Songs from the movie "Beauty and the Beast": we sing along with Belle

Pesnya Gaston from Beauty and the Beast in Russian (Video)

Song Gaston from Beauty and the Beast (lyrics in Russian)

LeFu:Why are you sad and sad, Gaston
Where is your rolling laugh?
Everyone wants to be like Gaston
You are a sample here for everyone
And in the city there is no guy better than you
You are the most favorite hero
Everyone here is far away from you
Anyone would dream of becoming such

Who is brave than Gaston?
Who is smarter than Gaston?
Gaston has a very powerful neck.
There is no prestigious husband in the city
Staten mighty like a dragon
Tom will say, Dick will say, Stanley will say
That among the townspeople of all the savvy, he

This is our Gaston
Witty Gaston

LeFu:There are no more beautiful people than Gaston
Gaston:I am not an example for all
Oh, what a guy Gaston
Five times "cheers"! One hundred times "hip-hip"!
Lefu: Gaston is not afraid of either a runny nose or flu

Stronger than Gaston
All smarter Gaston
Gaston:And no one bites you, since Gaston
Girls:No one is nicer in the world
Gaston:Very much my strength
LeFu:No fat folds
Gaston:And in my chest without a hair

The toughest Gaston
Girls:The softest Gaston
LeFu:And in spitting we also have Gaston champion
Gaston:I always manage to spit so aptly. Ugh!
In the top ten, Gaston!

Gaston:I used to eat ten eggs at a time
To gain weight sooner
Now I will not eat a hundred
Because born to win

The most glorious Gaston
The Most Important Gaston
LeFu:And no one wears a suit like Gaston.
Gaston:I always bring trophies from the hunt
He's like Gaston!

Song Gaston from the cartoon Beauty and the Beast (video)

Song Belle from Beauty and the Beast (lyrics in Russian)

Bell:The town, a couple of quiet streets
Every day is the same as yesterday
In the town everyone is already awake
To say in the morning:

Residents:Bonjour! Bonjour!
Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!

Bell:But our baker, always ready
Daily bread to sell to all of us
Every day, like yesterday
Begins in the morning
In the town and the noise of din

Baker:Good morning!
Bell:Good morning, monsieur!
Baker:Where are you going?
Bell:In the bookshop.
I just read a wonderful story.
About the fasolinku and giant and ...
Baker:Marie! Hurry! Loaves!

Residents:What a strange and unearthly
Someone else is her crook
Everywhere with a book in hand
Everything is in the clouds
How ridiculous is this Bell

Male I:Bonjour!
Woman I:Hello!
Male I:A bow from my brother!

Woman II:Bonjour!
Man II:Hello!
Woman II:And how is your wife?

Woman III:I have six eggs ...
Male III:Expensive ...

Bell:Oh, how such a life is boring!

Bookseller:Ah, Bell!
Bell:Good morning. Here is the book I took
Bookseller:Have you read already?
Bell:Oh, I could not tear myself away! Is there anything new?
Bookseller:Since yesterday, no.
Bell:Well nothing. I'll take this one
Bookseller:This one? You've read it twice.
Bell:This is my favorite:
about distant countries, about sharp swords
magic spells and gentle speeches
Bookseller:Since you like it so much, I give it to you!
Bell:What do you!
Bookseller:I insist.
Thank you! Many thanks!

Residents:What a strange and unearthly
Alien to her our gimp
Everywhere with a book in hand
Everything is in the clouds
How funny is this Bell

Bell:Ah, there is a miracle in the world
Better places in the book can not be found
Here she meets the prince
But only in the third part will their paths converge again.

Female:Her beauty is not a gift
A gentle voice, like a pipe

Hat seller:But we are completely different.
Like summer from winter
It differs from us

Residents:And there is nothing in it from us
And there are many differences in us from Bell

LeFu:Oh, you did not miss, Gaston
You are the greatest hunter in the world.

Gaston:I know

LeFu:You won't miss a single beast
And no girls by the way

Gaston:It's true, LeFu
And I chose her

LeFu:The daughter of the inventor?

Gaston:It was she
I also marry this lucky girl

LeFu:But she ..

Gaston:Beautiful girl in the city

LeFu:I know but..

Gaston:And so she is the best
Am I not worth the best?

LeFu:Well, of course, I say
You deserve the most ..

Gaston:From the moment I saw her
I found my life goal in life
Here from the girls I only like her
So I decided that I would marry Bell

Girls:Here he comes, what a delightful
Monsieur Gaston, oh how sweet he is
Stand still die
Tall, slim, he conquered us

Residents:Bonjour! Hello! Here! And is it a fish?
Here are the grapes! How is cheese? Cut off! Pardon me
Another piece! Let me pass!
Your bread! Balik is not fresh!
With a smell! Well, I was wrong!

Bell:Well, and who needs such a life?
Gaston:She, count already, my wife!

Residents:It goes as if unearthly
Well, just a miracle, mademoiselle
It's a dream girl
To all the rest is not the couple
Only each has his own
Light smile at her
We love all of her very much.
Oh, Bell!

Listen to the song Belle from the cartoon Beauty and the Beast

The text of the song The Tale of Love from the cartoon Beauty and the Beast

Tale of love
Ancient as a Life
Waited many years
These changes
That waited
The first step is taken
Do not recognize their faces
There is no misfortune
And there are no monsters
There is a beautiful prince

Waiting for us the celebration
Light and good
And love will come
Just as it rises
The sun in the morning

Tale of love
Sweet as a dream
This old waltz
But sounds to you
As the first time he

Dripping candle
Like a tear from the eyelashes
Ancient as the light
Fairy story
Girl and prince

Ancient as the light
Fairy Tale
Girl and prince

The Tale of Love: a song from the cartoon Beauty and the Beast (video)

Song You are our guest from the cartoon Beauty and the Beast (takst songs in Russian)

Ma chere mademoiselle,
We are very proud
And deep joy
Welcome you today
Now let me offer you a chair.
A dining room would be honored to provide you
Your lunch

You are our guest
You are our guest
Forget the sadness and anger
In our very tasty fish
You will not stumble on a bone
Soup on duty Eisenspick
Not lunch, but just chic
Here pate, it was delicious
And to him a cabbage pie
Sing all around
This is France my friend
I beg you not to be shy and eat
So choose a dish
Pile treats
You are our guest
You are our guest
Your Honor

Here is stew, here is soufflé
Sweet pudding on the table
We will prepare, we will open
Culinary cabaret
Your sadness will fly away
The table has long been laid
And the grief will disappear
In our melting biscuit
Let's sing, dance
We can show focus
And in all the excellent taste of course there is
We'll raise the glass
For this glorious ball
He is in your honor
You are our guest
Let the sadness and anger go away
You are our guest
This ball
In your honor

Life is such boredom
Without people, it's flour
If nobody needs you at all (Everything!)
And it’s quite a misfortune - separation from work
This life is neither heart nor mind
Ten years were gathering dust
We all covered with mold
Out of work languished from longing
From idleness just fell apart
Changed a lot
But now we were useful

Mrs. Potts:
You are our guest
You are our guest
The treat failed
Pies are not burnt
And the wine did not spill
Serve her at this hour
Pleasure for us
We are hot strong tea
Dear guests meet
We are all here for one thing.
What is this blot?
Wipe off, so we did not have to be ashamed.

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