The benefits of kefir proven


Kefir is one of the favorite and common dairy drinks in Russia. Its homeland is North Ossetia. The word "kefir" comes from the Turkish language and means "health." In Russia, this fermented milk drink began to be made since 1909. Now kefir is produced not only in Russia, but also in Canada and Japan. The modern market provides a huge selection of various dairy products, about 65% of it is kefir.
the benefits of kefir
Component for diet

Kefir has unique healing properties. Its pleasant, refreshing taste and useful qualities at one time were appreciated by such famous personalities as Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Ilya Mechnikov. The benefits of kefir are recognized by both traditional and official medicine. This fermented milk product is used as a preventive measure against various diseases, and is also one of the components of various diets.
Kefir - the benefits and harm
1. Since the drink is easily absorbed by the body, it is taken to improve digestion, especially in cases of eating heavy food.
2. Kefir has a positive effect on immunity, increases vitality.
3Fights against harmful intestinal bacteria, improves digestive processes, helps in creating natural microflora.
4. Fresh kefir is a mild laxative. He, but already settled for three days, will have a fixing effect.
5. The benefits of the drink are contained in its composition, and the name is in a large amount of vitamins, macro- and microelements, as well as beneficial microorganisms.
6. Kefir stimulates appetite and quenches thirst, relieves hangover.
7. Drink has a positive effect on metabolism.
8. In cosmetology, kefir benefits are based on antioxidant properties.
9. This fermented milk product is a natural sedative, its usekefir benefits and harmuse when you have problems with falling asleep, chronic fatigue.

The kefir is proven to be good for the night - drunk before bedtime, it has a double benefit, since calcium, which is rich in a drink, is best absorbed at night. If you regularly use kefir before bedtime, you will soon be able to forget about such unpleasant things as morning constipation, because the drink improves intestinal motility.

use of kefir for the nightWho does not kefir?

The benefits of kefir are obvious, but you need to know that this drink is not for everyone, namely:
1. Kefir is not recommended to use to those people who often have heartburn and other problems associated with increased acidity of the stomach.
2. Kefir will be harmful for those who suffer from gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, pancreatitis, gastritis with high acidity.
3. The product should not be consumed in too large quantities - in this case it will not so much help as it does harm. Excessive fascination with this fermented milk drink can lead to the opposite effect - slowing down the metabolic processes and reducing immunity.
So, the benefit of kefir is proven! After evaluating the useful and side properties of this wonderful product, you can decide whether to be or not in the everyday menu.

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