Sweet basket

Today, delicious baskets at the peak of popularity. They can be filled with fruits or vegetables, sausages or cheeses, sweets and other sweets. This is chosen taking into account the taste preferences of the addressee, but there are some patterns. For example, it would be logical for a man to present a bouquet of snacks for beer, a child - gingerbread and marmalade, and girls - a set of sweets or fruits.
Today you will learn how to make a small basket full of different sweets.
Sweet basket

For work, prepare the following materials:
  • wooden thin sticks;
  • square shaped piece of foam;
  • wrapping paper;
  • thermo-gun;
  • scissors;
  • gloves (rubber or polyethylene);
  • packaging cellophane;
  • red ribbon;
  • all kinds of sweets (marmalade, halva, sweets with sesame, dates, milk toffee and caramel).

Making a sweet basket with your own hands

First, decide on the sweets that you put in the future basket. Do not take too soft foods, but very hard too will not work. Here you need to find the golden middle.Take such yummies, which can be pierced with a wooden stick, without applying great physical effort, and while they will hold securely.
Here is a sample set: marmalade in the form of peach slices, halvah, caramel with sesame, milky toffee, dried dates.
Sweet basket

Now wear polyethylene disposable gloves. Attach each of the selected components to the sharp end of the wooden stick. Lay the skewers with sweets on plates.
Sweet basket

It is necessary to make a basis for a tasty composition. To do this, take the wrapping paper and a square piece of foam.
Sweet basket

Using a heat gun, glue the foam on all sides with beautiful paper. Here is the basis.
Sweet basket

Now begin to fill it with sweets on skewers. First stick a caramel with sesame.
Sweet basket

Then add dates to the composition.
Sweet basket

Do not forget the milk toffee.
Sweet basket

And at the very end, stick sticks with marmalade in foam plastic.
Sweet basket

Make sure that there are no noticeable voids between the sweets and the sticks do not look out of the base.
Sweet basket

When all the components are in place, it remains only to pack a beautiful composition for the presentation. Wrap the craft wrapping cellophane and fix the bow of bright ribbon on top.
Sweet basket

A basket with delicious filling is ready!
Sweet basket

You can give it to the lover of sweets.The plus of such a gift is that the sweet tooth, most likely, will offer you to eat snacks together for a cup of tea or coffee.
By the same principle, compositions are made from fruits, meat products and other components.

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