The best greetings for 50 years in verse and prose

Do your acquaintances have an anniversary? What should be the greeting for 50 years? It is desirable to prepare a solemn speech. Having lived for half a century, people celebrate their birthday widely, often ordering a restaurant and inviting a presenter. In order not to fall into the face of the dirt, you should think carefully about the words or write poetry. Congratulations ideas can be found below.


The most dear person deserves sincere words spoken with love. Congratulations on 50 years old mom should be written very easily. Prepare a speech in advance. What should be included in it? Tell us some memorable episode from your childhood, where your mother appears as a clever mentor or best friend. And then add that there were many such pleasant moments in your life, and it would be simply impossible to remember all of them.

An example of a greeting might look like this:

“Mom, I congratulate you on your anniversary! I wish you to remain always young and as sensitive as you have always been.I remember well the moment when I just learned to ride a bike. Dad was pushing me, but I didn’t understand how to keep balance. Thanks to your clear explanations, I was able to master this type of transport, which has since been my favorite. I want to wish you that together with us for many years we could ride bicycles in the forest for berries and that these trips were a joy to each of us. May your life be good. You deserve it. ”

congratulations happy birthday woman 50 years


Congratulations on 50 years for the father may be less sentimental than for the mother. Men are pleasant tenderness, but it must be dosed out and not put on public display. So, congratulating dad personally, you can say any kind and pleasant words. Writing the text for a festive celebration, you should tell about your father something flattering and not very embellished.

Congratulation Example:

“Dad, we wish you sunny mood and good luck on this festive day! You have always been my idol and role model. They say that girls choose their husbands, like father. Believe me, I will be happy if I find a man like you. You taught me to be strong, courageous and resourceful.Absolutely everyone loves your wonderful sense of humor. Always remain kind, clever and creative. I wish you health and long life. ”

congratulation 50 years in prose


It is said that parents do not always know how to raise their children. But grandmothers who have experience in this business can find the right approach to their grandson. For this reason, children do not always succeed in building a trusting relationship with their parents, but practically all grandchildren trust their secrets to grandmothers.

What greetings for 50 years would be most appropriate? Grandchildren should wish for a long life, health and tell a short story in which the grandmother appears in the best light:

“Grandma, happy birthday! I love you very much and I know that this is mutual. You are my best friend, and I hope it always will be. You know how to support and always give the right advice. I like that I can walk with you around the yard and collect all kinds of treasures. You even give me a box for them. Mom calls these beautiful objects junk, but we know that it is not. May your life be good. I know you can live to be 100 years old and even longer. ”

congratulations on the day of 50 years


Men are pleased to hear the words of congratulations.Even those individuals who do not recognize this, want a little warmth and affection. What would be the most appropriate birthday greeting? 50 years for grandfather is the age at which a man already feels himself to be a fulfilled person. He has a home, a family and growing grandchildren. What words can say kids to please the grandfather?

"Happy Birthday! May your life be all right. We love you very much and appreciate. We like to spend free time with you. You teach us interesting things, like playing chess or checkers. In quizzes you always know the right answer. You are the smartest person we know. Always stay so interesting, strong and healthy. ”


Each person has relatives who are closer to him than everyone else. Most often these are sisters of dad or mom. Congratulations on your birthday for 50 years should sound beautiful and at the same time solemnly. Big family holidays often take place in a restaurant. On the aunt's birthday, nephews can read a beautiful speech about the role that the birthday girl plays in their lives. It is necessary to read the text from memory, not paper. The effect of reading the leaf will not be the same.What can I say?

“Aunt (name), I love you very much and on this gala evening I want to wish you the fulfillment of all desires. You are my second mom. With you I can share secrets, gossip and cry. You will always support and understand. Your responsiveness has always amazed me, and I want to take an example from you. I know that our whole family loves you, as well as friends and colleagues. It is impossible not to love such a wonderful and sincere person. I would like to wish you to remain the same inimitable, and if the changes occur, they should be only for the better. ”


The siblings of mothers and fathers also play a significant role in the lives of nephews. Especially uncles are important for those children who grew up without a father. Congratulations in prose for 50 years for a man should be simple and natural. Even a prepared speech should sound as if you are writing it in the course of pronunciation. Nobody will notice a dirty trick if you smile and pronounce words with expression. What can you wish for?

“Uncle (name), happy birthday! I can not believe that you are 50 years old today. You look too good for this age.I hope that youth in the blood of our kind. You replaced my father for me, and I am extremely grateful to you for this. I did not feel deprived. Male education helped me to become a strong and strong-willed person. I love my mother, but I know that she alone would not have coped with this task. I wish your life to get better every year. You are a talented person and have already achieved a lot. But there are wonderful years ahead that you can spend on your hobby. The prospects before you warm my heart and, I hope, you too. ”

congratulations on the birth of 50 years old woman


People with whom we grew up play a major role in life. What kind of congratulations on the day of 50 years you can come up with for a brother? If your loved one understands humor, then you can make a comic speech. For example, to tell some funny story that will amuse guests and cheer everyone up. But remember, you should be the comedic hero, not your brother.

“Kolya, on the 50th birthday! It seems that only yesterday we celebrated your first anniversary. Do you remember how it was? As I remember now, we went with my parents to an amusement park. I was afraid to ride on the carousel, and you really liked them.We rode one after another on wooden horses, and you decided to feel like a cowboy. I was so scared for you when you got up. I jumped up and ran to your horse, because I was afraid that she could reckon now. Parents long laughed at this situation. You have always been a brave man and now you stay. I hope there will be many more cases in your life to demonstrate your best qualities, although I already know that you are a wonderful person. May you always be fine. "


What should be the congratulations on the birthday of a woman? 50 years is a round date. For a person who is dear to the heart, it is always difficult to choose words. They seem so awkward and inappropriate. Pathos speech suitable for unfamiliar people. When a person is preparing for a solemn speech, he should think that it will be nice to hear the birthday girl. If your sister is a romantic person, then she will want to hear the wishes of something fabulous. Most of all, a person likes to listen to the wishes of what he himself would like.

“Arina, congratulations on your birthday! You and I have always been close, no wonder, because we are twins.Many have said that we are similar, but I know how different we are. I have always considered you an example. You are strong, courageous and incredibly insightful. Sometimes it seems that fate gave all the positive qualities to you. But I do not envy you, I admire. I am very glad that you have such a great life. Our fates are different, but the community given by the mother has always helped us in difficult life situations. I hope that you will not meet any more trials in your life’s journey, but if anything, I will always come to the rescue. ”

congratulations happy birthday 50 years


How nice to hear warm words from a person with whom the experience of dating is more than 30 years. Women often invite school and university friends to their anniversary. Congratulations on the anniversary of 50 years a woman should be touching. You can tell a story from the past or a funny case in which a friend will appear in the best light. To win the applause, you should make your speech a toast. Then you will be more attentive. What can you wish a woman who turns 50?

“Alain, today you have become quite an adult. I do not want to say the word “old”, because when you look at you, this is out of the question. You look great. And you do not even need to do a prefix for your age.Young you are not only outside, but also from the inside. You know how to perfectly adapt to any conditions, so I do not think that the numbers on the calendar somehow can change your mental balance.

I would like to recall the case that happened at the institute. Then it was your birthday and the exam on economic theory. I remember how we all put our marks on the score above and did not torment us for a long time, since we said that everything was ready for the holiday and we had to go to the forest before the weather turned bad. So since then we have used your birthday more than once as an excuse to leave early for exams. And most importantly, for the whole of our course, the number 14 became memorable. I hope that everything in your life will be good, and luck will never leave your home. ”

beautiful greeting 50 years

To a friend

A beautiful greeting for 50 years for a man is a wish of happiness to his family and further climbing the career ladder. By his jubilee, a person should already be held as a specialist in some chosen field. The holiday does not draw a line on a career, but merely reminds that there are not so many working years left to pass on their experience and knowledge to someone. We need to think about how to arrange your life in retirement.What to wish a man?

“Anatoly, we have known you for more than a decade, and during that time I learned what a wonderful person you are. Congratulations on your anniversary. I hope that in your life there have been and still will be many wonderful moments that can be gladly discussed in retirement. But to you it is still far away. I would like to say that life in 50 years does not begin, but does not end either. You came to this age, a wealthy man with your unique vision of a picture of the world. Continue to cultivate and develop. Do not miss the moment and keep up with the fast pace of life. Everything will be fine, I'm sure of it. "


Congratulations in verse for 50 years will be appropriate if you write them in a postcard. It is advisable to compose something yourself. Sincerity and warmth of feelings will be noticeable, even if a person reads lines from a colored cardboard. Worn poems can also be used, but in this case try to supplement them with prose. Otherwise, the birthday may be offended because you have not approached the process of congratulation. Even written 4 lines will delight a person.

It should be remembered that it is always more pleasant to receive verbal wishes.What can you say warm words on the birthday of a 50 year old woman? Congratulations on the holiday may be:

“Here is the anniversary!”

Together sadness and joy.

About the departed do not regret

50 is not old age.

Let henceforth and forever

Sad not crucified

There will be new years

Joy rich!

And not in good labor,

And good news

And friends will not fail,

And the soul is in place. ”

congratulations on the anniversary of 50 years in verse


Want to write a beautiful greeting woman for 50 years? Happy birthday can be congratulated with prose or poetry. If you do not know how to beautifully fold the lines, then you should not do this. Incompetent poems are nice to read to relatives and parents. But experimenting with colleagues is not worth it. It is better to wish the person what he lacks. A colleague who is sick all the time, you need to wish for health. That person who tells about eternal conflicts with her husband is family happiness. A person will be touched by the fact that you remember his troubles and sincerely want them to no longer burden him with their presence.

Well, if you are not deprived of the talent of the poet, you can add congratulations on the anniversary (50 years) in verse. Beautiful lines, uttered with sincere cordiality, will appeal to a man,and woman. But still, the beautiful half of humanity will appreciate poetry better. Here is an example of a verse that can be read:

“Congratulations on your anniversary!

You are 50 today!

It is hard for us to believe:

Thin camp, cheerful look.

And flying gait,

And perky, pure laughter.

You are still beautiful

You are a success!

At work - respect

At home - a friendly family!

You health and luck

For the current year! ”

To the director

At work often have to congratulate not only his colleagues, but also the authorities. What should tell your director? Wish you need prosperity of the company. Be sure to mention that the whole team appreciates and loves what your manager was able to create. We can say that thanks to the incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere that prevails in the team, you are happy to go to work.

“Ivan Semenovich, congratulations on your anniversary! Today is a holiday not only for you, but also for us. After all, we are all incredibly happy that it is you who are our boss. Such a smart and experienced leader is hard to find. You know how to quickly and easily solve all problems and not offend anyone. Stay always cheerful, positive and cheerful. ”

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