Take the man out of your mouth!

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Do you know, there is such a type of mummies who, in any incomprehensible situation, shove a baby in the mouth of a pacifier? Sometimes it seems to me that we ourselves become such mums after reaching sexual maturity. In any incomprehensible situation, we women begin an urgent search for a man.
We are not trying to understand our feelings - what exactly do we want? Are we cold, lonely? Want to go to a restaurant? Is sexually uncomfortable? Thongs too tight? Need a fur coat? We just go looking for a man. But we make mistakes again and again.
A man seems to us a universal solver of any problem. He must repair his clogged mixers, calm down his teenage son, arrange sex life with numerous orgasms, pay utilities and quickly repair. Then buy a dress, take it to Turkey and feed a little strawberries.
If there is no such man, we can suck his ideal image in his head for years, like a child - a pacifier. A little more, a little more, and he will come, save, and do everything.With this thought, we, having pocketed our lips, fall asleep, calmed down. But the man does not appear.
All the men from real life who surround us at the same time seem to be somehow different. This one is old, this one is fat, this one is too young. This one is in stupid trousers, and the other has stupidly stupidly. No one is suitable.
In fact, real men seem so nasty just because they prevent sucking the virtual peasant dudulyu. That same man who, like Batman, will solve problems in one day. That same man, the thought of which calms and gives hope. If you try to take such a dudulya away from a woman, she will cry and show aggression.
Instead of decomposing her discomfort on the shelves, the woman goes into the world of fantasy. But maybe some of the problems could be solved independently? For the dress go to the store. Restaurant to visit with friends. Whitewash the ceiling itself, and not wait for a man for decades without a major overhaul. On the mixer call the master. Out of boredom - read a book ... And so on.
By the way, I noticed that women's trouble-free is very attractive.
Everyone wants an elegant, fun little one in a summer dress, laughing in the company of girlfriends.Everyone wants to dance with her, treat her with strawberry cakes, and maybe take her to Turkey if everything grows together.
But no one wants a tired, dull aunt with a large shopping bag, peering tensely into men's faces - isn't he? Isn't it a savior? Is Chip and Dale flying to help?
In principle, the transformation from a problem woman into a problem-free, or at least into a woman with a small number of problems, is not that difficult. But for this you have to spit out of the mouth of an imaginary male dudulya.

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