorite thing, because many magazines have absolutely no money. Gained the fame of a creative master, the American worked with all the star Hollywood, and thanks to his originality, he became a significant figure in the world of glamor.

Legend in the world of glamor

David Lashapel, who has become a legendary figure in the fashion industry, is recognizable in his works, but is by no means predictable. No one can even guess what will hit the next time scandalous and talented photographer. He never takes mediocre shots, but turns everything he touches into real gold.

Nobody imitating the master of provocative photography, who broke all the established stereotypes, creates vivid images that instantly attract the attention of viewers. When asked to tell him the secret of success, he grins. And critics believe that it is in the corporate presentation, characterized by vivid expressiveness and emotionality.

Color saturation

Viewers gazing admiringly at color photographs relate themselves to famous and successful characters, dreaming of becoming the same.Many people want to be in a unique world created by David Lashapel, whose biography is full of significant events, although sometimes the craftsman seems to be far from reality to the layman.

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The brilliant David Lachapelle, who became a legend in the fashion industry 44

The brilliant David Lachapelle, who became a legend in the fashion industry 54

The brilliant David Lachapelle, who became a legend in the fashion industry 31

The brilliant David Lachapelle, who became a legend in the fashion industry 53