Terrorist attack in Domodedovo: chronicle of events, causes, consequences

The article will talk about the explosion in Domodedovo. This sad and tragic event, which will forever remain in the memory of Russians, requires detailed consideration. We will talk about the chronology of events, try to understand what could have caused such a conflict and what consequences it brought.

What event are we talking about?

So, what do we know about the terrorist attack in Domodedovo? This explosion was carried out by a suicide bomber who thought out everything in advance. Many do not know what year was the terrorist attack in Domodedovo. It occurred in the winter of January 24, 2011. Moscow airport was blown up by a bomb made of plastic explosives. As a result of the attack, 37 people died, 170 were injured of varying degrees of severity. The terrorist group "Emirate Caucasus" was found guilty. It is known that the organizers were Doku Umarov and Aslan Byutukayev.


As we already know, Domodedovo Airport has become the target of terrorists.On January 24, at about 4:30 pm an explosion occurred in a crowd of people who met the passengers. In the thick of it were not only Russians, but also representatives of other nationalities. The airport building was quickly filled with smoke. A mass evacuation of people through emergency exits began. A large number of passengers have accumulated in the halls, as the exit from the arrival area has been blocked. The first message, which appeared in the media, was published at 16:38 and it sounded like this: "Pray in our workplace, in Domodedovo, we detonated a bomb." The post was posted on Twitter.

terrorist attack in Domodedovo

All further messages were also posted under the tag Domodedovo. Incredibly, in order to carry out a full evacuation, the rescuers had to quickly disassemble the brick wall. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev revised his plans for Davos business cards. He personally ordered that an additional security system be introduced at airports and other hubs. At the state level, the explosion that occurred was classified as a terrorist act. Later it became known that the security services were still unaware of a possible terrorist attack a week before.It was shocking news that shook the whole of Russia.

Arrival of officials

Vladimir Kolokoltsev, head of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow, and Viktor Biryukov, head of public relations in the Moscow police, arrived at the airport. Two government officials said patrols are being reinforced throughout the city. Also, Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation V. Malinovsky arrived at the site of the explosion. According to preliminary data, it was believed that one of the three suspected men came from the North Caucasus. At 19:30 pm the number of victims of the terrorist act increased to 35 people. After 10 minutes, the remains of the alleged perpetrator were discovered. Doctors said that, based on the nature of the damage, the bomb was most likely on the floor.

Domodedovo airport

The site EMERCOM of Russia published a list of hospitalized. At 20:00 pm it was reported that about 6 foreigners from France, Italy, Tajikistan, Slovakia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan suffered. However, these were only preliminary data. Later, representatives of the synodal department of the Russian Orthodox Church left for the scene of the explosion. Spiritual support for the sick was provided by the clerics and priests who graduated from the Emergencies Ministry courses.On February 2 of the same year, a man died in the hospital, so the death toll rose to 36. On February 24, another victim died, and the death toll stopped at 37.


Domodedovo Airport has become a central topic on almost all television channels of the country. At this time, the investigation of this case was conducted. As we said earlier, it became known that the intelligence services had information that a terrorist act could be carried out at a Moscow airport. As it turned out later, the power of the explosive device was not less than 7 kg in TNT equivalent. A day after the terrorist attack, Vladimir Putin announced that Chechnya has nothing to do with this incident. At the same time there were rumors that the terrorist was of European appearance. The investigation opened criminal cases under several articles of the Constitution. According to the results of the investigation, it became known that a man of dense stature, whose age was about 20 years, brought an explosive to the airport. Possible versions of the involvement of women and men of Arab appearance in the terrorist act were refuted by the investigation.

After some time it became known that the organizers of the mass terrorist attack were detained back in December 2010.The criminals planned to commit an explosion in the winter of 2010 with the help of a female suicide bomber. However, the plan failed shortly before the New Year. Investigators found out that the 20-year-old boy was assisted by senior comrades who were commanders of the south-western sector of the “Emirate of the Caucasus”. The men were interrogated and detained while trying to leave for Chisinau. It turned out that the suicide bomber was a young guy who, shortly before the attack, came to the militants. He was mentally unbalanced due to a head injury that he received as a child. He was sheltered and ideologically processed so that he was ready to carry out his plans.

explosion in Domodedovo

In the summer of 2012, the Moscow Regional Court began to consider the case in closed session. In the fall of 2013, a decision was made according to which the gang leaders were sentenced to life imprisonment, and one of the criminals to 10 years in prison. Also, the defendants paid about 8 million rubles to the victims. In the winter of 2015, the case was closed. Also, before this, a criminal case was initiated against some employees of Domodedovo Airport due to the non-performance of their work related to security issues.However, after 53 months of the investigation, it was established that the actions of the officers contained no corpus delicti.

A video with the gang leader and alleged suicide bomber Magomed Yevloyev was published on the Kavkaz Center website. The man specifically published this video after the investigation. On February 8, a video message by D. Umarov appeared on the same site that the terrorist attack in Domodedovo was carried out on his personal order. He also noted that Russia was expecting similar attacks in the future.

Murder suspects

In September 2011, three men were shot to death with a pistol in Istanbul. In Russia, they were on the federal wanted list in the case of organizing a number of terrorist acts, including the one that occurred at the Moscow Domodedovo Airport. Turkish police suggested that the crime could have been committed by a Russian citizen, Alexander Zhirkov. He escaped from the crime scene, but at the same time in his room the police found a pistol with a silencer, documents, a night vision device and a mask.


Doctors reported that the explosive device was stuffed with dangerous attacking elements, such as bolts, pipe trim nuts, balls, etc.However, later the experts stated that it is impossible to unequivocally assert the presence of such elements. They noticed that metal fragments could be elements of hand luggage, carts or other things that were in the center of the explosion.

terrorist attack of 2011 Domodedovo

Also at the crime scene discovered plastids. According to the initial data, it was believed that the bomb was stone, that is, it consisted of granite chips and pebbles, but this version was refuted. It is also known that the explosive was not in the bag, but in the martyr’s belt.


Immediately after the terrorist attack of 2011, more than 110 people were hospitalized in Domodedovo. The Slovak actor Lubos Kostelny was also in the hospital. There he had an immediate operation on his leg. Already on January 26 all the dead were identified, with the exception of the previously identified citizen of Great Britain. Among those killed was the famous Ukrainian playwright Anna Yablonskaya, who arrived in Moscow from Odessa to receive the award. Wounded Slovak actress Zuzan Fialov. Victims of light injuries were entitled to payments in the amount of 1 million rubles; people with severe injuries were to receive compensation in the amount of 1.9 million rubles.On the personal instructions of the mayor of Moscow, Sobyanin, the funeral processions of those killed during the terrorist attack were carried out at the expense of the city budget.

what year was the terrorist attack in Domodedovo

In Moscow State University and many other universities of the country, the celebration of the Day of Tatiana was canceled as a sign of mourning for the dead. Deputies of the State Duma celebrated the memory of the dead with a minute of silence. January 26, 2011 was the day of mourning in the capital and the region. On January 27, a rally was held in Pushkin Square in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack.


Despite the fact that the guilty bore responsibility for the terrorist attack in Domodedovo, other measures were taken. The President of Russia dismissed the head of the transport department, Andrei Alekseev. Interior Minister Nurgaliyev dismissed the head of the airport and his two deputies. Transport Minister Levitin removed from office 4 officials who were engaged in supervision in the field of transport.


The investigation of the terrorist attack in Domodedovo was completed, but the pain in the hearts of the victims and their loved ones remained forever. However, these people were not ignored. More talk about the payments that they relied. To begin with, the airport had an insurance contract.However, according to its conditions, the explosion in Domodedovo does not fall under the category of an insured event. The airport administration could conclude an agreement that would stipulate payments in the event of an explosion or terrorist act, but there was no such transaction, therefore no insurance payments were expected.

terrorist attack in Domodedovo investigation

The money to the victims of the terrorist attack was paid from the federal and municipal budgets. The authorities of the capital paid assistance to the families of the dead, people with light and heavy wounds. The amount of payments we have stipulated above. Also, the government allocated funds in the Moscow region to provide financial assistance to people who lost their property during the terrorist attack. As the trial proceeded, claims and civil claims for damages were received. A total of 4 applications were registered from people who lost their property as a result of the terrorist attack at Domodedovo. Note that the two victims filed lawsuits for 30 and 40 thousand rubles. At the same time, the prosecutor satisfied the financial complaints of 30 victims for a total amount of just over 30 million rubles. Property and moral damage was taken into account. An amount of more than 8 million rubles was also recovered from the airport as compensation for lost profits, lost rent and damaged property.

Terrorist attack in Domodedovo 2004

In the summer of 2004, major aviation accidents occurred in Russia as a result of terrorist attacks. Two airliners exploded in the air at almost the same time. Both aircraft flew from Domodedovo Airport. An hour after departure, an explosion was carried out by a suicide bomber. Killed 89 people.


On the case of the terrorist attack in Domodedovo on February 9, 2016, the former manager of aviation security at the airport, Andrey Danilov, was detained. He was accused of many security breaches that were discovered after the 2011 terrorist attack. Also under investigation was the former director of the complex V. Nekrasov.terrorist attack in Domodedovo February 9, 2016The prosecutor's office considered that the detention of Danilov can be considered illegal, since the death of people can be attributed only to the actions of the perpetrators. However, representatives of the Investigative Committee stressed that M. Evloev conceived a terrorist attack at Domodedovo precisely because there were the weakest security measures here. Recall that the intelligence services had information about a possible terrorist attack in one of the airports in the capital, and not in particular.

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