Spoilers on "GAZelle": choice, installation, prices

Installing this part on the truck is not a matter of fashion. This is an excellent opportunity to inexpensively and simply improve the aerodynamic characteristics, increase the exchange rate stability, reduce fuel consumption. Especially the advantage of such an installation is noticeable at speeds over 50 km / h. Even inexpensive spoilers on "GAZelle" provide optimization of the oncoming air flows, which positively affects the convenience of driving.

Wind deflectors on the "GAZelle"

Mounting data and other parts moreIt is popular among amateurs of racing and sports cars. Most car enthusiasts are generally more conservative and consider the spoiler to be nothing but a decoration, a decoration, and not a detail that is designed to improve the characteristics and capabilities of the vehicle. In fact, spoilers on the "GAZelle" can significantly improve the dynamic characteristics.

Practice shows that on trucks that are involved in cargo transportation, such fairings significantly improve the technical characteristics.spoilers on the gazelle The demand for these parts has significantly increased in the market. Buy them truckers, as well as car owners who travel mostly in the city.

Materials, or What are the fairings made of

These products are produced mainly from softfabric materials, mats or fiberglass. Various types of polyester resins are used as a binder. To ensure that the product based on polymer plastics has been reliably protected from the effects of atmospheric precipitation, various special additives are used.

What for the owner of "GAZelle" fairing?

Truckers who travel primarily toheavy truck tractors, often installed so-called dragfayylers. They significantly reduce the force of the frontal resistance of the huge wagon. When the speed of movement is high enough, this device significantly improves aerodynamics. This is yes, this is a fact, the owner of a small truck will say. But why put spoilers on GAZel? One of the manufacturers of these accessories conducted tests that showed the expediency of using these parts on small cars.

To pass the test, a truck was selected"GAZelle 3302" in normal technical condition. On the car was a serious type and the same weight van. The total weight of "GAZelle" was 2950 kg. Then a fairing was installed on the van and tests began. Needless to say, the result even surpassed expectations. But first things first.

How tested?

One of the most important characteristics of a caris the time for which the car can accelerate to 100 km. While the spoiler on the roof of "GAZel" was not installed, it took 59.9 seconds. But this is understandable, because the very last kilometers before dialing the maximum speed - 105.5 km / h - "Gazellek" were given with great difficulty.

With a spoiler, the car, with overclocking to 60 km, passed the distance only 0.7 s faster.spoiler for gazelle next But at a speed of 80 km this time was equal to3.4 seconds. At 100 km / h the car won back as much as 14.1 s. So it was possible to win more than 23% of the time, which was spent on overclocking. Perhaps this fact is enough to still decide and buy spoilers for GAZel. However, this is not all the results.

As a result,

Technical measurements are fully confirmedpersonal experiences of the experimenter from driving. So, less often had to switch gears. In overtaking, the car behaves more dynamically. But the fact that the dynamics has increased is not the only virtue. As the body's streamlining improved, fuel consumption also decreased.

Under the most "greenhouse" conditions, at the veryeconomical transmission, at a speed of 60 km / h, the consumption was 11.1 liters for cars without this part, and the car with the fairing reduced appetite - the consumption was 10.3 liters. The difference is small, but at speeds over 90 km / h the figure increases.

How to install a spoiler for GAZel?

It is better to put this accessory on the roof. In the process, you will have to use some guidelines and adhere to certain conditions.

For example, the fairing is recommended to be fixed on the roof amplifiers.how to install a spoiler on a gazelle Otherwise, the part will simply rip when driving at high speed. Positioning the fairing is best as close to the edge as possible, so as not to fall into the zone of rarefaction of air currents.

Before fixing the spoiler for GAZelleNext, it is desirable to size the location of the supports in advance. Here one can not cope, you need help. The function that the second person will perform is to hold the fairing at the place where it will be later mounted. Together with this, using a ruler, you should measure the gap between the supports, and also make a marking from the edges to the pores. It is recommended to choose the most optimal arrangement, so that the entire structure is located parallel to the edges of the car.

Next is the installation phase, and before thatit is desirable to measure everything again. In case of mismatch and errors, you need to fix everything, otherwise the characteristics may be violated, and all the advantages of this product will turn into shortcomings.

Installation work

So, if the spoiler for GAZelle Next is installedtruly, you can proceed with the installation work. In positions that are pre-marked in the previous step, drill the anchoring points. The drill must be kept strictly perpendicular to the surface. The spoiler supports are bolted. To increase the mounting area and thereby reduce the load on the head, it is necessary to put wide washers under the nuts.

There is also a mounting method without the need for drilling holes.spoiler on the roof of a gazelleHere, the spoiler seats on the sealant or is glued with double-sided adhesive tape. But using the second option, you need to remember that this is not too reliable.

Also, it will not be superfluous to adjust the angle of attack. In order to increase the clamping force during cornering, the part must have an angle of attack greater, and vice versa. Proper tuning can significantly optimize the aerodynamic characteristics of the machine.

Selection and prices

Today a wide range of such accessories is offered.spoiler for gazelle price Many of them are made of high-qualitymaterials on European technologies. Many domestic producers. If you decide to install a spoiler for "GAZelle" - the price starts from 4,800 rubles for a complete set with fasteners.

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Spoilers on GAZelle: choice, installation, prices Spoilers on GAZelle: choice, installation, prices Spoilers on GAZelle: choice, installation, prices Spoilers on GAZelle: choice, installation, prices Spoilers on GAZelle: choice, installation, prices