Summer styles of staple dresses - interesting ideas, patterns and recommendations

For the hot summer, clothes are most often chosen from lightweight materials that let in air and allow the skin to breathe. It is known that this property has natural fabrics - cotton and linen. But they are rather inconvenient to care, because they crumple a lot. One of the most popular materials from which summer dresses are made is staple.

staples dress styles

Summer dresses made of staples, whose styles differ in a huge variety of lengths and colors, are suitable for everyone. Beauties of various heights and body builds can safely choose this fabric in order to sew their clothes for the summer. In any style summer dress made from staples in hot weather will be easy and comfortable.

Fashionable women will need to be familiar with the advantages of an outfit made from this fabric. What are the styles of dresses from staples, with what usually combine such clothes? Information about this, as well as some ideas and recommendations are presented in the article.

Material Features

Staple refers to natural fabrics, breathable and pleasant to the touch. This inexpensive material is known for its ability to drape well and to keep its shape, in addition, it does not shed and is easily colored. Cotton fibers in this fabric are combined with synthetic (viscose and lavsan), nevertheless it is never hot in staple clothes, because this fabric absorbs sweat well and passes air. Unlike cotton (natural), the staple is not wrinkled, so taking care of clothes from it is as simple as possible. Fabric with the most various coloring is issued. The drawing on it is stored for a long time, it is not subject to fading when washing or exposure to ultraviolet.

The disadvantage of a staple is its ability to shrink after washing. Therefore, before sewing clothes from this material, it is recommended to pre-wet it with warm water, dry it and only then begin to cut it.

Styles dresses from staples for the summer

Mostly summer clothes are sewn from this lightweight material. The styles of dresses made of staples are very diverse. Conventionally, they are divided into several types: medium length, short, long, as well as models for the full.

Models of medium length and short

The ideal option for summer is the combination of a dress of light fabric and short cut. To create such dresses they use a monophonic staple, but the styles of dresses from staples with printed patterns look more feminine and cute.

The silhouette can be both semi-adjacent and straight. Young and slender girls look great in fitted models with a semi-sun skirt. Styles of staple dresses may have various additions. Usually they are decorated with unusual cuts, asymmetrical details, ruffles and frills.

One of the most original of all styles of a dress from a staple for full ladies is a balloon. A dress made of bright fabric with a small pattern well distracts attention from the protruding abdomen and large hips. The model in the Greek style with draperies and a cut along the chest line also perfectly masked an imperfect figure. This dress should not be made too short, it is better if it is 10 cm below the knees.

dresses from staples styles for full

To create a trendy look, experts recommend wearing square-heeled or wedge shoes with short or medium-length staple dresses. A graceful handbag with handles (short or over the shoulder) fits in perfectly with the ensemble.If the outfit is sewn from bright printed fabric, then jewelry with it is used to a minimum: as a rule, one or two color bracelets are enough to repeat the colors of the fabric pattern.

Long Dresses

Long styles of dresses from staples for women look especially elegant. Since the fabric drapes well, models of the free cut are very popular. These dresses are recommended to wear tall girls.

summer dress from staples styles

Loose styles of staple dresses for full ladies are ideal because they perfectly hide many imperfections of the figure. Long dresses silhouette visually pulled, so the figure in them looks slimmer. Expectant mothers and women with a tummy are recommended models of a trapezoid silhouette or a dress with an overestimated waistline.

The staple creates beautiful draperies, so the material is often used to create models with a pick-up under the breast, allowing you to demonstrate a magnificent bust and disguise other, not so successful places in the figure. Slender ladies are advised to stop the choice on fitted long dresses with a semi-sun skirt.


Variants of styles of dresses made of staples are very diverse. The dress can be long or short sleeve, neckline triangle or boat. Outfits with a “carmen” neckline and open shoulders look very feminine. You can stroll around the city perfectly in a shirt dress of medium length from a staple. This outfit, made of fabric of pastel shades and complemented by a thin belt and classic shoes, can be suitable for the office (if the company does not have a too strict dress code).

styles of dresses from staples for the summer

Will look beautiful on tall girls stacked multi-tiered dress. The skirt in such models is flared. It is sewn from several tiers, and they may have a different pattern, but must be designed in the same color scheme. This style is not recommended for miniature ladies, in such a dress the figure looks squat.

About summer dresses in folk style

Staple models in the style of "ethno" are suitable for everyday wear and for leisure. Magnificent views are different staple outfits in the Russian folk style. Very comfortable in summer in dresses that resemble the silhouette of a Russian dress. For their tailoring, experts choose bright fabrics - blue or red staple with white small polka dots, as well as printed fabrics with a floral print.

styles of dresses from staples for women

The hem of such a sundress is made both multi-tiered and single-cut, but in any case it should be flared.

Folk-style models of staples for Orthodox women are sewn with sleeves (can be short), with a modest neckline and length covering the knees. The dress should be modest, but feminine and cute. Due to the fact that the staple drapes well, it is often chosen for sewing summer dresses by women who practice Islam. Their outfits are traditionally sewn to the floor, with a loose silhouette and long sleeves. Due to the special properties of the fabric in such closed clothes, the woman is comfortable even in the summer heat.

How to sew a dress shirt in the Russian style?

Many women, due to the relative cheapness of the material, independently sew summer dresses from the staples for themselves (patterns of styles are easy to find). A real find for both full and slim girls-lovers of the “ethno” style is a shirt dress, which is nothing more than a traditional Slavic shirt with poliki, on the basis of which you can sew a free cut of a blouse or dress.

A shirt dress is worn daily (sewn from soft fabrics with small patterns or plain) and on a holiday (bright green, orange, and red fabrics are used).Jewelry is chosen according to the purpose of the dress and personal preferences.

Make a pattern

The shirt-dress is cut out of four panels (two for the front part of the product and two for the back), on top of which then poliki (rectangular elements) will be sewn. An embroidered decor is created on them or a ribbon is trimmed. The following are the various options for patterns:

Staple Dresses Pattern Patterns

The neckline of the dress is collected and finished with a paper or canvas plaster. For pattern 46 size use a piece of fabric length equal to twice the length of the finished product. It is also necessary to measure the surcharge of 15-20 cm - for allowances and shrinkage. The width of the segment is 1.5 m. If a piece of fabric of a smaller width is taken, then the sleeve length should be added to the calculated value. Details are cut out with allowances, the pattern is placed in the direction of the share. So cut out one front detail, one back, two polikov and crotches.

Stitch parts

Then the parts are sequentially stitched. First - with the front and rear canvases. grind on the width of Polic. Make a cut in the middle of the central blade. The throat portion of the product is manually assembled into assemblies, then processed using a border bandage, or a small stand is attached.The sleeves are sewn into the shoulder parts of the cloths, the crotch bands are attached, and the side seams are joined. Their lower part is treated with bake or sew a small cuff. Then perform the side seams of the dress and process the bottom, sew the fastener. The finished product is ironed, special attention should be paid to the inner seams.

styles of dresses from staples options


In general, a staple is an excellent choice for sewing romantic feminine dresses. It is trimmed with lace, sewn laced cuffs and collars. To create fashionable bows, staple dresses are recommended to be combined with romantic accessories.

It is quite easy to care for staple dresses: it is not recommended to wash them in hot water, and also to use machine spin. With proper care, the summer staple dress will be one of the favorites in the wardrobe and will long please the owner with her comfort and beauty.

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