Biography of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk - the famous Ukrainian singer and musician. The man managed to become famous in the distant 90s, immediately after he founded the rock band "Ocean Elzy". During the existence of the group Vakarchuk wrote not one successful album, and in 2014 organized a large-scale concert in honor of the 20th anniversary of the group.
Vakarchuk Svyatoslav IvanovichVakarchuk Svyatoslav Ivanovich
It is also worth noting that the man has a Ph.D. and for some time was a deputy. In 2005, he earned the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Childhood and Family Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

The future famous performer and founder of the Okean Elzy team Svyatoslav Vakarchuk was born on May 14, 1975 in the city of Mukachevo, Transcarpathia. In addition to him, another eldest son Oleg grew up in the family, linking his life with the banking sector in the future. The children's father worked for a long time as an ordinary physics teacher, and his mother worked as a mathematician.
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk in childhoodSvyatoslav Vakarchuk in childhood
Soon after the birth of Svyatoslav, the family decided to move to Lviv to give the children a good education. Once in the new place, dad became the rector of the Local University, and my mother continued to work as a teacher, but this time she chose physics.
While still a youngster, Vakarchuk was fond of basketball and music. If the majority of his peers played football and had fun in the courtyard, he also devoted all his time to the music circle, where he learned the basics of playing the violin and the accordion. Having received a certificate, the guy decided to follow in the footsteps of his parents, so he applied to the local higher educational institution for a physical and mathematical specialty.
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk in his youthSvyatoslav Vakarchuk in his youth
As soon as Svyatoslav had a diploma of higher education in his hands, he did not go to look for work, but went to graduate school. As a result, a man can boast a good dissertation, and even a Ph.D.

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and "Ocean Elzy"

While still a student, the guy met with the performers of the group "Silence Clan". Since at that time it was very difficult to get to the big stage, the guys performed in bars and restaurants.After some time, the group fell apart, and Vakarchuk proposed to his faithful comrades to found a new team, “Okean Elzy”. Officially, the group’s founding date is October 12, 1994. After these events, the life of an ordinary boy turned upside down. So that friends did not run away, Vakarchuk was forced to sing, write songs and music.
Growth Svyatoslav Vakarchuk 176 cmGrowth Svyatoslav Vakarchuk 176 cm
Perhaps the influence of new friends changed Svyatoslav, and perhaps he himself was fond of rock music. In the winter of 1994, the guys recorded a demo, which included 4 songs. A little later in the same year, they debuted on television, releasing the first video clip. The residents of Lvov liked the music and songs, so the group decided to give a concert right on the square near the opera house. At first it was hard, but the purposefulness and assertive nature of Svyatoslav allowed the team to be brought to a completely different level.
Since 1996, "Ocean Elzy" goes on a tour of countries such as Ukraine, Poland, France and Germany. In the spring of 1998, the band decided to move to the capital, where they happily presented their debut album “There, de us is mute” to millions of fans.In 2000, Svyatoslav participated in the prestigious rock concert "Invasion", which takes place in Moscow. The guys managed to attract attention due to the film “Brother-2” that everyone liked. In this motion picture, there are 2 well-known tracks - “If you are mute” and “Kavachai”, which all Russia appreciated.
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk - soloist of the "Ocean Elzy"Svyatoslav Vakarchuk - soloist of the "Ocean Elzy"
Despite the phenomenal success and public recognition, the group made a breakthrough to the desired glory only in 2001. It was during this period that the new album “Model” was born, which many fans consider to be the best for the entire existence of the group. After 2 years, "Ocean Elzy" released the following record "Supersimetry", which twice became platinum. The next wave of popularity overtook the guys in 2005 with the release of the fifth album “Gloria”. Its circulation was 100 thousand copies, which was sold on the first day. The album also became platinum.
In order not to lose his admirers Svyatoslav worked hard, not idle hands. In 2007, an album dedicated to the blessed memory of Sergey Tovstoluzhsky appeared on sale. He was the producer of the group until he committed suicide.According to the true fans, the album "Mira" is the most dynamic and fatal.
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk performs the song "Taka, yak ti"
Literally a year later Vakarchuk recorded a solo album, which included 2 of the most popular songs - “Taka, yak ti” and “Do not lower your score”.

Political career Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

The artist has a pronounced political position. During the elections in 1999, he spoke for the future president Leonid Kuchma. After 5 years, he joined opposition movements in support of Viktor Yushchenko. The musician gave concerts and supported the candidate, was an active participant in the Orange Revolution.
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk about Russia
In the fall of 2007, he became a people's deputy of Ukraine, though not for long. Due to workload, Svyatoslav was forced to resign and forever refuse from the mandate.
He also did not remain aloof from the events on Euromaidan in 2013. He supported the protesters, together with the group organized a concert as a sign of peaceful actions. He did not dare to become a deputy again, but all because his true vocation is music.

Personal life of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

Who became the first chosen one of the talented performer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is unknown, but thanks to this relationship he has a daughter, Diana.
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and Lyalya FonarevaSvyatoslav Vakarchuk and Lyalya Fonareva
Later, while still a student, he met Lely Fonareva, who turned his head. A spark flashed between the young people, growing into a serious relationship. For 15 years they lived in a civil marriage, and in 2015 they finally officially became husband and wife.
Having moved to Kiev, Lelya became a full-fledged member of the Okean Elzy team. She selected costumes for performances and was responsible for the image of the band members. Despite the fact that they were under the sights of lenses all the time, the personal life of Vakarchuk is a closed topic. The boy answers the various questions concerning the family: “I have a loving woman and I am glad about it.”

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk today

In 2010, the band “Ocean Elzy” released the album “Dolce Vita”, and in 2011 Vakarchuk recorded the second solo album “Brussels”. To promote the new project, Vakarchuk decided to go on tour and record 2 video clips for such songs as “Airplane” and “Adrenalin”.
Interview of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk about events in Ukraine
Over the next two years, the man disappeared from the radar, but it was rumored that he was working on another solo album in Brussels. Later it became known that Ken Nelson himself became his producer. The album was released in 2013 and is called "Earth". Among all the compositions it is worth noting two special ones - “Obiimi” and “Straight”.
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk continues to delight fans with their songsSvyatoslav Vakarchuk continues to delight fans with their songs
It was not until 2014 that the Okean Elzy group was glad to please their fans again, having organized a large-scale concert on the anniversary day. Over 70,000 people came to watch their idols. The concert was held under the slogan "Ocean Elzy - 20 years together!".

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