Snack to champagne. Snacks, fruit to champagne

Without a drink called champagne it is difficult to imagine the celebration of the most significant moments of our life. He is present at weddings and birthdays, he is surely drunk on New Year's Eve, for engagement, just on romantic evenings and in many other cases. Certainly also served appetizer to champagne - a light dish or dessert that can “sweeten” captivating drink. Of course, this is not stewed cabbage, not a herring, and not even a baked chicken. In what appetizers are served with champagne, we are now trying to figure it out.

Oysters with supplement

Nowadays, everyone can afford to buy mollusks - they are affordable and sold in every supermarket. Oysters are considered to be a traditional champagne snack and, at the same time, the most elegant and luxurious. Serving them to the table is easy. Arrange them on a platter, dilute with lemon slices - and the dish is ready! Well, if you want to offer your guests something more exotic, you can cook sauce for clams.To do this in equal proportions, mix vinegar with olive oil and add parsley. Oysters are dipped in the sauce - and the champagne snack is ready!champagne snack

Caviar improvisations

Traditionally, this type of fish is served with various types of caviar. The budget option is red salmon. You can entertain guests at ordinary events with such a delicacy, and if something grand is planned, we advise you to fork out and buy caviar. Under the champagne it is better to serve plastered on sandwiches - so it will be most convenient for guests to use it. Do not forget to purchase special bread. Best of all, if it will be French buns, cut along. champagne snack recipes


If you want to serve light snacks to such a drink as champagne, then your favorite chocolate will come to your aid. True, this is not about ordinary tile, which is divided into squares, but about a high-quality product. It can be made in the form of small pieces, balls or any other shape. Serve chocolate should be together with skewers or toothpicks. So the guests will be able to string it and eat it without getting their hands dirty.If the audience is very diverse and extensive, then get the chocolate of various varieties. It may contain additives: raisins, nuts, almonds, yogurt, and more. The main thing that should be contained in each grade of such a product is cocoa, and not less than 60 percent. snacks

Fruit pleasure

The most affordable, simple and versatile way to make a snack is to serve fruit to champagne. Traditionally, strawberries are put on the table, because it works like an aphrodisiac, especially in combination with champagne. This is the perfect option for a romantic dinner or for a date at the club. If a larger-scale event is planned, then all known tropical and domestic fruits will be used. These are all citrus fruits, bananas, coconuts, apples, pears, plums, apricots, persimmon and everything that you can find on the shelves of our stores.

French ingenuity

If you are planning a romantic evening for two, then you will need light snacks, which will be attached to the champagne. They can be organized very quickly and simply by purchasing a fondue device. This is a special vase in which chocolate is melted.After it has become liquid, you dip the sliced ​​fruit into it - whatever you like best. So you can both feed each other and recharge yourself with a triple portion of aphrodisiacs, but it is interesting and, most importantly, “tasty” to spend time.fruit to champagne

Another echo of France

Frog legs, a traditional dish of France - the most unusual snack for our man to champagne. The recipes for cooking paws are very simple, and for such a dish you will need a minimum of products. Option one: they can be baked in the oven, like chicken, sprinkled with spices, add a little dry wine. The second option, more sophisticated - is a breading of eggs and crackers. After dipping frog legs in such a mixture, put them in olive oil - fry in a pan over medium heat. When they are browned, we take out, we spread on a dish and serve to the table.what snacks are served to champagne

Ham with vegetables

A spicy, salty, but very appetizing snack for champagne is Parma ham, which is served in combination with a slice of bread and vegetables. In principle, such a dish looks like miniature sandwiches strung on skewers. The bottom layer is a thin piece of bread, then a tomato is put, a cucumber and on top of them is Parma ham folded in half. This product is supplied to us from Italy.There it is smoked, then stored at special temperatures, due to which it acquires a special aroma and taste that can drive a person crazy, especially in combination with sparkling wines.

Amazing combination of cheese with grapes

Perhaps the most non-standard and unexpected champagne snack is cheese combined with grapes. When serving such a dish, it is important to consider what type of drink you have on the table. If it is sweet pink champagne, then you should choose French cheese. For example, brie or camembert. When the champagne is dry, it is advisable to give preference to cheese with mold. Competently serving cheese means supplementing it with croutons, bread or buns. String this composition on a skewer, and put grapes next to it. Putting in the mouth at the same time such a mini-sandwich and washing it down with sparkling wine, you will feel what a real tumult and non-standard taste is.under the champagne

Foie gras. Gourmet Dish for Gourmet Drink

Modern French delicacy, an exquisite dish, known to us since ancient times - is, of course, foie gras. The dish is a liver of a duck or a goose, which was deliberately overfed and made sure that the animal was restricted in movement.So the liver becomes incredibly large in size, it accumulates a lot of fat, which is required for the preparation of this delicacy. Today, foie gras is the most original and rich champagne snack. Liver recipes vary as you like, and here are some of them. First: the liver can be simply fried in spices or seasonings in sunflower or olive oil. The second recipe: marinate the product for a day, then steamed in a water bath in the oven. Third: just brown in a pan with grapes, then add vanilla sauce and serve to the champagne. The fourth way is to make a liver pie and spread it on a thin piece of French bread. There are many recipes, and which one to choose is up to you. The main thing is to match the dish. For example, if you have a wedding, then it is reasonable to serve smoked meats. For a birthday, it would be ideal to fry liver with oriental spices, and for a romantic evening a perfect solution is foie gras with grapes.

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