Subsistence Minimum: To laugh or cry?

The question of what a livingminimum and how it is calculated, worries all those who have a very acute shortage of money in their lives. Indeed, when you read the reports and tables on the subsistence minimum, it seems that the person who counted these sums because of his big salary of money is not used to counting at all. After all, the amounts are so ridiculous, as if it were a summary of the content of slaves.

It would seem, what difference does it make? A single person who simply lives on an ordinary salary, or a businessman, really does not care about what kind of a living wage he was measured: as a rule, it is not difficult at all to earn the amount exceeding it. But the situation is completely different, if you are a pensioner, an invalid, if you have many children and a small salary, if you receive benefits and you need benefits ...

Here it is almost impossible to achieve at leastsome kind of justice. Suppose a person does not earn on his work the amount that would be equal to the subsistence minimum or exceeded it. This is a common case in the "deaf" settlements, where there are 1 workstation for 10 people. Also this situation develops in families where there are children - in fact then one person earns not only on himself, but also on others. In such cases, benefits are imposed, which is very difficult to achieve. In addition, the state will not even be able to offer a job with which it would be possible to receive so much. This situation is particularly relevant in rural areas, where there are not so many jobs and at the same time the average salary leaves much to be desired. In order not to be unfounded, we will draw more and more detail.

In rural areas there is an incomplete family -mother and two children of primary school age. Dad is somewhere far away, and maybe he is an alcoholic and lives on the next street. It's sad, but the fact is: there are a lot of families that have broken up for this reason. But we will not depart from the topic.

In general, there are three people in the family. As you know, the cost of living in each area is different, but approximately the same: about 6000 per child and about 6700 per adult. The family should receive almost 19,000 at all. Is it much? If to be objective, then, of course, no. For ordinary food, this family needs about 8 thousand. There is also a payment for utilities. And also the purchase of clothes, especially for children, who, as is known, grow out of this clothing every year. Not to mention the school, where every year they began to demand the purchase of new textbooks in all subjects.

And this is only a monthly waste! What to say about buying furniture, household appliances, repair? It will be possible to postpone very little, and life on a living wage will, indeed, be measured and very modest. And after all, children after school are desirable somewhere to be trained, at least in college, and this is also money. Is it possible to postpone something?

Evil languages ​​such a topic will be supported with joy. Like, the mother is a failure, she is to blame and so on. But this is not about this speech, we all sometimes make mistakes and sometimes find ourselves in unpleasant situations. Besides, why talk about the past, because we live in the present.

The bottom line is that even this minimum earn invillage is very difficult, because this is the average city salary. Dedicated benefits allow you to save usually not more than a thousand rubles. As a result, the mother goes to the city, spent every day on travel. Usually it costs from a thousand a month, plus someone needs to look after the children, because those who work in the city usually return home home late.

Of course, the authorities do not take this into account. Moreover: if such a selfless mother earns 15,000 rubles + pension deductions and goes to ask for benefits, she will be refused. Because with the deductions will be just the norm for three. The fact that no one but the bank saw this money, the authorities do not care. Such a sad situation.

The subsistence minimum in Moscow is about 9500 rubles, but for the capital this is not a serious sum. What is only the cost of travel, because in Moscow it is one and a half times more expensive than in Russia. In addition, children here tend to look better, respectively, more expensive to dress.

Also, the living wage in the Moscow region. A lot of people living there work in the capital. And this is gasoline, and travel, and later return home, therefore, children should be under someone's supervision, and it's good if someone is ready to come to them free of charge.

It would seem that everything is bad, but it's something for us tooshould teach. First of all, the fact that you should not rely on the state. It is better to postpone possible money, invest, open your business. And everything will be much more positive, though not immediately.

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Subsistence Minimum: To laugh or cry Subsistence Minimum: To laugh or cry Subsistence Minimum: To laugh or cry Subsistence Minimum: To laugh or cry Subsistence Minimum: To laugh or cry Subsistence Minimum: To laugh or cry Subsistence Minimum: To laugh or cry Subsistence Minimum: To laugh or cry Subsistence Minimum: To laugh or cry Subsistence Minimum: To laugh or cry