Snacks from Auchan

She promised to post about snacks from Auchan, here you are. Gathered up the last couple of months. First tasty, and then "tasty." Let's start with my favorite Actimel.

For the winter season, Danone has released a new Actimel cherry-cherry + ginger. I love ginger, so I immediately bought it. I like the aftertaste, such a slight burning sensation. Often I add slices of ginger to tea. But in this case, I did not feel anything. Remained on his opinion: the best natural Actimel.

I wanted to make a separate post about glazed curds. But mired in the range. SO MUCH. Release all and sundry. Some - frankly frank rubbish, quite tasteless. There are normal. Sometimes I buy sweets instead of sweets if I want to have sweets. I usually take Rostagroexport 5%. I remember before I liked the Miracle cheese, the little red one. I haven't bought it for a long time.

Now go "sweets". Cream cheese, like nothing foretells. We turn the jar, study the composition and faint. Such gum, such gum, as many as three kinds! Cool they have imposed.

Condensed milk. For some reason, not condensed milk, but condensed milk.Milk-containing product with milk fat substitute. It is worth a penny and the packaging is comfortable. Bought and eaten. Open packaging will not dry in the refrigerator. And because many will buy. I am not against the Every Day brand, there are many successful products in the line. But I would not risk it.

Well, the apogee: caviar at 42 rubles 10 kopecks per 120 g. You want red, you want black. Still algae. One could make a wider palette: blue, green, yellow, maybe even purple.

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